American Jihadists Use New Weapon: Response Fatigue

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The terrorist will use any method they can to kill us.

Jihadists in the United States are encouraging the use of a new weapon, the FBI warns: “Response fatigue.”

An internal alert in the security agency told federal, state and local authorities to beware the latest weapon in the jihadist arsenal, which could present a formidable problem for busy police departments.

According to the May 27 “Situational Information Report” emanating from the FBI’s Washington Field Office Intelligence Division, a recent posting on a popular jihadi website suggested that ‘wannabe’ terrorists place “invasions suspicious bags (sic)” in “the heart of Washington and New York.”

The suspicious packages, or bags, would contain innocent items such as shoes, clothes or toys. It is a strategy used by other extremists in the United States in the recent past, according to a report broadcast by the ABC News network.

The goal, said the FBI report, was to desensitize first responders by forcing them to constantly respond to false alarms on “suspicious but harmless items”, thereby causing response fatigue.

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‘Civil Rights’ Not Relevant to Marriage Debate

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Marriage is not a civil right. It never has been.

“This is not a civil rights issue,” [Brad Dacus, president of the Sacramento-based Pacific Justice Institute (PJI)] states bluntly. “Individuals have the freedom to engage in all kinds of relationships and behaviors with one another under the law.”

Instead, says the PJI attorney, at issue is whether people want government to place its “endorsement and formal blessing and encouragement” upon homosexual relationships. “And clearly the stats show that such relationships do not further the public interest in terms of health, safety, [or] stability, or the development of healthy rearing of children and family life,” he adds.

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White House Rejected Israeli Intel, Blocked Use of Anti-Riot Gear Against Flotilla

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Obama continues to alienate our only true ally in the Middle East and, in doing so, continues to spit in the eye of God.

Diplomatic sources said the White House rejected Israeli intelligence assessments that the six-ship flotilla contained weapons and Islamist fighters trained to resist any boarding operation. The sources, privy to Israeli-U.S. government communications, said Obama and his leading aides pressed Israel against any act that would be deemed excessive force.

“The White House demanded that Israel exercise extreme caution and restraint in any scenario,” a diplomatic source said.

The Obama administration demands were relayed through Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Intelligence Minister Dan Meridor, the sources said. They said Barak, who has sought advanced weapons from Washington, persuaded Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to agree that the Israel Navy would not use anti-riot equipment, including tear gas, to stop the flotilla.

The sources said the Israeli intelligence community had informed the White House that the flotilla contained scores of Turks trained in weapons and hand-to-hand combat. They said the Turkish-flagged ship Marmara was believed to have contained weapons and components ordered by the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip.

In the end, Netanyahu approved a plan for the Israel Navy to board Marmara with commandos armed with paintball guns. The commandos were quickly overpowered by Turkish fighters until the Israeli commander ordered live fire, which killed nine passengers, eight of them Turks.

Obama, whose aides were said to have been in contact with the flotilla, did not condemn the Israeli naval interception. But within hours of the bloody clash, the president withdrew his invitation to Netanyahu to come to the White House.

“The last thing the president wanted was to stand next to Netanyahu as he defended this action and blasted Hamas and its supporters in the West,” another source said.

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