GLBT Museum Celebrates Lies, Ignores Truth

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The homosexuals will continue to use these type of tactics to push their radical agenda. Christians need to continue to combat this at every opportunity.

San Francisco’s GLBT History Museum is the first institution in the United States to openly commemorate the “gay,” bisexual, and transgender movement. The 1,600-square-foot museum, located in the city’s Castro District, will display items like Harvey Milk’s pink sunglasses and sex toys, along with documents that memorialize the movement.

This is not so much a museum; this is a propaganda porch,” [Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com] contends. “There [are] going to be some people who want to believe in lies while they’re visiting, but anybody interested in real history is going to find so many pages ripped out of that book.”

Thomasson further argues that the museum fails to mention the truth about alternate lifestyles, as it omits information about the AIDS epidemic, sexual crimes, and molestation, as well as the trampling of fundamental and religious rights in the name of “equality.” Nonetheless, he believes the museum will continue to receive funding.

“I believe they’ll have the money to keep this place open because it will become sort of a Mecca to them,” the pro-family leader suggests. “And it’s unfortunate — celebrating a lie instead of acknowledging the truth.”

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