Show Axed After Criticism of ‘Gay’ Curriculum

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Censorship, over criticism of the homosexual lifestyle, is very prevalent in Canada. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes prevalent here.

A television show that tackled family-oriented issues from a Christian perspective has been pulled from the air in Canada, and Word TV’s executive producer and host, Charles McVety, is calling it a simple case of censoring a message that is politically incorrect.

“The crux of this problem is that last year I led a protest to stop our minister of education from presenting a new curriculum that would teach, starting at grade three, that there are six genders and that the children can’t be happy and can’t have a positive image of themselves until they accept their inner gender which may not coincide with their physical body,” McVety told WND.

Now he’s caught in a dispute with Canada’s Crossroads Television System over its decision to cancel the Word TV programming over what it describes as issues of “ethics.”

CTS communications director Carolyn Innis says McVety refused to comply with her code of ethics, even though the network tried to work with him.

“Word TV failed to keep its agreement to comply with the code of ethics as indicated. This is very unfortunate for CTS, but we made numerous attempts to work with Dr. McVety, but they were unsuccessful,” Innis said. “It was clear that it was just a refusal to comply with our code of ethics in future broadcasts.”

However, Innis declined to explain what was happening in violation of her code.

“Word TV wasn’t compliant with our code in spite of our efforts to help and we can’t provide details because they’re considered a private [issue] between broadcaster and show producers,” Innis said. “Out of respect, we have said in our code that we will not share that information.”

McVety said it’s just censorship by CTS TV on behalf of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.

“Back in December, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, which is really a censor board, came out with a decision against us. CTS from that day forward said they were going to be hypersensitive to everything I said, that they were going to screen all of those programs,” McVety said.

“They came up with a reason for my last three shows not to go to air and then they permanently cancelled my contract and took me off the air,” McVety asserted.

Word TV’s website has a statement that explains McVety’s belief that federal pressure was involved in the decision.

“In December, the CRTC, through their Canadian Broadcast Standards Council began to censor Charles McVety and his television broadcast Word TV for unapproved political speech. Fearing the heavy hand of the CRTC the new corporate leadership at CTS bowed to the censors, rejected three subsequent Word TV programs for frivolous reasons and then publically announced that CTS will no longer air the program,” the statement read.

McVety says the issues became clear.

“On radio, I debated a female atheist pastor and I mentioned I debated this pastor who is part of the United Church and CTS [said] I am not allowed to say that,” McVety stated. “Then I said that I’m under attack and CTS for the next show said I’m not allowed to say I’m under attack.”

McVety believes that there is some political history behind the sudden attention given to his program, and it goes back to his criticism of an educational program that advocates for alternative sexual lifestyle choices.

“The people in Canada rose up after I spoke about this and the Ontario Ministry of Education was forced to withdraw that curriculum and I talked about that on my television program and this Canadian Broadcast Standards Board then came out with a decision against me claiming that I mischaracterized that curriculum,” McVety explained further.

“They said the curriculum was about tolerance. I said it was all about nonsense and they somehow politically censored me and say that I’m not allowed to really critique the curriculum,” McVety continued.

“The other issue they came forward with was my criticism of the gay pride parades in Canada that were being funded by our federal government and I called them sex parades. I thought I was being inclusive because they parade every type of sex known to man in these parades. They didn’t like that so they came against me on those two counts,” McVety added.

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Drop in Pregnancies – Abstinence…or Abortions?

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As we have numerous times on this blog, over the years, abstinence is the only 100% guaranteed way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

A report released by the California Department of Public Health indicates that the birth rate for teenagers in the state decreased to approximately 32 births for every 1,000 girls from ages 15 to 19. Los Angeles County’s director of public health states the reduction proves teenagers are waiting longer to have sex for the first time.

Experts are attributing the drop to sex education, the budget crisis, and television programs that portray a difficult life for teen parents. But [Chad Hills, analyst of sexual health and policy for Focus on the Family] disagrees, explaining that California has one of the worst sex-education programs in the nation because it advocates for sexual freedom and abortion.

“If Planned Parenthood is saying that their sex-ed programs are causing this decrease in teen pregnancy and [that] this is through the mechanism of abortion, I wouldn’t necessarily classify that as success,” says the policy analyst.

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“Despisers of Dominion Among Us” by Michael G. Mickey

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Jude 1:7: Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

In the preceding passage of scripture, the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah detailed in Genesis 19 immediately prior to their destruction are highlighted. In the passage Jude makes reference to sexual immorality of both the heterosexual and homosexual variety, as well as describes what became of those upon whom God’s wrath fell as a result of them. Not only did they perish when fire rained down upon them from the heavens, their suffering didn’t end there. No, they’re suffering to this very day in the vengeance of eternal fire, undoubtedly wishing they hadn’t thumbed their noses at God. How sad it is that it took their very destruction to open their eyes to the truth, a lesson our world today would do well to learn.

Beyond a tragic tale from years gone by, God’s Word warns us that Sodom and Gomorrah were set forth for us as an “example” of what unrepentant and reckless sinfulness would bring about in the future, namely God’s wrath. It’s a warning that has gone largely unnoticed of late, isn’t it? The answer is a resounding yes for those of us who hold a biblical worldview (keyword: biblical). Let’s look at some examples.

Recently, according to a Reuters report, “researchers asked 718 college students to imagine being in a long-term relationship and what their reactions would be to several different cheating scenarios.” The result of that study? Half of men would forgive their female partner’s infidelity, as long as it was with another woman. That’s right. A full 50% of the men surveyed would be okay with lesbianism taking place within their long-term relationships, which one has to presume includes marriage in the minds of many of them. It is almost unfathomable that so many young men could be so spiritually blind, but we need to remember what bible prophecy tells us concerning the last days. We’re told that Jesus Christ’s return will be near at hand when conditions in our world are similar in appearance to the days when Lot, a righteous man, resided in Sodom (Luke 17:28). Simply put, as the results of this study shockingly reveal, we’re a lot closer to Christ’s return than many realize, but let’s go further.

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Coptic Christian: Muslims Not to be Trusted

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As the Muslims have shown their true colors by repeatedly attacking Christians, I must agree; they are not to be trusted.

A Coptic Christian in the U.S. is speaking out about the uprising in Egypt, sounding an ominous warning for those who might trust the Muslims in that area of the world.

Nabil says while the extremist Muslim Brotherhood may replace the current regime in Egypt, other nations in the region could fall to its power as well. The Coptic believer had this strong warning:

“We have nothing [to do except] just to pray,” he laments. “But you can’t trust any Muslim. You can’t trust them, because their Quran, their prophet Mohammad, he is not a prophet from God. No one should trust any Muslim.”

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Digging on Temple Mount ‘to Erase Traces of Jewish Altar’

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The Muslims squatters, on Temple Mount, are once again engaging in vandalism and destruction of Jewish artifacts in an attempt to convince the world that the Jews never had a temple.
The world is more than willing to believe this, since they hate the Jews anyway.
God will one day set everyone straight on this matter. It won’t be pleasant to those who have snubbed their noses at God, that’s for sure.

Muslim religious authorities are concluding a clandestine eight-month dig on the Temple Mount that is intended to erase traces of the Jewish Temple’s Altar, Temple activists charge.
The digs have been taking place under the Dome of the Chain, believed to have been built over 1300 years ago. For eight months, the dome – which has a diameter of 14 meters – has been surrounded by a metal fence and black cloth, which hide whatever activity has been going on there from outside inspection. The Muslim Waqf religious authority has claimed the activity is simply a refurbishing of the structure, but refuses adamantly to let Jews or tourists near.

Jewish activists made various attempts to enter the Dome, but met with no success. In the end, the Our Temple Mount news outlet found an Arab who was willing to take photos inside the compound in return for a handsome fee (see below). The man said that it appears the Waqf has already completed its digs and is now covering the dig with dirt.

Our Temple Mount notes that according to Jewish tradition, the place where the Dome of the Chain is located is the spot upon which the sacrificial Altar stood in Temple times. Temple activists said that the Muslim digs are intended to erase the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount.

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“The Moral Indicator” by Todd Strandberg

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Every single day, Rapture Ready is visited by tens of thousands of people who find the site by doing web searches. Our server keeps track of the search inquiries, and I’ve used this data to discover that people’s desire to know what is about to happen is the most common reason the public comes to our domain.

The Bible doesn’t give us set dates for end-time events, but it does provide us with a general idea of where we are on God’s prophetic clock. Because Scripture predicts a number of happenings, we can judge our nearness to the Tribulation hour by how current events match up with prophecy.

The pretribulation Rapture is likely to be the next major event on God’s calendar, so it is all-important to be cognizant of the Rapture’s nearness. Because the Rapture is a signless event, it may seem like we are in a holding pattern until the Lord Jesus comes for His Bride.

I doubt that we are going to see the destruction of Damascus or the rise of the Antichrist this side of the Rapture. However, prophecy is still moving forward in one key area. The Bible says that mankind is in a continuous state of moral decline, and this tendency for wickedness will lead right up to the Tribulation hour. In fact, total depravity will be God’s justification for pouring out judgment.

The Great Flood is proof that God has a maximum tolerance for sin. “God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was evil continually” (Gen. 6:5).

If you want to know how much time we have left, keep track of the moral decay in society. One example is the use of sex-related products in prime-time TV ads. This brief timeline gives a good indication of how rapidly debauchery is taking over.

Viagra – The drug used to treat erectile dysfunction was introduced in 1999 and was first promoted on television at the beginning of 2002.

Condoms – For years, the National Association of Broadcasters’ code of conduct prohibited condom advertising outright. The code was eventually disbanded. The first prime-time, network television condom commercial aired on June 1, 2005.

Sex toy ads – In recent months, the Trojan company has been running commercials for its vibrating Triphoria. The commercial features a group of women sitting at a wedding shower opening gifts. One woman is curious about the new product and asks if this is the vibrator that will blow your hair back.

Another indication of the advanced state of moral decline is a total lack of accountability for leaders in the church today. This past week, Terry and I were contacted by Trey Smith, who has written a tell-all book about Mike Murdock, the head of Wisdom Center ministry and a frequent fundraiser for most prosperity-gospel-oriented TV networks. In the book, Smith paints a damning picture of the true nature of Murdock.

Smith claims to have been best friends with Mike’s son, Jason, and says he discovered a secret closet that contained a stash of drugs, porn, and an extensive photo record of Murdock’s affairs with various women. Smith also described the callous response Murdock has for people who come to him for help.

The book is so profane that I can’t give it a recommendation. It has been on the market for nearly two months and has had zero impact on Murdock’s operation. The lack of accountability in Christian ministry has allowed corruption to run rampant.

The problem with moral indicators is that society has lost sight of them. We live in a world where morality is set by whatever pleases the majority. If we use the Bible as a guide, we will quickly realize that we are living in the days of Noah. The nearness of the Rapture comes down to the question of how wicked man can get from here. From what I see, the answer is “not much.”

“But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Matt. 24:37-39).

— Todd

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Some Churches Cancel Super Bowl Sunday Services

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We truly are falling very far from God. The church is becoming inconsequential in the United States and the world as a whole. Jesus warned us of this as an end time sign. Be aware and keep the faith.

MILWAUKEE – Having the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl apparently is too much competition for some Milwaukee area churches.

The Journal Sentinel reported that rather than going up against the big game, some churches are canceling their Sunday afternoon and evening services this weekend.

St. Francis Borgia Catholic Church in Cedarburg is among churches rescheduling for the Super Bowl. The Rev. Tom Eichenberger said Sunday evening Mass “is a bit of a luxury,” and he has no problem canceling a service “when it falls on a legal holy day like Super Bowl Sunday.”

Other churches are sticking to their Sunday schedules but are acknowledging the Super Bowl. Some churches are collecting food and donations to fight hunger as part of the Souper Bowl of Caring.

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“End-Times Indigestion” by Terry James

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A diagnosis of current, troubling realities in the Middle Eastern region of the world leads to a disturbing prognosis. Indigestion is possibly the culprit that threatens to bring on the terminal condition that prophecy calls Armageddon. Okay, so maybe it’s a bit of a stretch to liken what’s going on in the most volatile part of the world to a human gastrointestinal condition. But it certainly seems that it is gas that is shaping up to be at least one incendiary ingredient that might ignite history’s final holocaust.

While the Mideast broils with vitriol against Israel, the one nation on earth specifically pointed out by Zechariah the prophet as being at the center of end-times hatred, a situation taking place in the belly of that geographical beast bears watching. Natural gas is emerging as a burning issue in that highly volatile region. Key prophetic players are at the center of the ongoing developments.

The European Union (EU) is at the heart of matters involving the recent discovery of natural gas in Iraq’s Kurdish region. The EU has been striving to lessen dependence on Russia for supplying natural gas. Discoveries in Iraq open the possibility that the Europeans might be successful in accomplishing that independence. However, quickly rearranging relationships among nations surrounding the region of new gas discovery provoke some interesting thought, prophetically speaking.

The Nabucco consortium, a European group of oil and gas companies, hopes to construct a pipeline to southern Europe through Turkey. Nabucco is much more than just a commercial enterprise. It is an attempt to shift the balance of power in European energy politics, according to expert observers.

If the 3,300-kilometer Nabucco is built, it will be the first major natural gas pipeline into central and eastern Europe that isn’t controlled by Moscow. This is important because the EU fears Russian control of such a large chunk of its gas supply. Several EU member states have also suffered severe winter gas supply disruptions in recent years as Russia fought with its neighbor Ukraine over transit rights. So Nabucco has strong political backing from the European Commission, and is treated with disdain by the Kremlin. (James Herron, “Iraqi Gas Discovery Boosts EU Hopes of Gas Independence,” Wall Street Journal, 1/26/11)

Europe’s plans are far from being a done deal. The pipeline must go through both Iran (to an extent) and Turkey, as stated before. The Russians are almost certainly going to have a major objection to losing their monopoly on gas-supply operations in the region. And that country’s influence is considerable. Russia has over the past several years made ever-tightening alliances with the two major nations with which the EU must deal in order to bring natural gas from the Kurdish gas fields. At the same time, those nations, Turkey and Iran, are continuing to solidify relations with each other. The three–Russia, Iran, and Turkey—have formed a triad of sorts. It is a most fascinating arrangement in these strange days of quickly moving geopolitical realignments.

Russia and Turkey have just signed in Istanbul a strategic cooperation protocol for enhancing their bilateral relations. This was arranged by the Turkish- Russian Joint Strategic Planning Group, which is charged with carrying out preparatory work for the high-level Cooperation Council meeting in Moscow this March. Although the group didn’t divulge any details of the strategic protocol, it is logical to presume that considerations regarding the proposed EU pipeline figure in the planning.

One source reports:

Russian-Turkish ties have predominantly expanded on an economic basis, especially with energy deals. Projects in the energy sector such as Samsun-Ceyhan, South Stream and Nabucco will also be on the agenda of the preparatory talks. Turkey receives 70 percent of its energy resources, including gas and oil, from Russia. Turkey will also put into operation its first nuclear power plant with the cooperation of Russia. (“Russia, Turkey Sign Strategic Cooperation Protocol,” People’s Daily Online, 1/26/11)

Russia no doubt intends to continue to exert hegemony over Middle East energy sources and supplies at all cost. Turkey, under its recently installed, antagonistic-to-Israel, Islamist regime, is firmly ensconced within the Russian-Iranian (Persian) camp. The EU will likely have to look elsewhere for its energy independence from the Russian Bear.

There is such a source to the south of Russia, Iran, and Turkey. Can you guess who that is?

In 2009, a partnership that included Texas Based Noble Energy Inc. and Israeli oil companies discovered Tamar, an offshore gas field containing eight trillion cubic feet of natural gas. It was the largest gas find in the world in 2009 and the largest ever for Israel at the time.

Last December, the company announced the discovery of the Leviathan field, which contains a whopping 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas—enough to supply all of Israel’s gas needs for 100 years—and promises to turn the once resource-starved country into a net energy exporter. (Charles Levinson, “Israel to Launch State Fund Within a Year,” Wall Street Journal, 1/26/11)

There is talk of the EU contracting with Israel to provide the much-needed natural gas supply. It will be fascinating to watch developments, in consideration of the Gog-Magog prophecy of Ezekiel chapters 38-39.


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