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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

“Today we gather to pay tribute to the life and legacy of the greatest Jewish leader of our time,” said Gennadiy Fabyshenko, a Russian-Jewish activist who taken the lead role in organizing previous yahrzeit commemorations for Rabbi Kahane, ZTK”L. Over 500 people gathered at the Ocean Avenue Jewish Center in Brooklyn on Sunday, November 7th to commemorate the 20th yahrzeit of Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League and head of the Kach party in Israel. Rabbi Kahane was assassinated on November 5, 1990 at the Marriott Hotel in New York by Egyptian terrorist, El Sayyid Nosair.

Among the speakers were Bob Unger of the Conservative Society for Action, Norman Krug, a Russian Jewish activist, Gennadiy Fabyshenko, Rabbi Herbert Bomzer of the Young Israel of Ocean Parkway, Robert Muchnik of the Manhigut Yehudit party and Meir Weinstein, director of the Jewish Defense League of Canada.

Rabbi Kahane was praised as an exceptionally prescient man; possessed of brilliance, integrity and courage for his role in championing such issues as the freedom of Soviet Jews, the physical defense of Jews throughout the world, and his program spotlighting the demographic threat that the Arab population in Israel represents.

Born in Brooklyn, New York on August 1, 1932 to Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga HaCohen Kahane and his wife Sonia, Rabbi Meir Kahane’s love of Zion began as a youth when he joined both the Betar Zionist youth movement and the B’nei Akiva movement. He graduated from the Brooklyn Talmudical Academy High School in Brooklyn and earned his B.A. in political science from Brooklyn College, his J.D. degree from New York Law School and his L.L.M degree from New York University Law School. He received his rabbinical ordination from the Mirrer Yeshiva in Brooklyn and gained a reputation for being an erudite Torah scholar, being fully conversant in Talmud and Tanach. He also served as a pulpit rabbi and a teacher in the 1960s.

In 1968, he founded the Jewish Defense League as a response to the rising tide of anti-Semitism in America’s inner cities. Under Rabbi Kahane’s leadership, JDL members engaged in protests against anti-Semitic teachers in the public school system, provided escorts for elderly Jews and educated Jewish youth in the art of self-defense. With a membership numbering over 15,000, the JDL organized mass rallies in New York against the Soviet Union’s policy of persecuting Zionist activists and curbing Jewish immigration to Israel and they played the lead role in the “Free Soviet Jewry” movement through campaigning for the release of Russian refuseniks and their emigration to Israel. JDL also protested against the oppression of Jewish population in Muslim countries, battled Neo-Nazis and white supremacists in the United States and resisted Christian missionaries’ activity to convert Jews.

In 1980, Rabbi Kahane formed the Kach political party in Israel and in 1984 was elected as a Member of the Knesset (MK). Rabbi Kahane refused to take the standard oath of office upon his election and insisted on adding a verse from Tehillim to indicate that when secular laws and Torah conflict, Torah law should have supremacy over the laws of the Knesset. Rabbi Kahane’s legislative proposals focused on transferring the hostile Arab population out of Israel, revoking the Israeli citizenship for non-Jews and banning Jewish-Gentile marriages and sexual relations, based on the Code of Jewish Law compiled by the Rambam in the Mishneh Torah.

As Rabbi Kahane’s message continued to strongly resonate with the Israeli population, the Central Elections Committee had banned him from being a candidate on the grounds that Kach was a racist party, but the Israeli high court determined that the Committee was not authorized to ban Rabbi Kahane’s candidacy. The High Court suggested that the Knesset should pass a law that would authorize the exclusion of racist parties from future elections, and the Anti-Racist Law of 1988 was later passed. Despite the boycott, Rabbi Kahane’s popularity grew. Polls showed that Kach would have likely received three to four seats in the coming November 1988 elections, with some earlier polls forecasting as many as twelve seats (10% of popular vote), possibly making Kach Israel’s third largest party. In 1985, the Knesset passed an amendment to Israel’s basic law, barring “racist” candidates from election. The committee banned Rabbi Kahane a second time, and he appealed to the Israeli High Court. This time the court found in favor of the committee, disqualifying Kach from running in the 1988 elections.

Rabbi Kahane is the author of such books as “Time to Go Home”, “Our Challenge”, “Never Again”, “Why Be Jewish?”, “The Story of the Jewish Defense League”, “Listen World, Listen Jew”, “They Must Go”, “Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews”, “Israel: Revolution or Referendum”. His magnum opus is the two volume set on Torah concepts entitled, “Ohr HaRayon – The Jewish Idea”.

“Rabbi Kahane’s death does not mean that activists should only come together once a year to remember him”, said Norman Krug, a Russian-Jewish activist. “When I was a 15 year-old boy in the former Soviet Union, I read in the Pravda newspaper that there was a group of “fascist hooligans” called the JDL who were fighting for our freedom and I could not have been prouder. When I arrived in the United States I pledged my heart to Rabbi Kahane and joined him in his crucial work. I urge everyone here today to remember Rabbi Kahane’s legacy by becoming involved in Jewish causes”, he said.

Rabbi Herbert Bomzer of the Young Israel of Ocean Parkway recalled his friendship with Rabbi Kahane that spanned over 50 years. “I first met Rabbi Kahane in 1955 and I so enjoyed the Shabbos meals that he spent with our family. He was a man that was truly “Osek B’Torah”, immersed in Torah all the time. He has tremendous gusto and courage and possessed no fear of any person. When I was the principal of BTA, I invited him to address our students and he told them not to become an ignorant activist, but rather to become a scholar-warrior, someone who learns Torah and raises his fists for the Jewish people”, he said.

“Rabbi Kahane’s blood is crying out to us”, declared Meir Weinstein, the director of the JDL in Canada. “Today the Arabs stand poised to annihilate us and we are obligated to keep Rabbi Kahane’s message alive by preserving Israel as a Jewish state. If the Arabs won’t acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state, then they will have to go”, he said, as he called for the re-location of the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. What we need now, more than ever, are those who have a Jewish head attached to a Jewish fist, as Rabbi Kahane always said”, he said.

Following the yahrzeit, Mr. Weinstein led a group of Kahane supporters at a special rally at Ground Zero, where he called Rabbi Kahane the first victim of Al Qeada terrorism on US soil. He decried the proposed building of a mosque at Ground Zero saying that, “the ideology that will be taught in this mosque is the same ideology that is responsible for the murder of Rabbi Kahane”. Weinstein said that the mosque would represent Islamic dominance as does the mosque that stands on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and said, “it is yet another attempt to make all non-Muslims subservient to them”. Rally participants held aloft signs saying, “From the River to the Sea, the Land of Israel Must be Free” and “Arabs Out Now, it Doesn’t Matter How”.

Josh Davis, a rally attendee said, “The Jewish people and the nation of Israel now face imminent dangers to their very survival. Had we paid heed to Rabbi Kahane’s message of expelling the malignant Arab population back in the early 80s, we would not be at the verge of extinction. Many people still deny that there is an demographic threat even though there are many Arab members of Knesset. Just as Rabbi Kahane said: Through the principle of a western democracy, the Arabs will quietly, democratically vote us out of existence, and if this is not happening today, it going to happen very soon.”

The West Side Institutional Synagogue in Manhattan was the site of a third yahrzeit commemoration of the life and legacy of Rabbi Kahane, as over 250 people joined to hear the words of such speakers as Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D) of Brooklyn, renowned criminal defense attorney, Barry Slotnick, long time radio talk show host, Barry Farber and Helen Freedman, executive director of Americans For a Safe Israel.

Shannon Taylor, Esq, a close associate of Rabbi Kahane, chaired the event along with Cecelia Margules and delivered the introductory remarks, saying that while Rabbi Kahane was alive, he was condemned by the Jewish establishment but now, “everyone In Israel knows that Kahane was right”.

Helen Freedman, executive director of Americans For a Safe Israel (AFSI), recounted her recent experiences on the semi-annual AFSI Chizuk mission to Israel which she said, “confirms the prophecies of Rav Kahane.” She described the proliferation of illegal Arab building throughout the Galilee, the Negev, Jerusalem, Hebron, Judea and Samaria, while highlighting the fact that the Israeli government is threatening to destroy Jewish homes, yeshivas and synagogues in an effort to appease the enemy. She concluded with noting that Rabbi Kahane always included his “only relevant solution: the understanding by the Jew that his fate lies only in knowing that he is part of the Chosen People of G-d…If we walk in His statutes there will be peace and redemption. If not …there will be awesome tragedies and horrors.”

Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a former member of the JDL, described his efforts to support the people of Gush Katif before the 2005 expulsion and reminded people that his mother, who was with him in the audience, was a Holocaust survivor. He recounted experiences he had with Rabbi Kahane when he was a youngster, and quoted him as saying, “Let us not fear the world. Those who stood by during the Holocaust and did the same when Israel faced destruction in 1948 and 1967 have nothing to tell us. Faith in the G-d of Israel and a powerful Jewish army are the only guarantors of Jewish survival. Far better a Jewish State that survives and is hated by the world , than an Auschwitz that brings us its love and sympathy.”

Cecilia Margules spoke about her special ties to Rabbi Kahane and then introduced vocalist Michael Elias and musician Rami Yadid, who played a song composed by Cecilia entitled, “A Special Man” as well as “Od Yosef Chai” with music by Ms. Margules and Rami Yadid and lyrics by Evelyn Haies. She then delivered special greetings from Rebbetzin Libby Kahane, the widow of Rabbi Kahane.


Fern Sidman holds a B.A, in political science from Brooklyn College. She was the educational coordinator for the Betar Youth Movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was national director of the Jewish Defense League from 1983-1985. She was a researcher for several books written by Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZTK”L. She was the managing editor of the publication entitled, The Voice of Judea, and is a regular contributor to its web site. She is currently a writer and journalist living in New York City. Her articles have appeared in The Jewish Press, The Jewish Advocate, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and numerous Jewish and general web sites including, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Pipes and Michael Freund.
We are delighted to have Ms. Sidman as a regular contributor to the Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog.

“Political Musical Chairs” by Todd Strandberg

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

It was nice to see the Republicans win a huge victory in the House and Senate. My greatest delight on election night was watching the liberal media try to put a positive spin on the bloodbath. The left had not seen such a loss since the Great Depression.

Despite the historic nature of the victory, I found it difficult to be overly thrilled about the elections. I kept asking myself, “Do I really have a dog in this race?” I’ve never had such a glum reaction to a U.S. election.

The vote did have some positive results. The Republican gained a majority of 60+ seats in the house and 6 seats in the Senate. In my home state of Iowa, voters fired three judges who approved of gay marriage. In California, Proposition 19, the measure that would make recreational use of marijuana legal, was rejected by voters.

There were several negative results from the election. Barney Frank was reelected in Massachusetts. I realize that his openly gay status means nothing today, but I could not believe the citizens of that state would ignore his involvement in the banking crisis. Jerry Brown was voted back as the governor of California. Brown did a terrible job of running the state in the seventies, and now the voters have put him back in charge at a time when California is on the verge of bankruptcy.

I think the key reason the 2010 election has a hollow ring to it is the fact that we are mostly repeating the events of two years ago. In the 2008 election, voters went to the polls with a “throw-the-bums-out” mentality. Because we still have a high unemployment rate, during this election cycle, the Democrats were now viewed as the bums.

This game of election musical chairs reminds me of the story of a farmer who promised his vote to the Democratic candidate, and ten minutes later he promised his vote to the Republican candidate who was seeking the same office. To his wife’s rebuke, he replied cannily: “Did you notice how pleased each of the candidates were?” “Yes.” “Well, I pleased them both, and on election day, I will please myself, and then we shall all be pleased together.”

There is already a strong indication that Washington DC failed to get the message that voters were trying to send. We still have months until the new Congress, and our leaders are already showing that they just don’t get it.

John Boehner is set to be the new Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, and he has already said that the repeal of the Health Care Reform Bill‎ is his top priority. Boehner has no chance of killing the bill outright because Democrats still control the White House and the Senate.

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told Republican leaders that the top goal now was to capture the White House in 2012.

President Obama showed his lack of concern by blaming the election losses on his lack of communication with the American people. He apparently was too busy doing good things for voters to explain to them what was happening.

Our nation faces huge financial problems that require immediate attention. I would say the most significant event of last week was the Federal Reserve’s decision to buy nearly a trillion dollars more of Uncle Sam’s debt. It’s insanity to think that we can cover our ballooning national debt by having a second party, in name only, gobbling up our IOUs. The dollar is collapsing because traders are starting to realize that the U.S. is a risky bit.

Another problem with the election is the lack of concern over moral issues. The Republican Party made the decision to avoid hot-button issues like abortion and gay marriage. When you cut God out of the political process, you end up with a government that is doomed to failure.

This weekend, I was watching a program on the drug wars, and I noticed a clip of President Reagan talking about the problem of drug use. It reminded me of how far politicians have gotten from talking about sin of any form. All we hear out of Obama’s mouth is stuff related to the economy and terrorism.

I don’t see the game of musical chairs going on for much longer. Either we will elect a new party that returns our nation to biblical values, or we will reach a point where society collapses into dictatorship. It always good to hope for the best, but Bible prophecy and the present looming danger tell me the latter of the two is in America’s future.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (2 Chron. 7:14).

— Todd

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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

While most political and religious organizations and assorted worthwhile charities generally select such venues as tony hotel ballrooms or lavish catering halls to hold their fundraising events, The Hebron Fund has announced that it will be breaking with this tradition as they prepare to host their annual dinner in New York City on Tuesday evening, November 16th. In a symbolic departure from past rituals, this year’s dinner attendees will be feasting on a sumptuous smorgasbord and listening to inspirational speeches while cruising around the island of Manhattan on a ship that can hold up to 1000 people.

Billed as the “Hebron Aid Flotilla”, the event was created as a response to the international condemnation of Israel’s May 31st, 2010 commando raid on the MV Marvi Marmara, a Turkish flagged ship that was part of a six ship flotilla sponsored by the “Free Gaza Movement” and an Islamic Turkish NGO called the IHH (The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief). The stated intent of those on board this ship was to break the longstanding Israeli naval blockade of Gaza. The blockade had been imposed by Israel in order to prevent the smuggling of lethal arms and weapons to Hamas terrorists who would then, in turn, use these weapons against Israeli civilians and soldiers.

Weapon-wielding Hamas apologists who presented themselves as “activists” for “the freedom of Palestinians in Gaza” instigated the violence that left nine supporters of Hamas terrorism dead as Israeli commandos acted in self-defense as they boarded the ship in order to peacefully convince the activists to give up. Two Israeli commandos sustained gunshot wounds as their guns were wrested away by the “peace activists” on board and other soldiers were severely beaten and stabbed.

“After the world absurdly condemned Israel for a boarding a terrorist flotilla, we decided to hold our fundraiser on a ship. Our flotilla will support peace and life”, declared Yossi Baumol, Executive Director of the Hebron Fund. Giving voice to the prominence and centrality of Hebron to the Jewish nation, Baumol added, “Hebron is one of the holiest Jewish cities, where the Cave of the Patriarchs is located. Hebron was the first tract of land purchased in the Land of Israel by the first Jew of the world. Just as Jews can live freely in Harlem, Moscow and Paris, so too are they free to live and build anywhere they choose in the Land of Israel. We are thrilled at the expansion of Jewish life in all areas of the so called West Bank and we decry the anti-Semitic attempts to curb that expansion.”

Mr. Baumol also made a point of thanking the dozen or so anarchist protestors who campaign against the Hebron Fund dinners every year because the publicity that is generated by this opposition, “does so much to bring out our supporters in droves. They are worth their weight in gold”, he said. In November of 2009, the Hebron Fund dinner was held at the Ceasar’s Club at Citi Field, the new home of The New York Mets baseball team. Despite the rabid protests by such groups as Jews Against the Occupation and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the Mets organization stood by their commitment to rent the venue to the organizers of the Hebron Fund.

The Hebron Fund is proud to announce that the master of ceremonies at this year’s dinner will be the esteemed criminal defense attorney Benjamin Brafman and the guest of honor and keynote speaker will be Ms. Caroline Glick, the managing editor of The Jerusalem Post, the Senior Fellow for Middle East Affairs of the Washington, DC based Center For Security Policy and chief diplomatic correspondent for the Makor Rishon newspaper. Ms. Glick was named by the Israeli newspaper “Maariv” as “the most prominent woman in Israel” and she also served as producer of the video clip entitled, “We Con the World” which spoofed the hypocrisy inherent in the public reaction to the Gaza flotilla incident. As a retired IDF captain, Ms. Glick will receive the auspicious “Gevurat Ha’Imahot” (Bravery of the Matriarchs) award. Other special guests, including both American and Israeli politicians will also be present.

Popular attorney, columnist and Long Island community leader, David Seidemann of Lawrence, New York along with his esteemed wife Jane will be the recipients of the “Bonei Hevron” (Builders of Hevron) award. Mr. Seidemann is a longtime Hebron Fund board member and former Fund president.

The “Chasdei Avot” (Charity of the Patriarchs) award will be bestowed to David and Joclyn Stern, two beloved activists on behalf of Hebron. The Sterns are regular guest in Hebron during the special “Chayei Sarah” weekends attended by tens of thousands each year. Mr. Stern is the president of Brooklyn’s Young Israel of Midwood synagogue and has led numerous missions to Hebron.

Fred and Carole Samuel are slated to receive the “Magen Avraham” (Abraham’s Shield) award for their constant devotion to the security of the people of Hebron. During their frequent trips to Hebron, they have established close and enduring friendships with the local residents and Mr. Samuel is currently spearheading an important Hebron related security project.

The “Aishet Chayil” (Woman of Valor) awardee for 2010 is the distinguished Ester Arieh-Hatanian. She is the mainstay of the Hebron Fund office in Brooklyn, New York and will be receiving the recognition that she so justly deserves for over a decade of dedicated service that can only be termed as above and beyond the call of duty.

“The Jewish settlements are legal and donations to humanitarian and religious causes are tax deductible by law regardless of the ethnicity or the location of the recipients”, said Mr. Baumol. “We encourage Americans to provide tax deductible donations to aid the residents of Judea and Samaria. President Obama must know that discrimination against the expansion of Jewish life won’t be tolerated”, he added.

The “Hebron Aid Flotilla” will set sail at 6:00 pm on Tuesday evening, November 16th on Pier 59 at Chelsea Piers. Those interested in attending this unique celebration of Jewish life in Hebron may contact The Hebron Fund at 718-677-6886 or by e-mail at:, or Their web address is:


Fern Sidman holds a B.A, in political science from Brooklyn College. She was the educational coordinator for the Betar Youth Movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was national director of the Jewish Defense League from 1983-1985. She was a researcher for several books written by Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZTK”L. She was the managing editor of the publication entitled, The Voice of Judea, and is a regular contributor to its web site. She is currently a writer and journalist living in New York City. Her articles have appeared in The Jewish Press, The Jewish Advocate, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and numerous Jewish and general web sites including, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Pipes and Michael Freund.
We are delighted to have Ms. Sidman as a regular contributor to the Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog.