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“Liberals Want to Ignore Immigration Law” by Mike Gallagher

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

The ink hadn’t even dried from Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s signature on the anti-illegal immigration law written by the state legislature before the shrieks and howls and wailing and gnashing of teeth began in earnest in the media.

“This is racial profiling!” they screamed. “What about civil liberties?” “All this does is discriminate against Hispanics!” they moaned.

Wow, what a fuss. Fury erupted because Arizona lawmakers had had enough and decided to become the first state to have the guts to give police the authority to do the unthinkable: enforce the law.

Some concept, huh? Actually letting cops do their jobs. So when an Arizona police officer pulls someone over for speeding or weaving through traffic and they discover that the driver has absolutely no identification on them and is barely capable of speaking English, that officer might conclude that the driver is in Arizona illegally. Ask any cop and they’ll assure you that it doesn’t exactly take a forensics team from NCIS to figure out that someone is an illegal.

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But ACLU-loving, America-hating bunch that seems to think illegal immigrants deserve weekly ticker-tape parades down Main Street is mortified at Arizona’s chutzpah. They’re upset that at least in ONE state, the jig is finally up.

For too long now, the apologists for illegal immigrants have played a little game. They pretend to understand that the act of sneaking across the border and taking up residence in America is against the law. They even profess discomfort at illegals getting free health care, taking jobs that could belong to American citizens, and occupying seats in our country’s already overcrowded classrooms.

But they expect everyone to ignore the problem. They insist that illegal immigration is a federal concern and therefore oppose any effort for local law enforcement — the real soldiers in the trenches — to be able to do anything about it. It’s as if they believe there’s a magical, mythical federal army of illegal immigration watchdogs that just hasn’t quite yet gotten around to arresting illegals.

But it’s just a game to these folks. They resist enforcement of our illegal immigration laws and pretend to pawn the problem off on the feds so that the problem will never get solved.

Well, Arizona just took a giant step towards rectifying the situation. Polls show over 70% of state residents support the Senate bill that Gov. Brewer signed into law. I’ll bet the national percentage is even higher.

We are, after all, a nation of laws. And we live in a culture where carrying a form of identification is as normal as keeping your car keys in your pocket. When any of us walk into a grocery store and cashes a check, no one skips a beat when asked to present our driver’s license. If a police officer is looking for a criminal, he or she might stop a number of people in that particular area and ask to see their driver’s license. No one bellyaches about civil rights or privacy issues. We’re just happy the cops are trying to find the bad guy.

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“Arizona Takes Off Its ‘Rainbow Shades'” by Cal Thomas

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Arizona has decided that if the federal government will not live up to its responsibility to control the border, it will. Governor Jan Brewer, a Republican, signed a bill that allows police officers to inquire about a person’s immigration status if there is reason to suspect that individual might be an illegal immigrant. The governor correctly noted that the new law “represents another tool for our state to use as we work to solve a crisis we did not create and the federal government has refused to fix.”

The latest example of that failure is the Obama administration’s refusal to finish the border fence begun with some reluctance by the Bush administration.

Critics of the new law, who plan a court challenge, ask how police officers will “know” by observation whether someone might be in the country illegally. Police officers regularly make judgment calls about suspicious behavior, whether it involves erratic driving, passing small packets on the street in drug-infested neighborhoods, or searching cars for drugs and alcohol. “Immigrant groups” are upset that in Arizona people might actually be forced to comply with the law or face deportation.

Let’s get something straight. The failure to protect America’s southern border has been a bipartisan effort. Democrats want more illegal immigrants in the country because they are a potential source of votes they hope will contribute to a permanent Democratic majority. Republicans and their donors want more illegal immigrants in America because they are a source of cheap labor. Once you understand this, you can ignore much of the talk about “human rights.”

If a state, or nation, has laws it will not enforce for political reasons, it mocks both the law and politics, to say nothing of the cultural order. If the language of laws has no meaning other than what lawmakers assign to them after a law is enacted, it is proof that we have arrived in a kind of legal “Wonderland” in which Alice is told by Humpty Dumpty, “When I use a word … it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.” To which Alice responds, “The question is … whether you can make words mean so many different things.” Politicians constantly try.

So what does the “illegal” in illegal immigration mean? For that matter, what does the less judgmental and legally vacuous “undocumented alien” mean? If something is illegal, according to, it is “forbidden by law or statute.” If one is “undocumented” that person lacks “the needed documents, as for permission to live or work in a foreign country.” Sociological and political considerations notwithstanding, the law should be the law and its requirements ought to be universally adhered to, or punishment imposed for their violation.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, as of 2007, there are about 475,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona straining an already overburdened economy. Taxpaying citizens must underwrite the cost of schooling for their children, as well as visits to emergency rooms. In California, several hospitals have had to close because they could no longer afford to give free care to noncitizens. Gangs in Arizona operate under the command of drug lords in Mexico. This and other criminal activity threaten the peace and security of Arizonans and potentially all American citizens. Is this something that must be endured for the sake of “human rights groups” and “immigration rights groups,” or is it long past time to slow the flow?

The Arizona legislature and Governor Brewer have correctly chosen to slow the flow. They realize a state and a nation unwilling to protect their borders cannot hope to preserve qualities that have made this country what it is but won’t be for much longer if we permit this illegal invasion to continue.

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May Day: A Cry to God for Our Nation in Distress

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

If you can’t attend the event, set your alarm clock and pray for our nation at 6:10 AM on Saturday, May 1, 2010.

A meeting has been set May 1 in Washington for those who have concerns about the status – and direction – of the United States to submit their pleas to someone more powerful than Washington, all of Washington.

That’s according to WND columnist and Faith2Action President Janet Porter, a coordinator of May Day: a Cry to God for Our Nation in Distress.

The event will happen from sunrise to 2 p.m. at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

“Our economy is strong. Our borders are secure. Jobs are plentiful. Health-care will not be rationed. That executive order will keep us from funding abortion. Global warming is real but cap and trade will fix it. We made the right choices last November. Selecting our president based on race and popularity was a good idea. We don’t need God, we’re doing just fine on our own,” she writes in a commentary column.

“If this is what you believe, this article is not for you. Go back to watching MSNBC and filing your White House reports on all that ‘fishy speech’ you’ve been hearing,” she suggests.

“Furthermore, if you don’t grasp where we are as a nation and how we got here, you’re not invited to May Day. That’s right, stay home this Saturday because this event is not for you. I’m not kidding. I don’t want you there even if it will ‘boost our numbers,’ or bring the media to cover it. You see, this event isn’t for media attention. I’ve said it all along, our goal isn’t to impress any of the power brokers in Washington. We’re having a meeting with someone more powerful than all of them combined.”

The “May Day” event is, in fact, a “mayday” call of distress for the soul of the nation, she said.

According to a schedule released by Liberty Counsel, the subjects addressed will include family, church, education, entertainment, business, government and media.

“The American Revolution was preceded by the Great Awakening. When the Constitutional Convention was about to disintegrate, the founders convened a prayer meeting, and a few weeks later the Constitution was born,” said Mathew Staver, chief of Liberty Counsel and head of the Liberty University school of law.

“Throughout our history, beginning with George Washington, our presidents have called upon America to pray. America is a great nation because it has honored God. Today, we are calling upon all Americans to pray for our country in these uncertain times.”

Porter said people need to be in prayer even before the event.

“Get right before God. Turn off your television, shut off your computer and open His word and spend time with God like you never have before,” she wrote. “Because that’s the only way God will come and meet with us on Saturday.”

Sunrise – 6:10 a.m. – isn’t really that big a deal.

“Churches in Alaska are opening their doors at 2:10 a.m. to join us,” she said, citing broadcasts on God TV and streamed through American Family Association.

“Get your plane ticket, hop on a bus, rent a van right now and head to the Lincoln Memorial. Too much to ask? George Schalasky is WALKING 720 miles from Illinois…” she said.

“Our economy is not strong. Our borders are far from secure. Jobs are anything but plentiful. Unless we can reverse government health care, it will be rationed. That executive order does nothing to stop us from being forced to fund abortions. Global warming is false and cap and trade is about more government control and less freedom. Last November, we chose death and we experiencing the consequences of our actions. We are in peril and it is our own fault. We have never needed God more,” Porter wrote.

Among those expected to attend are Alan Keyes, Bobby Schindler (Terri Schiavo’s brother), Dutch Sheets, Vision America’s Dr. Rick Scarborough, Pastor Paul Blair, Jim Garlow (who led the fight to protect Marriage in California), Cindy Jacobs, Gen. Jerry Boykin (whose life is depicted in the movie “Black Hawk Down”), Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America, Tony Perkins of Family Research Council and MovieGuide’s Ted Baehr.

“We need to let God know we’re serious about turning back to Him and fasting from something – whether it’s television, dessert or food – will provide the breakthrough we desperately need as a nation,” Scarborough said.

Sonicflood, a Christian group that sings hits such as “Open the Eyes of my Heart” and “I Want to Know You,” has written a May Day song for the event.

In an open invitation to America to attend May Day, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson proclaimed, “Our nation faces what is perhaps the most serious moral crisis since the civil war as we’ve turned our backs on God and have clearly displeased him. May Day 2010 is a time to come together and proclaim what God has done in the past, to pray for forgiveness and to plead for God’s mercy on all of us.”

Churches may register for May Day at

A Facebook page has been created to help spread the word.

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California’s Hastings College Policy Labeled ‘Crazy’ by Supreme Court Justice

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

There may actually be some common sense emanating from the Supreme Court.

The high court last week heard arguments from the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law and a campus chapter of the Christian Legal Society. CLS claims Hastings’ policy forces them to accept as voting members and potential leaders, classmates who do not share their core religious beliefs.

Hastings says official campus groups may not exclude people due to religious beliefs or sexual orientation. But during arguments, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was reported as saying: “To require the Christian Society to allow atheists not just to join, but to conduct Bible classes — that’s crazy.”

[Casey Mattox, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund], tells OneNewsNow that the policy contradicts everything the school is supposed to stand for. “When you start saying that student groups can’t organize around beliefs, and instead they have to allow people who reject the beliefs of the organization in order to lead them — whether they’re student Christian groups or otherwise — it doesn’t make any sense at all,” he opines.

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“Obama Sends in the Clowns” by J. Matt Barber

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

With a potential political bloodbath looming in November, liberals are understandably desperate. They see it all slipping away and it shows. The grassroots groundswell of opposition to Obama’s neo-Marxist, secular-humanist agenda intensifies daily despite the left’s best efforts to silence dissent.

Commensurate with plummeting poll numbers and evaporating public trust, Democrats, media elites and the usual gaggle of left-wing pressure groups have ramped-up the unhinged “right-wing-extremist” twaddle to historically hysterical levels. For those who delight in watching the self-styled “progressive” movement implode, it’s priceless.

“How can it be?” they ask. “The stars were aligned.” With Barack Obama in the White House and his egalitarian enablers running Congress, liberals found themselves at ship’s helm on the USS Hopey-Changey, sailing unabated toward the perfect storm of Euro-socialist reform. America’s elite class would, at long last – curse these two-plus centuries of “constitutional” government – be as those erudite Europeans our homespun lefties so pitifully parrot.

Oops…something happened on the way to the Communism. Middle America, channeling Dana Carvey’s Bush-one, said: “Nope, not gonna’ do it… wouldn’t be prudent.” According to the latest Pew poll, America’s trust in today’s godless Obama-Pelosi-Reid federal government is at an all time low of 22 percent, little more than a year after Obama took office.

Plan B: Demonize Dissent

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” His words are eerily applicable to the elitist acrimony we see in response to the rapid resurgence of America’s traditionalist zeitgeist.

After months of ignoring the burgeoning constitutionalist movement and dismissing it as “Astroturf,” the left hit the panic button. Jig was up. It had become painfully apparent to all that this measured, monotone young president who carried with him such high hopes for so many was, in fact, the radical leftist ideologue those Limbaugh-Hannity-Beck-types had warned of.

And so, the mainstream media hit back, latching like pit-bulls to a poodle on iffy reports that Tea Partiers had shouted racist and “homophobic” slurs at black members of Congress and, well, Barney Frank (claims which, as it turns out, were apparently fabricated whole cloth).

Conservative pundit Andrew Breitbart offered $100,000 reward to anyone able to provide video or audio of the alleged slurs. Despite scores of television cameras in the immediate vicinity, no one has produced a shred of evidence.

Capitalizing on the media’s deliberate mischaracterization of Tea Party conservatives as racist, inbred seditionists, some despondent Obama supporters then devised a strategy to “crash the Tea Parties.” Throngs of constitutionally challenged, Berkeley-esque short-bussers (you shall know them by their patchouli covered bong pong) infiltrated many of the conspicuously peaceful “Tax Day Tea Parties” with racist and misspelled signs, screaming bigoted and inane slogans in an effort to paint Tea Partiers in a bad light.

Again, the strategy backfired with hilarious results as these boorish boobs outed themselves by posting their intentions on the internet in advance of operations. Legitimate Tea Partiers were ready for these “decaf” counterfeits, peacefully surrounding them when they showed up and calling them out in comical fashion.

Conservatives are Domestic Terrorists

Others have taken to the gutter deeper still. Most recently it was Bill Clinton with his lip-bitingly ominous warning that Tea Party conservatives and talk radio will cause another Oklahoma City. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla) issued a scathing statement, calling Clinton’s remarks “unconscionable,” and chided the former president: “This is an over-the-top effort to try to stop a movement of people who aren’t amenable to supporting Obama programs, like cap and trade, government-run health care and closing Gitmo.”

And then there’s the Alabama Alinskys. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a hard-left Montgomery-based outfit that claims to “monitor hate groups and racial extremists,” remains the liberal media’s go-to smear merchant. Perhaps more than any other group, the SPLC has overplayed its hand in vilifying opponents of Uncle Sam’s extreme makeover.

SPLC director Mark Potok, for instance, compared Tea Partiers to “domestic terrorists,” saying they’re “…shot through with rich veins of radical ideas, conspiracy theories and racism,” and are widely linked to “hate” and “vigilante groups.”

Filed under “absurd acts of transparent desperation” – the SPLC recently lumped-in with the KKK, neo-Nazis and “potentially violent” militia groups, a list of 40 high profile conservatives – to include three sitting U.S. representatives – who are apparently facilitating sedition (a federal offense).

Among the treasonous “enablers” of the “antigovernment patriot movement” (read: Tea Partiers and pro-life/pro-family Americans) are Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-Minn); Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex); Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga); Glenn Beck (Fox News host); Judge Andrew Napolitano (Fox News legal analyst); and Joseph Farah (Editor of

Seriously, guys? The SPLC would save us all time and energy if it simply released a list of conservative pundits, politicos and organizations that are not on its official “right-wing watch list.”

Perhaps the one charge SPLC nailed is that America is currently experiencing a “far-right resurgence” (read: conservative comeback). The good news is that such dishonest smears are causing the SPLC – already hemorrhaging credibility – to just bleed-on-out.

Mainstream media, you’re on official notice: Continue to cite the activist “analysis” of this discredited gang of kneecappers at your own peril. You risk losing completely, your own already vanishing credibility.

I’m sure they’ll get right on that.

In the meantime, what these panicked “progressive” pixies fail to understand, is that the more they malign the ever-growing millions of red-blooded, God-fearing Americans who feel compelled to push back against Obama’s weighty radicalism – the more they humiliate and embarrass themselves.

The more the left attempts to marginalize our nation’s center-right mainstream with disingenuous charges of “racism,” “homophobia” and “potential violence” – the more it marginalizes itself.

Still, I say marginalize away. Political self-neutering may just be these frowny clowns’ one true act of patriotism.

Matt Barber is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. He is author of the book “The Right Hook – From the Ring to the Culture War” and serves as Director of Cultural Affairs with Liberty Counsel. Send comments to Matt at (This information is provided for identification purposes only.)

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“Think Tank Forecasts New Middle East War” by Todd Strandberg

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

The Washington Institute has issued a report saying that a disastrous war between Israel and her neighbors may be looming on the horizon. If hostilities do in fact break out, the “fighting could take on a regional dimension not seen since 1973,” said David Schenker, a senior fellow and director of the Arab Politics Program for Near East Policy.

Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah has been doing his part to destabilize the region. In a recent speech delivered on Hizbullah’s Martyred Leaders Day, Nasrallah laid out the new strategy for reprisals against Israel:

“If you [ Israel ] bomb Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut, we will bomb Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. If you bomb our docks, we will bomb your docks. If you bomb our oil refineries, we will bomb your oil refineries. If you bomb our factories, we will bomb your factories. And if you bomb our power plants, we will bomb your power plants,” Nasrallah declared.

Syria’s new level of boldness is the key reason for the prediction of war. Syria has transferred shoulder-fired ordnance to Hizbullah, which has previously been marked by Israeli officials as a “red line” issue. It has openly expressed its support of terrorist organizations. There are now reports that the Syrians have delivered Scud missile to its allies in Lebanon. If the guerrilla forces were to obtain Scud missiles, they would pose a huge danger to Israel.

A Scud missile was originally designed to carry a 2,000-pound conventional warhead, with ranges from 100 to 180 miles. During the second Lebanon war, most of the rockets fired at Israel only had payloads of a few pounds, and they could only reach about a dozen miles into the nation.

The leadership in Damascus is obviously trying to see what it can get away with in Lebanon. At some point, they are going to miscalculate and Syria it will find itself in direct conflict with Israel.

The State Department has already acknowledged this possibility in a recent statement: “The risk of miscalculation that could result from this type of escalation should make Syria reverse the ill-conceived policy it has pursued in providing arms to Hizbullah,” it said. “Additionally, the heightened tension and increased potential for conflict this policy produces is an impediment to ongoing efforts to achieve a comprehensive peace in the Middle East.”

The IDF recently came very close to attacking a convoy carrying weapons from Syria to Lebanon, but at the last moment decided against it, according to the Wall Street Journal. Israel has already proven how far it is willing to go to preserve its strategic interests. When it bombed a Syrian nuclear plant in September of 2007, the raid could have easily triggered all-out war between the two nations.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu faces danger on so many fronts, he must have the hardest job on the planet. Last week, he sounded an urgent alarm regarding the Iranian nuclear threat. Netanyahu told ABC News that “we have a lot less time with each day that passes.” He called for the international community to deliver “crippling sanctions” against Iran. So far, the global community has been unwilling to apply proper pressure on the Islamic state.

I don’t see any willpower on the part of the UN and the Obama administration. We already have a police effort in Southern Lebanon. Their mission was to prevent Hizbullah from rearming. They failed so miserably in their task, I can only conclude that they are on the side of the terrorists. President Obama has talked about the desire for peace, but he’s yet to draw a line in the sand on what must happen. He has proven himself unwilling to upset his Arab brethren.

I think what is holding war back is the fact that the Middle East has become so dangerous. Israel is unwilling to provoke an enemy that is armed to the teeth. The Arabs are so busy building up their network of missiles, they don’t have time to attack the Jewish state.

We don’t need the Washington Institute to know that war is coming to the Middle East. The Bible predicts that there will be several conflicts in the coming days.

I keep seeing on the news Middle East correspondents reporting from the city of Damascus. If they knew anything about Bible prophecy and how closely our day matters to the prophetic Word, they might decide to file their reports from some other city.

“The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap” (Isa. 17:1).

— Todd

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