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Breaking News: IAEA Believes Iran Secretly Working on Nuclear Warhead

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

CNN just sent an breaking news email saying that a draft report from the IAEA states that it believes Iran is secretly working on developing nuclear warheads.
Well OK, this is only breaking news if you haven’t been reading this blog for the past several years.
There’s no article on CNN to match the email yet, but I’ll update this post when it appears.

Fox News has more or this situation here.

Ancient Jerusalem Waterway Revealed at Jaffa Gate

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Archeology continues to prove out Biblical history.

( The excavations inside the Old City of Jerusalem at Jaffa Gate have turned up yet another fascinating revelation: A water canal, 40 meters long (44 yards) and 1.5 meters (5 feet) high.

The excavations are being conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority as part of a “rescue” operation, customary in Israel before major construction work, prior to the replacement of underground infrastructures there.

It was announced last week that the ancient precursor of today’s Old City road leading from Jaffa Gate to Mt. Zion was uncovered – precisely where an ancient and now-famous Mosaic map says it should be.

Now, it is the turn of the upper Jerusalem waterway from the 2nd and 3rd centuries C.E. to see the light of day.

Dr. Ofer Sion, director of the archaeological works at the site, explained, “During the course of the work, the wall of the waterway was revealed, and when we removed some of the large stones and looked inside, we saw before us a perfectly-designed waterway, with a flat stone roof on top. People can walk inside it, bent-over, for a length of 40 meters.”

Dr. Sion explains that the newly-uncovered section is just a part of a waterway that was once some 13 kilometers long, leading from Solomon’s Pools. “It is exciting to think that no human has set foot here for so many centuries,” he added.

The two-foot wide waterway was not uncovered totally by accident. At the end of the 19th century, the Land of Israel archaeologist and architect Dr. Conrad Schick (designer of the Meah She’arim neighborhood) described the location of part of the waterway. “His work gave us some clues that led to this discovery,” said Dr. Sion.

Originally, water was supplied to Jerusalem chiefly from the Gichon Spring. Just over 2,000 years ago, however, with the population of the city growing, a new source was sought. King Herod began work on large projects bringing water from the Hevron Mountains, using the power of gravity, to Solomon’s Pools just south of the city. From there, two waterways channeled water to the city: The upper channel brought water to the King’s palace, Hezekiah’s Pool and other areas in the higher levels of the city, while water on the lower waterway went to the Holy Temple on the Temple Mount and the lower areas. The now-revealed section is part of the upper channel.

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Atheists Trained to Destroy Roadside Memorial Crosses

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

There is no length the atheist will not go to in order to destroy religion. They are one of the most thin skinned, easily offended groups in the world. They spend so much energy protesting and fighting something they don’t believe in. I wonder why their efforts to remove Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are not given as much equal time and effort? They should rate right up there with God on an atheists priorities. I mean really, to the atheist they are all imaginary creatures. So why the duplicity?

Anglican Bishop Council Nedd, who heads the organization In God We Trust, tells OneNewsNow his staff ran across the website “It’s a website sort of designed to train atheists how to do…destructive social activism,” Nedd describes. “And what caught our attention was the portion on there that dealt with tearing down roadside memorials to the deceased.”

According to Nedd, the website even includes a description of what tools a person should carry with them to cut down metal memorials. Laws regarding the signs vary, and the bishop reports that “they claimed it was against the law, but they said it presented a roadside distraction, I guess sort of like billboards do.”

The site seems to suggest people can take the law into their own hands, and it advocates defacing dollar bills and taking off the words “In God We Trust.” Nedd believes that law enforcement is right to permit the memorials because of the crosses’ significance to those who lost family members in a car wreck. Nedd concludes atheists are going too far.

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Dubai Police ’99 Percent’ Sure Israel Is Behind Hamas Killing

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

The Arab nations consistently allow known terrorists to travel unmolested through their countries, and in some cases welcome them with open arms. So it’s understandable that Israel would periodically loose it’s patience with them and take matters into their own hands. Understandable, but not right.
If they are involved, they must understand that this type of operation does not help their cause.

It would be nice if the world would at least treat Israel fairly, but since Satan is the lord of this world and he hates Israel, I’m sure the world will continue to hate Israel. Not much chance of them being treated fairly. They typically feel backed into a corner, especially when the world sits on its hands and refuses to take action against people who freely admit they kill innocent Israelis and Jews. It is understandable why Israel takes matters into it’s own hands. It doesn’t make it right, but it is understandable.

Dubai police chief Dahi Khalfan Tamim said Thursday he was “99 percent certain” that Israel was involved in the killing of a Hamas militant at a luxury hotel, as Israeli diplomats played down British and Irish concerns that passports from the two countries were forged as part of the plot.

Tamim told Emirati newspaper The National that the investigation revealed Mossad, Israel’s spy agency, to be behind the murder.

But Israel played down the diplomatic disagreement following the killing of a top Hamas commander in Dubai by alleged Mossad agents caught on camera and carrying European passports.

“It is important to note that no one (formally) accuses Israel. There is no proof linking Israel to this affair,” a senior official said ahead of a meeting on Thursday to which the Foreign Office in London invited Israel’s ambassador.

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Faith Leaders’ Undermine God’s Plan for Marriage

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

The falling away of the church from the values taught in the Bible continues in earnest. This is one of the signs of Jesus’ eminent return. See our article “Falling Away” of the Church.

An official with the Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD) says it’s a sad sign of the times that a group of “faith leaders” in Iowa signed a document declaring their support for same-sex “marriage.”

“It does give cover to the proponents of same-sex marriage to pretend that they stand on equal religious ground,” [Alan Wisdom with the Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD)] explains. “They’re going to claim…there are some Christians over there who are opposed to same-sex marriage, but [that] there are these other ones who favor it — as if it were an even division.”

That claim, notes Wisdom, is untrue. “The overwhelming majority of the church in the United States and globally affirms the marriage of man and woman,” he emphasizes.

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Top U.N. Climate Official Resigning

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

The man-made global warming hoax is continuing to be dealt blow after blow. Those of you who still believe need to take a reality break.

Top U.N. climate change official Yvo de Boer told The Associated Press Thursday that he was resigning after nearly four years, a period when governments struggled without success to agree on a new global warming deal. His departure takes effect July 1, five months before 193 nations are due to reconvene in Mexico for another attempt to reach a binding worldwide accord on controlling greenhouse gases.

De Boer is known to be deeply disappointed with outcome of the last summit in Copenhagen, which drew 120 world leaders but failed to reach more than a vague promise by several countries to limit carbon emissions — and even that deal fell short of consensus.

But he denied to the AP that his decision to quit was a result of frustration with Copenhagen.

“Copenhagen wasn’t what I had hoped it would be,” he acknowledged, but the summit nonetheless prompted governments to submit plans and targets for reining in the emissions primarily blamed for global warming. “I think that’s a pretty solid foundation for the global response that many are looking for,” he said.

De Boer’s resignation comes in the wake of the continuing Climate-gate scandal — a story that began with the leak of stolen e-mails from top climate scientists and led to revelations of sloppy science, efforts to suppress dissenting opinions and ultimately flaws in the U.N.’s top climate policy document.

The embattled ex-head of the research center at the heart of the Climate-gate scandal recently dropped a bombshell of his own, admitting in an interview with the BBC that there has been no global warming over the past 15 years.

De Boer nevertheless told the AP he believes talks “are on track,” although it was uncertain that a full treaty could be finalized at the next high-level conference in November.

The partial agreement reached in Copenhagen, brokered by President Barack Obama, “was very significant,” he said. But he acknowledged frustration that the deal was merely “noted” rather than formally adopted by all countries.

“We were about an inch away from a formal agreement. It was basically in our grasp, but it didn’t happen,” he said. “So that was a pity.”

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