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Egyptian Journalist Describes ‘Absolute Prosperity’ in Gaza

Friday, July 30th, 2010

It has always amazed me that the world would choose to believe terrorist, who are consistently caught in their lies, over that of Israel, but it seems to happen quite often. That is until the real story accidentally slips out.

With Hamas telling tales of deprivation and suffering in Gaza, Egyptian journalist Ashraf Abu al-Houl has added his report to others who were surprised to discover a “prosperous” Gaza in which prices are low and luxury businesses are booming. Al-Houl’s story of his trip to Gaza and his realization that “in actual terms, Gaza is not under siege” was written up in the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“A sense of absolute prosperity prevails, as manifested by the grand resorts along and near Gaza’s coast. Further, the site of the merchandise and luxuries filling the Gaza shops amazed me,” he reported.

Concerned that his initial impression of prosperity may have been misleading, “I toured the new resorts, most of which are quite grand, as well as the commercial markets, to verify my hypothesis. The resorts and markets have come to symbolize prosperity, and to prove that the siege is formal or political, not economic,” Al-Houl said.

Gaza’s markets are filled with a “plethora of goods,” he wrote. Prices on many items, particularly food, are much lower than they are in Egypt, he said. With goods entering Gaza from both smuggling tunnels to Egypt and humanitarian aid shipments coming in via Israeli crossings, “supply is much greater than demand,” he stated.

The evident prosperity is not enjoyed by all, or even most, of Gaza’s residents, according to Al-Houl. The problem is the vast differences in the distribution of wealth. The luxury resorts and wide range of consumer goods are enjoyed by “only a few groups,” he said, primarily those who own smuggling tunnels to Egypt and those who work for international organizations such as the United Nations’ UNRWA and who do not include or aid the rest of the population.

Most of the new resorts “are owned by members, or associates, of Hamas,” he reported. “In addition, the Hamas municipalities charge high fees, in Gaza terms, for the use of public beaches,” he added.

Al-Houl quoted political activist Mustafa Ibrahim as saying that while Gaza’s rich invest in the leisure industry, 80% of residents rely on UNRWA, and unemployment is approximately 45%. “This creates a distorted picture,” Ibrahim explained.

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Egyptian Cleric: Parents Should Choose Sports For Their Children That Prepare Them for Jihad

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Another fine example of how the so-called “peace loving” Muslims aren’t.

The following are excerpts from an address delivered by Egyptian cleric Safwat Higazi, which aired on Al-Nas TV on July 11, 2010.

Saladin’s Mother Taught Her Son To Play With A Stick And A Ball

“When he was young, Saladin used to play this game. His mother chose for him a sport that was suitable for Jihad. She did not choose a game like backgammon or billiards, or any other soft and laid-back game. No. She chose a sport that would teach him Jihad and fighting – the game of stick and ball, which is like polo.”

“You should choose the sport that your son will play. I’m not saying that a child should not play, but he should play a game that will benefit him when he grows up.

“Today, all our children sit in front of the computer and the PlayStation, and play games that will never lead them to wage Jihad.”

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Obama’s No Abortion Funding – ‘An Empty Promise’

Friday, July 30th, 2010

We said this at the time the health care “reform” was being considered. Those who actually thought an executive order would actually work, were fooled.

The Congressional Research Service, a government agency, confirms that abortions can be funded under “ObamaCare.” The president’s executive order, reports CRS, “does not specifically address high-risk pools and the funds provided under Section 1101 of [the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act].”

Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America says the CRS report proves the executive order was “an empty promise.” She tells OneNewsNow that with the CRS report in hand, the president and health officials need to get into action.

“President Obama and Secretary [Kathleen] Sebelius ought to institute regulations to ensure that President Obama’s promise is lived up to and that our tax dollars will not be used to fund elective abortions,” states Wright.

Then again, laws passed by Congress have more weight than presidential executive orders and health agency rules. For that very reason, the CWFA spokeswoman says Congress should act and pass a bill to ensure that abortion funding will be banned.

“And even better than that, Congress should repeal this bill,” she adds. “Congress should learn from this fiasco that ObamaCare has some nasty surprises in it — and it should repeal the whole thing.”

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Public Losing Trust in Obama

Friday, July 30th, 2010

The public is finally waking up to what Obama really is…a socialist, egomaniac who will destroy our nation, as we know it, if he is not stopped in November.

Even though unemployment rates are at double digits, the president is crisscrossing the country, telling voters not to abandon the Democrats for the GOP. He claims Republicans caused the current economic crisis and that it will take time for Democrats to reverse the financial downturn.

Dr. Charles W. Dunn, dean of Regent University’s School of Government, thinks the Obama administration needs to take responsibility for its own policy decisions and stop blaming former President George W. Bush. He also notes that voters are becoming weary of his rhetoric.

“He promised a lot; he’s delivered little — and that’s created a credibility gap,” Dunn explains. “The public increasingly [does] not trust his leadership because of a high level of promise with a low level of performance.”

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