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We Love Because He First Loved Us

Monday, October 5th, 2009

We love because he first loved us. If anyone says, “I love God,” yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother.

1 John 4:19-21 (New International Version)

Spin Doctor Obama Packs Latest Health Care Message with Doctor Supporters

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Same as usual…

The doctor made a White House call Monday — 150 of them, in fact, all costumed in white hospital coats — to try to help President Obama administer a booster shot to his ailing health care reform drive.

White House spokesman Reid Cherlin described the assembled physicians, from all 50 states, as the best voices for reform because they witness the current health care system on a day-to-day basis.

“These folks know better than anybody about what works and what doesn’t,” Cherlin told, adding that the physicians come from “a variety of groups that we work with.”

But the doctors in the Rose Garden were all supporters of health care reform — and the invitation-only guest list drew heavily from Doctors for America, a grassroots organization that backs a government-run insurance option.

Roughly 98 percent of the group’s 15,000 members support a public insurance option, Doctors for America spokeswoman Megan Smith told She said roughly 40 of the 150 doctors who attended the meeting were from the organization.

Cherlin insisted that the doctors “were not invited based on their support for a public option.”

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“The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy” by Todd Strandberg

Monday, October 5th, 2009

The Bible tells us that Satan is the “god of this world.” He is the one guiding and directing the affairs of everyday life. Because he is a spirit, he lacks the ability to act in this physical realm. He uses men to carry out his will.

For several years, I have been pointing out that the liberal media is probably Lucifer’s most diabolical device for corrupting human society. He puts evil thoughts into their minds, and they in turn propagate this message to the rest of the world. You might be able to spot the liberal bias of a news report, but it can be very hard to identify liberalism that has been cunningly woven into the plot of a movie or sitcom.

This ploy works so well, it has been very difficult to point out even to Christians that their favorite journalist, actor, or comedian maybe an agent of the devil. The Word of God tells us we should question even people who appear as angels of light, so I don’t see why the smiling face of someone from the mass media should have us letting down our guard.

The enemy is not timid. One of the bold claims being made today is the idea that conservatives are conspiring to take over our nation. We are told there is a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” Last week, former President Clinton, asked on Meet the Press whether a vast right-wing conspiracy was involved in the attacks on President Obama, answered: “Oh, you bet. Sure it is.”

The media also claims there needs to be a leveling of the playing field because outlets like Fox News and radio talk shows have an unfair bias. If they could just silence conservatives like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh, equality in the mass media would return.

The truth of the matter is that liberals reign over the majority of the media. They control 100 percent of the major news networks, 90 percent of the newspapers, and 80 percent of the cable news outlets. They also have almost complete control of Hollywood movie production.

I can think of many examples that demonstrate the media’s liberal bias. CNN’s recent experiment with conservative host Glenn Beck is one of the best examples because it shows that ratings and money are far less important to them than liberal ideology.

For the past few years, CNN has been getting crushed in the ratings by Fox news. It’s very simple why this has happened. There are about a dozen cable network channels faithfully spouting the liberal message, and when you have a network come along with a conservative slant, they instantly have a monopoly.

Someone at CNN finally decided to hire Glenn Beck for the Headline News channel to get a piece of the conservative viewer market. Of course, Beck was an instant hit, but he didn’t last long. The liberal culture at the network didn’t like Beck, so this summer he decided to move over to Fox. Beck’s replacement at Headline News was, of course, a raging liberal.

I don’t see anything special about the conservative commentators of our day. Several of them I can’t stand because of their inflated egos. I see most of them as barking dogs that scare away robbers.

Liberals cry out against the “vast right-wing conspiracy” because despotism needs total control in order to take over. If you want to have absolute darkness, you need to extinguish all sources of light. The first thing any dictator does once he rises to power is to take over the part of the media he doesn’t already control.

The Democrats would love to implement something like the fairness doctrine. This is a rule that would force broadcasters to air contrasting views regarding matters of public interest. Since the liberal media claims to be agenda free, its members would be excluded from this guideline.

I think the hand of God is the only thing preventing us from seeing a left-wing rout of the media. The Democrats have control of the White House and of both house of Congress. They even have a filibuster-proof super-majority in the Senate. Some invisible force seems to be holding them back.

The day will come when the Lord lets the vast left-wing conspiracy run free. The rapture would the perfect time, but it can always come sooner.

— Todd

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Memorializing 51,000,000 Unheard Cries

Monday, October 5th, 2009

The purpose of [a memorial day for the pre-born], taking place on the steps of the Supreme Court building, is to draw attention to the deaths of 51-million preborn babies in America since the high court legalized abortion in 1973 — that according to Erik Whittington of Rock for Life.

“We’re getting together [at the Supreme Court] and people across the country are getting together to mourn those deaths — because who will hear the cries of these preborn children? Who will be their voice, and who will mourn their deaths?” Whittington asks.

“We have Justice Sonia Sotomayor [this] first day back,” he points out. “From our information, obviously, she is not a friend of the preborn children — so we need to pray for her, that her heart and mind is changed.”

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Terrorist Fatah Says Temple Mount ‘Only a Muslim Holy Site’

Monday, October 5th, 2009

The Pali terrorist occupying Temple Mount are spouting their annual insanity, once again claiming, contrary to all historical and archeological evidence, that there isn’t and never has been a Jewish temple on Temple Mount.

JERUSALEM – The Temple Mount does not exist alongside the Western Wall, and neither Jews nor Christians should be allowed to pray on the Mount site, Dimitri Diliani, the spokesman for Fatah in Jerusalem, told WND in an interview.

Fatah, once named by the U.S. as a Mideast “peace partner,” is the party led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Diliani spoke hours after Fatah and PA officials were accused of inciting a riot on the Temple Mount, claiming Jews were threatening the site.

“Don’t use the term Temple Mount,” Diliani lectured WND. “It doesn’t exist. I don’t know where it is. I cannot see any Temple. Can you? No one can find any trace of it. The area you refer to is only a Muslim holy site.”

The PA, though, has found evidence of Judaism’s historic connection to the Mount – the holiest site in Judaism. The Waqf, the Islamic custodians of the Mount, conducted an unsupervised excavation on the site in 1997. At that time, the Waqf, working under the guidance of the PA, ultimately were caught by Israeli authorities disposing truckloads of Mount dirt that contained Jewish Temple artifacts. To this day, Israeli archeologists are still sifting through the large amount of dirt, in which scores of Jewish Temple relics were found.

Diliani did not deny Fatah and the PA were involved in yesterday’s Temple Mount riots.

“Palestinian political factions, including Fatah, are firm on defending the political, national and religious rights of the Palestinian people,” Diliani said, “and it’s evident now we will continue defending the Al Aqsa Mosque as well as our rights in Jerusalem as a whole.”

Diliani did not specify exactly which Jews were threatening the Temple Mount.

Yesterday, Israeli security forces released from custody Jerusalem’s senior Fatah official, Khatem Abed Al-Kadr, who had been detained on suspicion of inciting riots. Al-Kadr was released on condition that he not enter the Old City of Jerusalem. He also must remain at least 250 meters from the area gates for 15 days.

Yesterday’s riots featured about 150 Palestinian protesters hurling rocks and bottles at Israeli police after Israel barred men between the ages of 18 and 45 from ascending the site that day. The order came after the PA and an Al Aqsa Mosque activist group, the Islamic Movement, called on Arabs to ascend the site yesterday to defend it against “Jewish threats.”

The PA’s involvement with the Mount riots come after the Palestinian public has expressed disapproval with a decision by Abbas to call for the delay of a U.N. Human Rights Council vote regarding a U.N. report that accused both Israel and Hamas of war crimes during the Jewish state’s defensive war in Gaza in December and January.

That U.N. report, authored by South African judge Richard Goldstone, has been slammed here as anti-Israel. The report equates Israel, which worked to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza, to Hamas, a terrorist organization that utilized civilians as human shields and fired rockets at Jewish population centers from Palestinian hospitals and apartment buildings.

Israeli security officials, speaking with WND, said Abbas likely was using the Temple Mount clashes to incite against Israel and deflect Palestinian outcry, including from Hamas, stemming from his agreement to delay the U.N. vote.

Yesterday’s riots followed similar violence on the Mount last Friday. Those clashes followed a three-way meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Obama and PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

During his speech to the U.N. General Assembly days before the Mount riots last week, Obama used strongly worded language to call for the creation of a “viable, independent Palestinian state with contiguous territory that ends the occupation that began in 1967.”

The term “occupation” routinely is used by the Palestinians as well as some countries hostile to the Jewish state in reference to Israel’s presence in the West Bank and Jerusalem. It is unusual for U.S. presidents to use the term, although Jimmy Carter once famously called Israel’s presence in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem “illegal.”

“Occupation that began in 1967” is a specific reference to the lands Israel retained after the Six Day War of that year, particularly the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount.

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“Big ‘D’ Democrats Thwart Small ‘D’ Democracy” by David Limbaugh

Monday, October 5th, 2009

The signature of Obama’s (uppercase “D”) Democrats is their systematic betrayal of (small “d”) democratic principles. Just look at today’s news for a flavor of their pattern of flagrantly ignoring the popular will to cram down our throats policies we clearly reject.

As much as Obama pretends to be a man of the people, he is a man for himself — a man who will get his way, the will of the people be damned. The same is true of many of his congressional lieutenants, including Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, who recently said that Congress will pass Obamacare despite the public’s objections, because it is so important. Important to whom? To Democrats — that’s who.

Obama’s Democrats add insult to injury in their steamrolling style of governance by using appealing language to mask their true intentions and pretending to govern in a manner that’s precisely the opposite of their actual practice. They use free market language to sell their socialistic schemes and promise transparency while concealing their legislative misdeeds.

Need proof? Glad to oblige.

–Sen. Jim Bunning’s proposal to require the Senate Finance Committee to post the final language of the nearly trillion-dollar health care bill, along with the Congressional Budget Office analysis of the bill, on the committee’s Web site for at least 72 hours prior to a vote on the bill was voted down 12-11, with only one Democrat voting for it. Now, why would that bill be objectionable to Democrats when their president promised long ago to follow just such a policy? Simple: The less advance notice we have the less chance we have to block their scheme.

–Human Events reports that Democratic senators are so determined to pass Obamacare over the public’s dissent that they’re considering utilizing a rare parliamentary trick to bypass conventional Senate rules. The sham involves first merging an unwritten health care bill with an already passed measure from another committee — the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee — and then attaching that bastardized piece of legislation to an unrelated House bill — a bill to tax bonuses on certain TARP recipients.

–Remember all the controversy over conservatives who characterized the end-of-life “counseling” in the House Obamacare boondoggle as the creation of “death panels”? Without rehashing that debate, were you aware that Obama’s Democrats had already slipped the death panel concept in their “stimulus” legislation? The American Thinker reported that H.R. 1 — aka the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, aka the porkulus bill — allocates $1.1 billion to fund the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research. That council — the brainchild of former Sen. Tom Daschle, who surely idolizes Jack Kevorkian — would be the bureaucratic agency empowered to make decisions on health care rationing. These paragons of compassion just can’t quite be open about their sinister schemes. If you think it’s over-the-top to call it sinister, then we don’t share the same value system.

–Were you aware that the Democratic-controlled Senate Finance Committee just defeated Republican efforts to tighten abortion restrictions in Obamacare to make sure no federal funding will subsidize abortion under any new law? The committee’s chairman, Max Baucus, brazenly opposed the move, which failed on a party-line vote, with the specious argument that “this is a health care bill. This is not an abortion bill.” If Democrats agree that abortion won’t be subsidized under any law, why won’t they accede to this restriction? Hasn’t President Obama been adamant that his “plan” would not subsidize abortion? Who’s telling the truth now?

–Equally contentious has been the debate over whether Obamacare would cover illegal immigrants — so contentious, in fact, that Obama has called his critics liars for suggesting he’s angling for coverage and Rep. Joe Wilson has called Obama a liar for denying it.

Well, we suspect that Obama plans on amnesty for illegals, which would make the coverage question moot. But beyond those justifiable suspicions, Senate Finance Committee Democrats have specifically rejected a Republican proposal requiring immigrants signing up for health insurance or tax credits under Obamacare to prove their identities with photo identification. Can you think of a legitimate reason for Democrats to bar such a responsible measure? Who’s telling the truth now?

Obama will also continue to dissemble concerning his intention to establish a single-payer system, though he’s on record as having committed to it and continues to press for the “public option,” deceptively peddling it as a competition enhancer.

The hard truth, folks, more plainly apparent with each passing day, is that today’s “mainstream” Democrats have been exposed as radical leftists, whose agenda is overwhelmingly rejected by a vast majority of Americans. The only way they’ll succeed in enacting various components of their socialistic designs — notwithstanding their strong numerical congressional majorities — is through trickery, legerdemain, chicanery and deceit.

Unhappily for them, the long-snoring public has finally awoken.

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Hamas Militiants Release First Video of Captive Israeli Soldier

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Israel is willing to trade hundreds if not thousands of terrorist to secure the safe release of one of their own.

JERUSALEM — In the first video images since he was captured by Palestinian militants in 2006, Israeli Sgt. Gilad Schalit — looking thin but healthy, his hair freshly trimmed — sent love to his family, appealed for his freedom and held up a newspaper to prove the footage was recent.

Israel freed 19 Palestinian women from prison on Friday in exchange for the video, raising hopes for the young soldier’s release and taking a step toward defusing a key flash point in Israeli-Palestinian hostilities.

In the West Bank, jubilant Palestinians cheered and waved flags as the freed women returned home, some with prison-born babies in tow. And in Gaza, ruled by the Hamas militants holding Schalit, the prime minister called the swap a victory for Palestinians.

Looking fresh-faced and at times nervous in the video, Schalit talked of his love for his parents and siblings and recalled a family prayer on a roadside with a view of snowcapped mountains.

“Shalom, I am Gilad, son of Noam and Aviva Schalit, brother of Hadas and Yoel,” the fatigue-clad 23-year-old soldier said in Hebrew at the beginning of the two-minute, forty-second video, which at several points showed him smiling tentatively. “My ID number is 300097029.”

By pulling on the heartstrings of Israelis, nearly all of whom have loved ones in the military, the video could increase domestic pressure on Israel’s government to meet Hamas’ demand for Schalit’s release: freedom for hundreds of jailed militants.

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