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“Without Firing a Shot?” by David Limbaugh

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

During the height of the Cold War, some feared the communists would take over the United States without firing a shot. Could it be that nearly a half-century later, we’re on the verge of that becoming a reality?

President Barack Obama and Democratic congressmen won their respective elections — no shots were fired — and they are feverishly attempting to dismantle this nation’s institutions, brick by brick.

The American people are getting a bird’s-eye view of what the left, which completely dominates the Democratic Party, thinks of the Constitution, freedom and the right of the people to self-governance.

The people now attempting to govern us with an iron fist are Marxist-leaning in terms of not only the policies they support but also the ruthless tactics they employ to enact those policies into law.

As long as it served Obama’s Machiavellian purposes to maintain a semblance of unity for his ambitious agenda, he donned his bipartisan cap. But as soon as he encountered intractable opposition from Republicans, God bless them, he began to show his true political colors.

Barack Obama’s congenial, compromising facade has disappeared. What remains, in plain view, is a narcissistic, arrogant and inflexibly ideological man who is determined to cram his socialist agenda down our throats by whatever means necessary — irrespective of the legality of the procedures he utilizes, the truth of the words he speaks and the will of the people.

Obama doesn’t care what we think — and I’m not just talking about the majority of Americans who oppose Obamacare. Everyone who gets in his way is expendable, including principled Democrats who dare to oppose him.

Obama and his congressional cronies are systematically subverting the Constitution to advance their agenda. They have tried every trick in the book to pass Obamacare, such as lying about many substantive provisions in the bill and their inevitable effects on quality, price and choice.

They are also using accounting shenanigans to make the bill look budget-neutral. One such distortion is to count $52 billion in higher Social Security tax revenues that are reserved for Social Security benefits as offsets. Another is to rob a half-trillion dollars from Medicare to subsidize Obamacare, which Medicare’s chief actuary estimates would cause 20 percent of Medicare’s providers to either go out of business or discontinue seeing Medicare beneficiaries. Another is to defer certain outlays for about four years while beginning taxes immediately in order to achieve an artificial fiscal balance the first 10 years. There are many others.

But none of their chicanery has worked to fool the American people into allowing them to pass the bill through proper procedures. So they are prepared to do it illegally through improper application of the reconciliation process. If that fails, they’re considering the even more outrageous idea of a “Slaughter Solution,” which would deem the Senate’s bill as having passed the House, even when it hasn’t.

Remember Obama’s showing contempt for the Constitution and Senate rules during his silly health care summit, when he flippantly argued that people care more about results than process, as if the Constitution were just an annoying little detail? His senior adviser David Axelrod showed similar contempt for the people when he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” “The one thing I am sure of is that the American people don’t know or care much about the sequencing of parliamentary procedures.”

Just look at how this administration is trying to do an end run around the people by having the Environmental Protection Agency impose stringent regulations when it couldn’t even get the overwhelmingly Democratic Congress to pass the socialist cap-and-trade bill. And if its underhanded efforts to pass Obamacare in Congress fail, it reportedly has contingency plans to implement parts of it through a series of executive orders and administrative regulations — just as it is planning to do, by its own admission, “across a front of issues.”

Liberal cynicism aside, the Constitution’s safeguards to limit government will only work if the ruling class remains honorable. If it continues to ignore its constitutional restraints and no one holds it accountable, the Constitution will degenerate into meaninglessness and be powerless to preserve our liberties.

Indeed, as fiscally devastating as Obamacare would be, cost is not the most important reason to oppose the monstrosity.

Obamacare is about government versus the people. It is about achieving that tipping point from a free market economy to a socialized one and from constitutional self-governance to something far less democratic.

The recklessness of Obamacrats in trying to shove through another — and by far the biggest — government entitlement at a time when existing entitlements and other government expenditures threaten to bankrupt the nation is staggering.

But they’re just getting warmed up. Stay tuned for their education and immigration “overhauls.”

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“Israel’s Relationship With U.S. In Crisis” by Michael G. Mickey

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

I have to confess that, after writing my recent commentary on U.S.-Israel relations entitled “Hillary Clinton, Israel and Genesis 12”, I walked away from it wondering if I’d sounded more panic-stricken by recent developments than I’d actually needed to. Three days later, I’m no longer questioning why God laid it on my heart to write a commentary on the issue within an hour of news breaking that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had berated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for 43 minutes concerning Israel’s recent decision to build new settlements in East Jerusalem, that pronouncement being an affront to the Palestinians and, in Washington’s opinion, a hindrance to Middle East peace efforts.

Today’s top headline on the Fox News website confirms that my first instinct was correct. It reads “Israeli Envoy: U.S. Ties in ‘Crisis of Historic Proportions'”.

Before we get into the meat of the Fox News story, let’s review what Scripture makes clear concerning our absolute need to be a blessing to the nation of Israel if we wish to be blessed by God.

Genesis 12:3: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

God’s Word couldn’t be any plainer than it is, could it? Bless Israel and you’ll be blessed by God. Curse Israel and you’ll be cursed! (I guess the Obama administration didn’t get the memo.)

According to the Fox News article, Israeli Ambassdor to the United States Michael Oren told Israeli diplomats in a phone briefing over the weekend, “Israel’s ties with the United States are in their worst crisis since 1975 … a crisis of historic proportions.”

Headed in a bad direction

A Real Clear Politics poll dated 3-15-10 indicates 61% of people polled believe the United States of America is headed in the wrong direction. I’d take it a step further at this point. I not only believe the U.S., under its present leadership, is headed in the wrong direction, I believe it to be on the path to destruction. Am I being overly dramatic? Absolutely not.

As you read the following scripture, bear in mind that the current bone of contention between Israel and the United States is all about Jerusalem.

Zechariah 12:3: And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

Jerusalem, as prophesied, is today a burdensome stone for all people. And what does God say is the fate of all nations that burden themselves with it, even if every last nation in the world gathers in agreement with them? To be cut in pieces! This language echoes the language of Genesis 12:3, God’s promise of blessing and curse.

Fellow Americans, brothers and sisters in Christ? We are in dire straits. May God have mercy on those of us He is willing to should our leaders in Washington continue down the treacherous path they have chosen for us, one that conflicts with the unbending loyalty most of us hold to Israel.

Psalm 122:6: Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.

UPDATE: Has Genesis 12:3 already been in play? You decide!

Hillary berated Israeli PM Netanyahu on 3-12-10. The very next day, 3-13-10? Look what happened:

Six killed in nor’easter: Hundreds of trees fall during storm as number of 911 calls topped 9/11

From the article:

“The wild weekend nor’easter that knocked out power to thousands and crippled travel also killed at least six people in the metro area – and left the city reeling from severe wind damage.

The storm generated more calls to 911 than 9/11 did.

“It’s sort of METEOROLOGICAL MAYHEM” said city Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe. “This was a storm of unusual intensity and duration. It’s the worst we’ve had in a while.”

A disastrous combination of hurricane-strength wind gusts and soil softened by February’s snowstorms toppled trees all over town – many onto cars and houses.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) called on the Federal Emergency Management Agency to send damage assessment teams, estimating cleanup costs to the region in “tens of millions of dollars.”

All told, the storm dumped up to 6 inches of rain on parts of the tristate area, plunged half-a-million homes into darkness and trapped hundreds of travelers in trains, cars and airports.”

Points to consider:

* The timing of the incident.
* 911 centers were more flooded with calls than on September 11th, 2001.
* Government officials are saying the storm was of “unusual intensity and duration”.

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“The Jihadi Feels Persecuted—His Aggression is Self-Defense” by Dr. Phyllis Chesler

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

The other day, a pediatric nurse in New York City refused to dance with Mbarek Lafrem, a Moroccan man, in a New York City bar. What did Lafrem do? He followed her into the women’s bathroom where he attempted to rape and savagely beat her. The woman was found unconscious and is now hospitalized. She required 50 stitches to close just one of her lacerations; she also suffered a broken eye socket, a broken nose, skull fractures, and a busted jaw.

The media pointedly refrain from telling us that he is a Muslim, but with a name like “Mbarek” or ‘Mubarak,” what religion are we talking about? Lafrem now claims that she started it, that the nurse “berated him when he barged into the women’s restroom shortly after she’d rebuffed him on the dance floor.”

To a certain kind of man, from a certain kind of culture, women are always supposed to say yes, and when they say no they are provokers and deserve a beating. More: If the woman is a naked-faced infidel and dances with strange men in a public setting—she is, by definition, a prostitute and is not entitled to say no. Saying no is a “provocation” and deserves a beating. Or worse.

Now, let’s shuffle off to Buffalo, where Muzzammil ”Mo” Hassan—remember him?–is about to stand trial for beheading his wife, Aasiya Zubair Hassan. Guess what this monster’s claiming? That he’s the victim, that he was a “battered husband.” Guess what this crafty self-promoter has been doing from his jail cell? Writing letters to the media in his mother’s name in which he paints himself as the “abused” spouse. Mo’s letters also refer to an “epidemic” of battered men.

Thank God for journalist Sandra Tan of the Buffalo News who, today, reveals the extent of Mo’s depravity. According to a 21-page statement that Aasiya wrote to the court, she “painstakingly chronicled her years of torment.” In addition to numerous beatings and threats, Mo “made (Aasiya) sign memos authorizing him to punish her if she talked with the police and Child Protective Services and threatened her with the loss of her children whenever she tried to break free.” In truth, Mo used his size and weight against the much smaller Aasiya; on separate occasions he literally sat on her, imprisoned her, punched her repeatedly, drawing blood, dragged her down the driveway, tried to run her off the road in his car, and refused to allow her to seek medical treatment for her injuries.

In addition, Mo wrote emails to Aasiya’s court appointed psychologist in Aasiya’s name and from her computer account. As Aasiya, he denies being battered. “What nonsense. Complete hogwash. I have always been a strong woman and a high achiever.” Mo also drafted letters as if the psychologist had written them which he states that “Aasiya does not have the personality of an abused wife.”

Mo’s attorney, Frank M. Bogulski, has claimed in open court that his client was a “battered spouse,” and he promised a “revolutionary defense.”

Read the rest of the article here.

“Hillary Clinton, Israel and Genesis 12” by Michael G. Mickey

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

As if those of us aware of the path the liberals in Washington are taking the United States down don’t have enough to be concerned with already, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton essentially spat in the face of Almighty God today – for 43 minutes.

According to an Associated Press article, Clinton “delivered a stinging rebuke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his government’s announcement this week of new Jewish housing in east Jerusalem, calling it “a deeply negative signal” for the Mideast peace process and ties with the U.S.”

This “stinging rebuke” comes fresh on the heels of Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks made earlier this week condemning same, which he tried to smooth over by saying, “US President Barack Obama and myself know that the US has no better friend in the community of nations than Israel.”

It’s true that the United States of America has no better friend than Israel. The problem, however? The United States of America, at least as long as Team Obama remains in control of U.S. foreign policy, isn’t going to reciprocate that friendship – a “deeply negative signal” we can rest assured God is receiving loud and clear as outlined in His Word.

In Genesis 12:3 we read that God made two promises to Abraham. He promised a blessing to those who would bless the nation of Israel and, secondly, to curse those who curse Israel.

Genesis 12:3: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

True Colors

Apparently, our liberal leaders in Washington are about as adept at picking up on God’s affection for Israel as they are to picking up on the vast majority of Americans’ disdain for Obamacare, the previous being of far greater concern than the latter but I digress.

While it’s no secret that the Left couldn’t care less what God’s Word has to say in relation to most anything, what Hillary Clinton did today was reprehensible no matter how anyone sane slices it. By formally tying the status of the United States’ long-standing relationship with Israel to the Jewish nation’s willingness to capitulate to the desires of its enemies, she showed the true colors of the Obama administration, not to mention the cancer that liberalism is to this once great nation – a cancer we need to begin ‘treatment’ of come November. (Pause here and release steam if necessary. I had to.)

Hillary Clinton would probably call today’s 43 minutes of berating Israeli PM Netanyahu by telephone diplomacy. What would I call it? The United States cursing the nation of Israel, the thought of which makes my stomach churn! Why do I find her actions that upsetting? Genesis 12:3, of course! While I don’t know what the consequences of today’s attempt on the part of the Obama administration to intimidate Israel will be, He keeps His promises and that could get ugly. Having witnessed mere glimpses of the power God holds at His fingertips through the various natural disasters which have occurred globally in 2010, I’m less than enthused to think just how ugly quite frankly!

The Quartet to intervene?

Compounding an already bad situation for the United States, the AP article indicates that the Middle East Quartet — the U.S., European Union, United Nations and Russia — has “agreed to closely monitor developments in Jerusalem and to keep under consideration additional steps that may be required to address the situation on the ground.”

What, dare I ask, does the Quartet consider to be “steps that may be required to address the situation on the ground”? That language is more than an eye opener in light of what bible prophecy tells us is eventually going to occur as a direct result of all this godless nonsense, namely the advent of the prophesied Antichrist!

Daniel 9:27: And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make [it] desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

In plainspeak, the prophesied Antichrist, a prince (or leader) of Roman descent, is going to confirm (or make strong) a covenant (or agreement) one week (7 years) in length between Israel and her enemies.

With the United States sounding more and more like the other three members of the Quartet in relation to its approach to bringing “peace and safety” to the Middle East, disaster in the form of the Tribulation Period is drawing closer, conditionally at the very least. Why do I state that? Because the Quartet’s language above, in my humble opinion, tip toes close to a suggestion peace may ultimately have to be imposed on the two parties.

Remember, the prophesied Antichrist isn’t going to bring peace to the Middle East alone. He is going to do so “with many”. Could the Quartet be the “many” referred to in Daniel’s prophecy? It’s worth considering as a possibility at the very least.

Don’t be rattled, be ready!

Hold onto Jesus Christ with all your might, Church! A rough ride may be in the making or, if we’re blessed, a shout coming forth from the heavens in the near future so powerful it will wake the dead!

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Obama Sides With Pali Terrorist Over Israel

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Obama is siding with the Pali terrorist and is hanging Israel out to dry.

JERUSALEM — A U.S. envoy’s postponement of his Mideast trip appeared Tuesday to deepen one of the worst U.S.-Israeli feuds in memory — even as Israel’s foreign minister signaled his government had no intention of curtailing the contentious construction at the heart of the row.

Dozens of masked Palestinians also hurled rocks at police and set tires ablaze across the holy city’s volatile eastern sector, as the deployment of thousands of Israeli security personnel entered its fifth day.

The diplomatic crisis erupted last week after Israel announced during a visit by Vice President Joe Biden that it would build 1,600 apartments for Jews in disputed east Jerusalem, the sector of the holy city that the Palestinians claim for a future capital.

The announcement enraged Palestinians, who have threatened to bow out of U.S.-brokered peace talks that were supposed to have begun in the coming days. The Obama administration, fuming over what it called the “insulting” Israeli conduct, demanded that Israel call off the contentious project.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Israel Radio that demands to halt Israeli construction there “are unreasonable as far as we are concerned.” And he predicted that the diplomatic row with the U.S. would blow over, saying neither side had an interest in escalation.

But Washington notified Israel early Tuesday that envoy George Mitchell had put off his trip. The visit will be rescheduled at an undetermined time, officials on both sides said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has apologized for the timing of the project’s approval, but he has not said it would be canceled. On Monday, backed by his hawkish coalition, he defended four decades of Jewish construction in east Jerusalem and said it “in no way” hurts Palestinians.

The feud is feeding already high tensions in east Jerusalem, where Jews and Palestinians live together uneasily. Some 3,000 Israeli police officers were deployed in the east Jerusalem area on Tuesday, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

Early Tuesday, masked Palestinians hurled rocks at Israeli police and burned tires in multiple areas. Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said police fired stun grenades to disperse dozens of protesters at one site, and that village elders helped to end protests at another. No injuries were reported in those disturbances.

At another site, rioters on a road strewn with rocks, tires and a charred garbage bin were dismantling a public bus stop. Police said 15 Palestinians have been arrested so far.

Palestinian access to a disputed hilltop shrine holy to both Jews and Muslims remained limited to men 50 and over, Rosenfeld said.

Palestinians are protesting the rededication of a historic synagogue in the Jewish quarter of the Old City, amid rumors of plans by Jewish extremists to take control over a hilltop complex at the crux of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The rededication has stoked periodically recurring rumors that Jewish extremists are planning to take over the shrine known to Jews as Temple Mount and to Muslims as Haram al-Sharif, home to the Al-Aqsa mosque complex.

Temple Mount, where the biblical Jewish temples stood, is Judaism’s holiest site. The Al-Aqsa complex is Islam’s third-holiest shrine.

Palestinians summoned by their leaders to defend the compound run afoul of Israeli checkpoints limiting access to the site, creating an environment for clashes.

Palestinians, who number about 250,000 in east Jerusalem, see the building of new settlements and the presence of some 180,000 Jews there as a grave challenge to their claims to the territory.

Jerusalem is the most explosive issue in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. At the emotional and religious center of the dispute is Jerusalem’s Old City, with shrines holy to Jews, Muslims and Christians.

Israel annexed east Jerusalem after capturing it from Jordan in the 1967 Mideast war. Most Israelis accept the Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem as part of Israel, and previous peace proposals have allowed them to remain in Israeli hands.

But the international community does not recognize the annexation or distinguish the Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem as different from West Bank settlements, seen internationally as illegal.

The rift has presented Netanyahu with a predicament. If he doesn’t make gestures toward the U.S. and the Palestinians on east Jerusalem, he will likely further antagonize Israel’s most important ally. But Netanyahu, who historically has taken a hard line against territorial concessions to the Palestinians, could see his hawkish governing coalition crumble if he compromises on Jerusalem.

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Church Fights Back After Arizona Town Bans Home Bible Study

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Not so fast, anti-Christian type people…ADF to the rescue!!

GILBERT, Ariz. — The national Alliance Defense Fund says a town code that bars religious assemblies in private homes in the Arizona community of Gilbert is unconstitutional.

The Oasis of Truth church began meeting at Pastor Joe Sutherland’s house in November and rotated homes several times a week for Bible study and fellowship.

A Gilbert code compliance officer hit the church with a violation notice after seeing a sign near a road advertising a Sunday service.

A zoning administrator told the church that Bible studies, church leadership meetings and fellowship activities are not permitted in private homes.

The Alliance Defense Fund’s Doug Napier says no neighbors complained.

The Scottsdale-based group has filed an appeal with the town of Gilbert, contending its code violates the U.S. Constitution.

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Health Care Reform – An Editorial by Steve

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

We may be the final days of the health care debate, with a vote expected either this week or early next week. The Democrat leadership is fully expecting the rank of file representatives and senators to fall in line, voting this health care “monstrosity” into law.
At hand is a bigger issue.
The health care “reform”, touted almost a year ago, has angered the public to extents rarely seen in our country. With a majority of American voters firmly against it, the Democrats continue to defy all logic and common sense by pursing this legislation in its current form.
They are so hell bent on passing their version, that they have not only cut the Republicans completely out of the decision process, but have also turned on their own “Blue Dog” Democrats.
Despite a summer of town hall meetings, where they were told in no uncertain terms that Americas didn’t want this health care reform, they continued pressing it, all the while calling normal people, who just wanted to express their displeasure with the legislation, “fake”, “organized” and even the derogatory “tea baggers”. They disparaged their own constituents with a straight face, while at the same time, organizing their own groups of “anti” protesters, who preached the party line, and even admitted why they were there and who had sent them. A true case of the “pot calling the kettle black”.
Still, the Democrats foraged ahead.
They shut the Republicans out of health care negotiations. They even went as far as to shut CSPAN out of the health care planning meetings. So much for the campaign promised of Obama. He promised open and televised “round table” discussions with Republicans. Broken promises, all.
When the Democrats saw their ability to pass this reform slipping from their grasp, they remained true to form, and did what Democrats have always done when faced with a determined opposition; change the rules.
Another word for this is “cheat”. Democrats seem to be very consistent in that regard. It’s OK to lie and cheat, in order to advance their agenda. With health care reform, they are most certainly staying true to form.
In a nut shell, despite the loud voice of a public against health care reform, our “representatives” in government have hung us out to dry. Their sole allegiance is to their party and their president. We no longer have a voice in government.
How does a nation arrive at this point?
We sat on our hands, as evil people advanced it’s plans. We cared more for who the next “idol” would be, or who was in the final four, or what team was going to advance to the championship. We let the mainstream media cover their tracks and become the mouthpiece for their lies. We became complacent.
Now we are about to sow what we reaped. Once passed, the United States will never again be the same. Even if a great portion of this legislation is undone during our next election cycle, the damage it will have caused will be of epic proportions. Quite possibly irreversible damage.
It will be interesting to see if an eleventh hour collapse in support for this legislation occurs. I feel that deep down inside, politicians are too self-serving to risk being thrown out of office in the next election.
The American people will eventually hold these people accountable, but it’s too little, too late.
Hang on for the ride.