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Fear the LORD and Shun Evil

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Do not be wise in your own eyes;
fear the LORD and shun evil.

This will bring health to your body
and nourishment to your bones.

Proverbs 3:7-8 (New International Version)

“The Teflon Religion Strikes Again” by Todd Strandberg

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Last week, I wrote the article, “Judgment of Islam.” It focused on two massive terrorist attacks in Iraq and Pakistan that left over 278 people dead. I took note of how the members of the Muslim faith were committing one horrendous crime against humanity after another, and Islam in general was suffering little impact.

My article could not have been timelier. As most of you already know, there was a terrible terrorist attack (yes, I said terrorist attack) at Fort Hood in Texas. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan gunned down thirteen people and wounded thirty-eight at the post’s military processing center. It was the worst mass murder event at any U.S. military base in our nation’s history.

I’ve said several times that the liberal media purposely shields viewers from the fact that the suspect in a story is Muslim. You can see how gently the topic was handled in the Fort Hood tragedy from the first major newscasts that covered it:

The CBS evening news avoided any mention of Islam or Muslim faith as Katie Couric provided this benign description: “Today, according to the Army, a soldier opened fire…He’s identified tonight as Army Major Nadal Malik Hasan, a licensed psychiatrist and drug and rehab specialist from Bethesda, Maryland.”

NBC anchor Brian Williams: “The soldier, identified as the initial gunman here, is an Army psychiatrist, Nadal Malik Hasan. He’s an officer, a major, and he was apparently armed with two handguns.” NBC’s Pete Williams insisted, “Everything about his background is rock solid, and nothing extraordinary stands out about his background.”

ABC’s Charles Gibson broke from pack by saying, “ Fort Hood tragedy: An Army officer, a Muslim convert, is the suspect in a shooting spree.” Martha Raddatz, the reporter covering the story, injected sympathetic words, “I wish his name was Smith,” implying a concern that this will lead to groundless fear of Muslims.

All the major newswires were full of headlines that seemed as if they had been filtered by the Tehran Times:

Radical imam praises alleged Fort Hood shooter
Another attack leaves US Muslims fearing backlash
Hood suspect asked for advice on going to fight Muslims
Muslim leader had troubling talks with suspect
Shooting reveals tensions over Muslims in the military
Fort Hood has felt the strain of repeated deployments
Horror at Fort Hood Inspires Horribly Predictable Islamophobia
Don’t jump to conclusions over Fort Hood shootings

I was reading one article that said, “Muslims across the country were shocked, angry and afraid that the attack would erode efforts to erase anti-Islamic stereotypes.” The problem here is that the stereotype fits extremely well. The vast majority of terrorist attacks on planet earth are carried out by Muslims.

There have been several plots against American soldiers by Muslims. In June, three Ohio Muslims were found guilty in a plot to kill troops in Iraq. In August, a California man was sentenced to seventy months for a jihadi plot to kill Jews and attack military bases. Last December, five men were found guilty of plotting to kill Fort Dix soldiers.

There are about 3,500 Muslims in the U.S. military. With about a million active duty forces, the number of Muslims is only 0.35 percent of the total. With their numbers so small, any incident should cause alarm bells to go off.

Several witnesses said that Hasan shouted “Allahu Akbar!” before opening fire Thursday. The media always adds that it means “God is great!” in Arabic.. Yes, we are also told that Islam means peace. Words that don’t match actions need a new meaning. As far as I’m concerned, “Allahu Akbar!” means, “I’m going to try to kill you.”

Someone at the mosque where Hasan regularly prayed gave this message over the loudspeaker system, “I ask the media people not to relate all the time everything to Islam.” I don’t think he has to worry about the media. As far relating goes, it is a fair cop. If you have a pattern of terrorism in a religious group, there needs to be examined for why it is the frequent offspring of despicable acts.

The key problem with Islam is that it has no center of responsibility.. If I were a member of a religion that had people committing mass murder against innocent people on a regular basis, I’d go shopping for a new faith. There is no collective consciousness in the Muslim world.

I doubt any harm will come to Islam. It is protected by the god of this world. The good news is that time is running out. When Jesus takes over, the few Muslims who survived the horrors of the tribulation will be wiped out, and any cry of “God is great!” will only apply to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

— Todd

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Syria: Give Us the Golan, or Face More Terror

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Things may heat up again in the Middle East. Tempers are starting to run thin.

Syrian President Bashar Assad on Monday warned that if Israel does not negotiate away the Golan Heights, his nation may turn to more violent methods of reclaiming the territory it once controlled.

Speaking at an Islamic economic summit in Istanbul, Assad claimed to still want to reach a peace agreement with Israel, but said that if such an agreement is not based on Israel full surrender of the Golan, then “resistance” is an option he is seriously considering.

It was not the first time Assad has threatened war should Israel not meet his precondition for peace talks by guaranteeing a full Israeli pullout from the Golan.

Israel captured the Golan during the 1967 Six Day War after Syria had used it during the previous 19 years as a launching pad for repeated invasions of and attacks on the Jewish state. In the run-up to the Six Day War, the Syrian army had massed on the Golan in preparation for yet another invasion.

In 1982, Israel officially annexed the Golan returning the territory to the lands originally promised to the Jews by League of Nations, the forerunner to the UN.

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“Lose Focus, Lose the Country” by Jeff Schreiber

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

The house passed the controversial health care bill in the middle of the night on a Saturday. Jeff Schreiber has this to say about it:

The original Associated Press story about the vote was filed at 12:15 a.m., early Sunday morning. The official House roll call was time-stamped with 12:26 a.m. They passed this bill at midnight? They passed the single largest entitlement program in the history of the world, a piece of legislation directly affecting one-sixth of our nation’s economy, at midnight on a Saturday?

Whatever happened to the promise that the era of closed-door, weasel-heavy politics in Washington was over? Whatever happened to the promise that bills would be posted online for a full 72 hours before a vote? The clown on my television set, the one trying so desperately hard to smile, certainly wasn’t offering any answers.

Answers, however, will be offered all day today and perhaps all week, barring another–God forbid–terrorist attack by a radical Muslim which can be subsequently dismissed by the press as merely a stressed-out soldier who “snapped.” And what we’re going to hear today from the Monday-morning quarterbacks on the left is that health care reform is simply too important, to both the people it will undoubtedly forsake and the very economy it will inevitably destroy if ever signed into law, to allow for any sort of delay in the legislative process.

If that’s the case, if health care reform is so immediately needed by America, why won’t the plan laid out in H.R. 3962 officially be in effect for another four years, until after the 2012 presidential campaign? Why the need to pass the legislation in the wee hours of Saturday night, when the only folks awake in Washington are the barflies and the people charged with reminding President Barack Obama every few minutes that he’s the American president, and not a Central American dictator or African Colonial hell bent on destroying the Great Satan at whatever cost?

I’ll tell you why: for a fleeting moment, Nancy Pelosi had the votes she needed, and she did her best to catch lightning in a bottle. If she had delayed any longer, after all, perhaps the precious few congressmen with whom America hung in the balance would have gone home, slept on it, and remembered that they actually don’t want to saddle generations to come with crippling debt and a health care system devoid of the resources and ingenuity which once made it great.

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“Obama: Avoid “Jumping to Conclusions, Avoid Anti-Muslim ‘Backlash'” by Dr. Phyllis Chesler

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

The Palestinian Jihadist is Always the Victim.

Newsflash: See below: FBI believes Hasan may potentially be connected to three of the 9/11 hijackers.

More Newsflash: See below. Hasan told physicians at Walter Reed that infidels should be beheaded; his collegues afraid to report him due to the politically correct climate.

Our president is quoted in the pages of the New York Times advising us not to “jump to conclusions.” According to CNN, President Obama has also cautioned against a “backlash” against Muslims in the military and in the country. This — from the charmer who bowed before the Saudi King and who betrayed Muslim women in his Cairo speech.

Ordinarily, I’d agree with such advice about conclusion-jumping. The military does first have to investigate the matter fully. One can’t always believe what one reads in the media, etc. But whether or not Major Hasan acted alone, had allies, was inspired by religious and political Islamism, was psychiatrically troubled — the fact remains that he committed an act of terrorism. He terrified other soldiers precisely where they were supposed to feel safe. So much of the truth is already so clear that it would be insane, insulting to the intelligence to deny or minimize it.

Unlike President Obama or the head of Homeland Security (who is more concerned with the possibility of an anti-Muslim backlash than with Homeland Insecurity), senior United States senator Joseph Lieberman is demanding a “terrorism” probe into army killings. You won’t read about this today in the mainstream media.

Quickly, reflexively, without waiting for more of the facts to emerge, the mainstream print media (I am talking about the Paper of Record) has already decided that Major Hasan is a tormented “innocent” who must have snapped under alleged conditions of extreme provocation and humiliation. Indeed, today, the headline in the New York Times about this story is: “Little Evidence of Terror Plot in Base Killings” with a sub-heading of “Investigators Say Major at Fort Hood Faced Many Pressures.”

As I predicted yesterday, the New York Times views the jihadist as the victim, as a man who was suffering from secondary trauma given the stress of listening to other soldiers talk about their battlefield trauma. The mainstream media assures people that there is no such thing as Islamic jihad; that the Ft. Hood massacre has nothing to do with Islam or with violent jihad; that if there are any victims here, it is not the dead and wounded soldiers (whose young and beautiful faces have begun to haunt me), but the man accused of their mass murders.

The portrait of Major Hasan to be found in the pages of the New York Times is that of a solitary and tormented man, one who was being forced to fight in a war he opposed for religious reasons, an unjust war, a man who viewed America as the aggressor, and Muslims, especially Muslim suicide killers, as innocent, justified, even heroic.

So far, he sounds like a New York Times reader himself.

I am a psychologist, a retired Professor of Psychology and a psycho-analytically oriented psychotherapist. But I have also been following current events, even studying them. Based on the evidence to date, Major Hasan’s bloody rampage seems to have been planned. The day before the murders, he gave away his furniture and copies of his Qu’ran. On that day, Major Hasan also had a mysterious, brief meeting with another man dressed in Islamic clothing. He shred lots of documents. And, strangely, he asked to use his neighbor’s computer when he had a computer of his own.

Thus, Hasan’s action was a planned execution. It was not the act of a man who suddenly “snapped.” Yes, as I wrote in my earlier piece, we may characterize Hasan’s action as a case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome but that does not mean I am making an actual psychiatric diagnosis. The phrase is descriptive, perhaps even sarcastic. Yes, we may call this the act of a lone shooter — if it turns out that he acted alone — but still, this lone shooter was someone who was inspired by a radical Islamist ideology which views such murderous acts as religiously heroic, not as “psychiatrically deranged.”

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House Dems Ram Government Health Care Down Your Throat; What are YOU Going to Do About It?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Despite the outpouring of opposition to government run health care, the last Saturday, house Democrats said “shove off” to all of you constituents and voted for this legislation anyway.
So now it falls on you to remember what they did to you. After calling your protest to this legislation “fake”, “astoturf” and “organized”, when it was them guilty of this instead, are you going to be able to remember this and do something to make them accountable? Are you going to remember this long enough to vote them out of office?
Or will you just sit on your hands and say “well he/she isn’t so bad”? Will you forget Pelosi calling you “Nazis”, or Jackson-Lee talking on her cell phone when was supposed to listening to you? Will you forget that most of this health care doesn’t go into effect until 2013, yet it’s touted as needed right now?
Will you forget that it punishes small businesses, the life blood of American? Will you forget that it gives health care, pair by you, to illegal aliens? Will you forget that it will cause our insurance premiums to go up, our taxes to go up but our level of care to go down?
Will you remember any of this when it comes time to hold your congressperson accountable?
That has yet to be seen.