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Arsonists on Rampage as 11 Texas Churches Burn

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Here is additional information concerning the Texas churches that are being burned down. Please continue to pray about this awful situation.

Residents of eastern Texas are on edge, worried in the wake of what may be a serial arsonist on the loose with an appetite for burning churches to the ground.

At various intervals since New Year’s Day, 11 churches in the state have gone up in flames, and authorities have ruled nearly all of them arson. A $25,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the fire starter.

“The disturbing part is it changes everyone’s lifestyle,” said Neal Franklin, fire chief in Tyler, where two churches have been destroyed. “It changes our attitude.”

Franklin told the Dallas Morning News that when the second fire broke out in Tyler, “it suddenly hit everyone, ‘Oh, my goodness, this could continue every day potentially.’ … That’s the tension.”

So far, the saga has continued nearly every day, just as Franklin feared.

The nightmare began New Year’s Day, when Faith Fellowship Church in Athens, Texas, was torched. Eleven days later, on Jan. 12, the arsonist struck again, this time lighting up both Lake Athens Baptist Church and Grace Community Church of Athens.

The culprit or culprits then began spreading the fires around, hitting churches in a variety of towns, including another double blaze yesterday that reduced the rural Clear Springs Missionary Baptist church to ashes on the same night Dover Baptist Church was lit aflame.

The Dallas Morning News reports that during the first double arson, firefighters were forced to leave the scene of the first church to attend to the second.

“Our people were like, ‘What’s going on here?'” said Brian Brandt, a pastor at Grace Community Church in Athens. “It was because they got another call – another church was burning three to five miles away.”

And even as the smoke clears, it has left a cloud lingering over Texas churchgoers.

“It was just devastating. We didn’t think it would happen to our church,” Albert Valadez, a trustee at the torched Dover Baptist Church told KLTV-TV in Tyler. “Used a lot of methods to try to secure the doors … we had security cameras
on there.”

“Disbelief and shock,” said Carl Samples, pastor at Dover Baptist. “I can’t comprehend how anyone would do the Lord’s house this way.”

Jeff Palmer, who was married in the church, told KLTV he had been afraid for the church, since the first arson made headlines over a month ago.

“When I’ve driven home, I’ve looked in the parking lot before I go to my house, or I look down the little farm road that goes off to the left,” Palmer said. “I’ve been looking to make sure if I see any trucks or vehicles, that I’d maybe spot them and be able to call somebody.”

But Dover Baptist was broken into and lit on fire yesterday despite Palmer’s efforts, the 11th church to burn since the start of the year. Authorities are also looking into a few church fires that struck Texas late last year to see if there are any connections.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms lists 90 houses of worship set on fire last year nationwide, with an average loss of about $250,000 per fire.

No deaths or injuries have yet been reported in the eastern Texas string of fires.

Churches burned since Jan. 1 in the area about 50 miles southeast of Dallas include:

* Little Hope Baptist Church in Canton, which, ironically, burned after a New Year’s Eve showing of the film “Fireproof.” It is one of the few fires in the string that is not believed to be linked to arson
* Faith Fellowship Church, Athens, Jan. 1
* Grace Community Church of Athens, Jan. 12
* Lake Athens Baptist Church, Jan. 12
* Tyland Baptist Church, Tyler, Jan. 16
* First Church of Christ Scientist, Tyler, Jan. 17
* Prairie Creek Fellowship, Lindale, Jan. 20
* Russell Memorial United Methodist Church, Wills Point, Feb. 4
* Dover Baptist Church, Carroll, Feb. 8
* Clear Springs Missionary Baptist Church, Lindale, Feb. 8.

In central Texas, closer to Austin, a fire that gutted the historic sanctuary of First Baptist Church of Temple on Jan. 19 has also been determined to be arson, but authorities do not suspect it was the work of the same fire starter.

Anyone with information about the fires is encouraged to call 1-888-ATF-FIRE, or 1-888-283-3473. A Facebook page has also been established with resources and updates on the fires.

“The building is burned but the church lives on in our hearts,” said Emily Becker, a member of the Christian Science church that burned in Tyler.

“We want them to be brought to justice,” Becker told the Dallas Morning News. “But we’re trying to forgive them as taught in the Lord’s Prayer.”

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“It’s the Constitution, Stupid: What the Tea-Partiers Really Want” by Ron Futrell

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

The Democrats and their activist old media are running in circles and working themselves into pretzels trying to define the “Tea Party” movement. It can be quite entertaining to watch. They really have no idea what is happening right in front of their eyes. The media would have an easier time reading Mandarin Chinese than they would deciphering the signs at a Tea Party rally.

You could argue that they don’t want to understand what they are seeing because that means they would have to admit that Democrats have lost the beloved grass roots that they claim to have had forever, and I would not disagree. But, for the moment, let’s just say that they are really trying hard to figure this out and it’s just not sinking in to their brilliant Ivy League minds.

Let’s give them a little hint:

Sunday on Meet the Press, Dee Dee Myers, the former Clinton press secretary, took a stab at defining the Tea Party movement. “I’m not sure exactly where this is going….is it a third party, is it part of the Republican Party?”

On ABC’s This Week, Al Hunt of Bloomberg News said, “I’m not sure exactly what the Tea Party movement is, I’m not sure the people who respond to the polls know what it is, and it remains to be seen whether it is an asset to the Republican Party.”

Saturday on CNN, Don Lemon had political consultant David Gergen on and they wrestled over whether the movement was racist because they only saw one black person in the crowd at the Sarah Palin speech before the Tea Party Convention. They should’ve invited Kenneth Gladney on the show and asked him. Gladney was the man who was smacked around by SEIU thugs at a Tea Party rally in St. Louis. The activist old media doesn’t know Gladney’s story because he’s a conservative minority Tea Party participant and they don’t want that story. I met Gladney at a Tea Party rally in Las Vegas and found him to be a fine man with a fascinating story. I bought a couple flags from him that I proudly hang in my office. The activist old media might want to ask him what this movement is about – warning – be prepared, he will give you the right answer, but it will not be the answer you want to hear. I know, I asked him.

With that, let me tell you what the Tea Party movement wants. I will make it simple and straightforward and easy for all to understand — I will put it in all CAPS and type slowly:


There it is. I said it, one simple sentence.

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HPV Infects Majority of Young Adults

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Yet another reason to teach abstinence until marriage.

[A] study, conducted by a team of experts from McGill University and the University of Montreal, reveals that a startling 56 percent of young people contract human papillomavirus (HPV) early in their intimate encounters. Valerie Huber, executive director of the National Abstinence Education Association (NAEA), tells OneNewsNow the study needs to be taken seriously because some women develop a form of cervical cancer and because the highly touted drug Gardasil® is not a fail-safe vaccine.

“There is a lot we don’t know about it,” she admits, “but even with what we do know, it does not protect against all cancer-causing strains — and we don’t even know that once you receive the vaccine if it will carry you through for life,” Huber notes.

But the abstinency advocate assures that the one certainty is that if a male and female wait until marriage for intimacy, there will be no HPV.

“That is a risk that no one needs to take, and certainly as parents of teens, we need to communicate that the healthiest choice is to remain abstinent until you marry,” the executive director comments, adding that “this is just one more piece of news that adds to that.”

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Clay Oil Lamp – Herodian with Jar & Galilee Olive Oil – from the Jerusalem Gift Shop

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Weekly I highlight items being offered by the Jerusalem Gift Shop. Today it’s the Clay Oil Lamp – Herodian with Jar & Galilee Olive Oil.

Clay Oil Lamp – Herodian style with Jar and Virgin olive oil from the Galilee

This Herodian style clay oil lamp with matching Jar is a creation of Arik Pelzig (potter son of the famous Israeli sculptor Perli Pelzig) and is formed in his studio on Mount Zion.

Set includes:

* Clay lamp – size: 4 x 3 inches approx
* Jar – size: 3.5 inches high
* Olive oil – size: 55ml. – 1.85oz.
* 2 wicks

Clay lamp replica from period: 50 BC to AD 50 – hand made in Jerusalem

Economy Packaging: No Special Finish
Note: Color of clay may vary slightly

Great Christian Gift from the Holy Land

The Kingdom of Heaven at that time will be like ten bridesmaids who took their lamps and went out to meet the groom. (Matthew 25:1)

To use this oil lamp you need any cooking oil, but the best kind is Olive Oil.

Take a moment to see all of the other interesting items they stock.

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Christian Gifts from Israel – The Jerusalem Gift Shop