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Authorities Say Mojave Desert Replacement Memorial Cross Must Come Down

Friday, May 21st, 2010

After the Supreme Court said the Mojave Desert Cross could stay, last week someone stolen it.
This week, someone made a replica of the cross that was stolen and installed in. One might think, OK, everything is back to normal now, right? Well you would be wrong.
You see, since the replacement cross is not the actual cross that caused all the controversy, the government says that it will be taken down.
So here’s how this all has played out so far:

Anti-Christians sue to have an old cross removed from federal land.
The land is sold to private concerns, making it non-public lands.
Anti-Christians continue the suite saying it doesn’t change anything, even though it does.
Liberal, activist courts agree.
Supreme Court slaps the lower courts down and says the cross may stay.
Someone steals the original cross.
Someone replaces the stolen cross with a replica of the original.
Government says since the replica is not the original, it must be removed.

Right now, the liberals are probably kicking themselves for not thinking of stealing the cross in the first place and thus saving all those court cost. But then again, their lawyers got rich, so no big deal there. Also, based on this new information, if the thieves had any brains, they have destroyed the original cross by now, since only it can be placed on the hill, not replicas.

So once again, let me cover the liberal mindset for you.
The cross represents Christ, whom liberals hate. They are compelled to do whatever is necessary; lie, cheat, steal, destroy, hurt or kill, in order to stop Christians whom they also hate.
This situation is the perfect example of this.

Authorities say a Mojave Desert war memorial cross that replaced one that was stolen is illegal and must come down.

Linda Slater, a spokeswoman with the Mojave National Preserve, says a maintenance worker spotted the 7½-foot replica cross made of metal pipes on Thursday in a federal park.

The original cross was stolen more than a week ago. It had been the subject of a lawsuit arguing that the Christian symbol didn’t belong on public land.

The U.S. Supreme Court temporarily allowed the old cross to stand, but Slater says the new cross isn’t covered by the ruling and will be taken down.

The site’s caretakers constructed a replacement cross on Saturday. Wanda Sandoz, who has watched over the site with her husband Henry since 1984, said the one put in place Wednesday night is not the one welded by her husband.

Sandoz said the cross that went up overnight is white, but their replica has not been painted yet — indicating that the replacement could be the original stolen cross or someone else’s replica.

“I’m curious as to how they got it up there,” Sandoz said, explaining that erecting the cement-filled pipes was a rigorous and difficult process — and would be much harder by the light of a quarter moon.

“It’s not like you can dig a hole and put a cross in there. It’s solid rock up there,” she said.

Thieves used bolt cutters to rip through the inch-thick bolts that had kept the cross in place since 1984. That memorial replaced a wooden cross that was put up in the Mojave Desert in 1934 by veterans of World War I to honor troops who died in battle.

Sandoz said her husband was helped by about five or six ranchers when he put up the metal cross in 1984. “One man couldn’t have taken it down, and one man couldn’t put it back up,” she said.

The Park Service told on Wednesday that it opposed replacing the stolen cross as long as litigation continues.

A $125,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest of the thieves who took the memorial.

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