Japan’s Nuclear Rescuers: ‘Inevitable Some of Them May Die Within Weeks’

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Continue to pray for the brave people fighting to stabilize the damaged nuclear reactors in Japan. Many of them may die from the exposure. Continue to pray for the people affected by this disaster and for Japan as a whole.

Workers at the disaster-stricken Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan say they expect to die from radiation sickness as a result of their efforts to bring the reactors under control, the mother of one of the men tells Fox News.

The so-called Fukushima 50, the team of brave plant workers struggling to prevent a meltdown to four reactors critically damaged by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, are being repeatedly exposed to dangerously high radioactive levels as they attempt to bring vital cooling systems back online.

Speaking tearfully through an interpreter by phone, the mother of a 32-year-old worker said: “My son and his colleagues have discussed it at length and they have committed themselves to die if necessary to save the nation.

“He told me they have accepted they will all probably die from radiation sickness in the short term or cancer in the long-term.”

The woman spoke to Fox News on the condition of anonymity because, she said, plant workers had been asked by management not to communicate with the media or share details with family members in order to minimize public panic.

She could not confirm if her son or other workers were already suffering from radiation sickness. But she added: “They have concluded between themselves that it is inevitable some of them may die within weeks or months. They know it is impossible for them not to have been exposed to lethal doses of radiation.”

The plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (or TEPCO), says medical teams conduct regular testing on the restoration workers for signs of contamination-related illness. It claims there have been no further cases following the three workers who were treated last week after coming into direct contact with radioactive water. There are no reports of new members of the Fukushima 50 developing radiation sickness.

Although two suffered radiation burns to their legs and ankles and absorbed radiation internally, they have since been released from the hospital and are regularly being checked for signs of any deterioration in their condition, says TEPCO.

The company has pledged to improve the tough conditions for workers who stay on the site due to the short turnaround of shifts on safety grounds.

Some restorers directly tackling the problems with the fuel rod containment chambers are limited to 15 minutes at a time inside the reactor buildings or working near highly radioactive substances, including traces of plutonium that have appeared at numerous locations within the plant complex.

Living conditions for the hundreds of employees staying within the plant’s perimeter to support the restoration efforts are also equally as hazardous, say the authorities.

Banri Kaieda, the interior minister who also acts as a deputy head of the nuclear disaster task force jointly set up by the government and TEPCO, said 500 to 600 people were at one point lodging in a building within the complex. He told a media conference it was “not a situation in which minimum sleep and food could be ensured.”

Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says that workers were only eating two basic meals of crackers and dried rice a day, and sleeping in conference rooms and hallways in the building.

According to Kaieda, not all of the workers had apparently been provided with lead sheeting to shield themselves from potentially radiation-contaminated floors while sleeping.

“My son has been sleeping on a desk because he is afraid to lie on the floor. But they say high radioactivity is everywhere and I think this will not save him,” said the mother of the worker who spoke to Fox News.

On Thursday, TEPCO will attempt to limit the spread of radiation from the plant, using a water-soluble resin to affix radioactive particles and substances to the debris sent scattered across the devastated complex to prevent it from being dispersed by wind and moisture.

It will test the resin solution using remote control vehicles to spray an area of 95,000 square yards. The company hopes the resin will provide sufficient protection to allow restoration workers better access to areas critical to restoring the reactors’ cooling systems to prevent a meltdown.

Growing pools of dangerously radioactive water and deposits of plutonium have been inhibiting access to important parts of the plant.

A large sea tanker is also being prepared to siphon and ship the water from the plant after it was discovered that run-off containers and drainage tanks were almost full at three of the most critical reactors.

The government says it has yet to be decided where they will dispose of that water.

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“Israel and The Occupation Myth” by MK Danny Ayalon, Dep. Foreign Min.

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The recent murder of a family of five in Itamar shocked Israelis to their core. A terrorist broke into the Fogels’ home before stabbing and garroting to death the two parents, Udi and Ruth, and their children Yoav, 11 years old, Elad, 4, and almost decapitating Hadas, who was only three months old.

There has since been very little outcry from the international community. Many nations who are so used to condemning the building of apartment units beyond the Green Line remained silent on this sadistic murder. Meanwhile, the few international correspondents to have covered the massacre have placed it in the context of ongoing settlement-building and Israel’s so-called “occupation.”

However, regardless of one’s views on which people have greater title to Judea and Samaria, or the West Bank, it is a historically inaccurate distortion to claim that the occupation that breeds this type of violence. If this mantra were true, then it must be the case that before the occupation there was no violence. This defies the historical record.

In 1929, the Jewish community of Hebron—which stretches back millennia, long before the creation of Islam and the Arab conquest and subsequent occupation of the area—was brutally attacked. The Jews who had been living peacefully with their Muslim neighbors were set upon in a bloody rampage, inspired by Palestinian Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini, who later became notorious as Hitler’s genocidal acolyte during the Holocaust. In two days, 67 Jews were hacked or bludgeoned to death. Jewish infants were beheaded and Jewish women were disemboweled. Limbs were hacked off the dead as well as those who managed to survive.

On visiting the scene shortly after the massacre, Britain’s High Commissioner for Palestine John Chancellor wrote to his son “I do not think that history records many worse horrors in the last few hundred years.”

This and other similar pogroms happened, not only before the “occupation” of Judea and Samaria, but even two decades before the state of Israel was reestablished. From 1948 to 1967, Judea and Samaria were illegally occupied by Jordan, which renamed the area the West Bank, in reference to the East Bank of the Kingdom of Jordan that fell beyond the Jordan River. Not one Israeli was allowed into this area, yet nor did Israel know one day of peace in that time, during which it saw brutal attacks launched from the West Bank against Israeli civilians.

Further evidence against the mantra that the occupation breeds violence can be culled from Palestinian sources. Take Hamas’s founding charter, for instance, which does not mention occupation or settlements. What is does contain are calls for the complete destruction of Israel, down to its last inch, such as: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.” The charter goes even further, aspiring to a point in time when there will be no Jews left anywhere in the world.

Meanwhile, the Palestine Liberation Organization, currently headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, notes in its founding charter that “this organization does not exercise any regional sovereignty over the West Bank,” while still calling for a “liberation of its homeland.” This was written in 1964, fully three years before Israel conquered the West Bank during the Six Day War.

It’s safe to say that the violence and terror visited upon Israelis has little connection to “occupation” or settlements. This myth has no historical foundation, but is easy to proclaim for those who have little understanding of the conflict.

Yet these fatuous canards only make our conflict harder to solve. The recent massacre in Itamar highlighted the Palestinian Authority’s ongoing incitement to violence through its media, mosques and educational system. At this point, the basic parameters of the peace process need an overhaul. If our aim is to reach a peaceful resolution, then merely ending the “occupation” would far from guarantee that, as history has shown.

Israel was assured in the past by the international community that if it just retreated from Gaza and Lebanon, peace would flourish and violence would come to an end. In both cases, this hope proved deadly wrong, and millions of Israelis have been subjected to incessant attacks from these territories since the retreat.

This is not about “occupation” or territory; it is about meaningful coexistence. Only when the root ideological causes of our conflict are solved can Israelis and Palestinians make the painful concessions necessary for peace.

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“Israel is clearly an island of stability. An outpost of the free world values in tough neighborhood, where there is no mercy for the weak. no second opportunity for those who cannot defend themselves. Thus, we must remain strong,” declared Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, as he delivered the keynote address at the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces 30th annual gala dinner held at the famed Waldorf Astoria hotel on Tuesday evening, March 22nd.

Speaking before a star studded audience of over 1500 people; replete with a plethora of prominent political and religious personalities and celebrities of all stripes, Minister Barak noted the impending September 2011 convocation of the United Nations General Assembly in which the world body will “recognize a Palestinian state along the ’67 borders, followed by a wide effort at de-legitimization of Israel” and referred to this move and others like as a “diplomatic tsunami” that is rising against the Jewish state.

“Thus, a stronger sense of purpose and urgency is needed in order for Israel to avoid ending up on a ‘slippery slope’ towards isolation and de-legitimization”, he said, and alluded to the fact that the possible creation of an independent Palestinian state might be inevitable. “We are not doing the Palestinians a favor”, he intoned, adding that, “we are doing this to preserve our national identity and for our own national security.”

Concerning the recent revolutions in Egypt and the unrest in the rest of the Arab world, Defense Minister Barak said that Israel was facing a regional “earthquake”. He praised the “advancement toward openness in the Arab societies” but cautioned of any “uncertainties and threats that such a situation brings.” Citing the continued threats from “Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon”, he said that Iran, (the chief sponsor of these terrorist organizations) still “presents a major threat to world order” and said that “a shift towards crippling and paralyzing sanctions” against the regime were essential, while making oblique references to a military strike by saying that “simultaneously we must keep all ‘options on the table'”.

Addressing the recent strained demeanor in the US-Israel relationship, Defense Minister Barak said, “Israel must nurture and develop its close ties with the US, which, for Israel is the major source of securing its qualitative military edge, as well as of political backing.”

The electricity in the air was palpable as dinner chairman for the last 15 years, Mr. Benny Shabtai, noted that the very special 30th anniversary of the FIDF was a “remarkable milestone” and a “testament to the incredible generosity and commitment of FIDF supporters.” In a unique moment of historic proportions, Mr. Shabtai introduced the six former IDF Chiefs of Staff, including the keynote speaker, Minister of Defense Lt. Gen. (Res.) Ehud Barak (1991-1995), Lt. Gen. (Res.) Amnon Lipkin-Shahak (1995-1998), Lt. Gen. (Res.) Shaul Mofaz (1998-2002), Lt. Gen. (Res.) Moshe Ya’alon (2002-2005), Lt. Gen. (Res.) Dan Halutz (2005-2007), and Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi (2007-2011) who received a standing ovation while saluting the audience for 30 years of unflinching support to the brave men and women serving in the Israel Defense Forces.

Monica Crowley, a Fox News contributor, Washington Times columnist, and radio talk show personality served as the ebullient master of ceremonies. She is also the wife of Fox News commentator Alan Colmes. Through a live broadcast via satellite from an air force base at Palmachim, Ms. Crowley spoke with current IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. General Benny Gantz and Lt. Noam (who did not give his last name for security purposes) at 3:00 a.m Israel time. Providing dinner guests with a behind-the-scenes look at the central command center for anti-missile defense, Lt. Noam spoke of the “tremendous dedication of the brave, young soldiers” of the IDF and a tank crew member shared his personal experience with the cutting-edge technology that saved his life, when earlier this month his tank successfully deployed a miniature missile system for the first time in history.

In a special video message to dinner attendees, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed his willingness to engage in peace talks with Syria saying that, “If they are sincere, my hand and the hand of the people of Israel will reach out for peace” but added that such negotiations are dependent on Syrian and Palestinian public recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. Discussing his days as a combat soldier during the War of Attrition which followed the Six Day War of 1967, the Prime Minister recalled his involvement in a firefight across the Suez Canal in which he lost a close friend. Relating the words of his friend’s mother who was a survivor of the Nazi death camps, Mr. Netanyahu said she told him that “as long as my son fell wearing the uniform of an Israeli soldier rather than a victim of the camps, that makes all the difference.”

Lt. General Gabi Ashkenazi spoke of Israel’s great democratic principles and her “respect for human dignity and human life.” He praised Israel’s response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti by spotlighting the hundreds of lives that were saved by Israeli army medical teams and the babies that were delivered by them. “I’m always prepared to fight to save the homeland, but I would much prefer to fight for newborn babies’ lives”, he said.

Emotions soared to a fever pitch and tears ran freely from the eyes of the assemblage as Mrs. Miriam Peretz took the stage to speak of her two beloved sons who died in the line of duty as IDF soldiers. A Moroccan immigrant, Mrs. Peretz came to Israel in 1964 and married Eliezer Peretz. They were blessed with four sons and two daughters. About 12 years ago, her firstborn son, First Lt. Uriel Peretz, of the Sayeret Golani brigade fell in the line of duty during the battle of Lebanon at the age of 22. Then, just last year, on the eve of Passover, IDF officers knocked on her door to tell her that yet another son, Major Eliraz Peretz, 32, a Deputy Commander of Golani Battalion 12, was killed while fighting terrorists in the Gaza Strip. Her next two sons were exempt from army service because of the loss of their brothers but Mrs. Peretz said,”they wouldn’t think of it” adding that “they saw it as a mitzvah to serve in the IDF”. She recalled the dedication of her sons by saying, “My sons were always first in line. They always did what needed to be done.”

A whopping $23.4 million was raised in public contributions including a $4 million donation by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Touching the hearts of the audience were Marine Sargeant Todd Bowers (who is not Jewish) and has just returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He donated $1000 in honor of slain Israeli hero Liran Banai.

Pastor John Hagee, an ardent Christian Zionist and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-denominational evangelical church with more than 19,000 active members donated $25,000 and paid tribute to the “great men and women of the IDF” who put their lives on their line for their beloved nation of Israel. Speaking of the recent slaughter of the Fogel family in Itamar on March 11th, Pastor Hagee said in a private interview with The Jewish Voice, “the heinous murder of the Fogel family is one of the greatest tragedies in the history of Israel and I condemn the world reaction of indifference. We must be ever vigilant in our support for Israel and remain diligent about our concerns for Israel’s security and that of its brave citizens.”

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, noted sex therapist and psychologist told The Jewish Voice, “I come to this dinner every year and I so enjoy this absolutely wonderful outpouring of support for the IDF.” Being a part of the FIDF dinner takes on special significance for Dr. Westheimer as she was born in Germany in 1928 as the only child of Orthodox Jewish parents, She emigrated to Israel at the age of 17, after learning that her parents were murdered in the Holocaust and joined the Haganah in Jerusalem during the British mandatory era. Despite her diminutive size she was trained as a scout and sniper and was seriously wounded in action by an exploding shell during the Israeli War of Independence in 1948. It was several months before she was able to walk again.


Fern Sidman holds a B.A, in political science from Brooklyn College. She was the educational coordinator for the Betar Youth Movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was national director of the Jewish Defense League from 1983-1985. She was a researcher for several books written by Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZTK”L. She was the managing editor of the publication entitled, The Voice of Judea, and is a regular contributor to its web site. She is currently a writer and journalist living in New York City. Her articles have appeared in The Jewish Press, The Jewish Advocate, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and numerous Jewish and general web sites including, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Pipes and Michael Freund.
We are delighted to have Ms. Sidman as a regular contributor to the Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog.

As Austerity Bites, the Mood in Europe Turns Ugly

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What many, in the “nanny states” of Europe, haven’t figured out yet is this: if the money, to pay for their entitlement, doesn’t exist, it doesn’t matter how mad, or how many protest one stages, it doesn’t change reality; your country is broke and you aren’t going to get any money from them. Period.
It’s time for the world to wake up and get away from this “entitlement” mentality.

The Eurovision song contest is usually the lyrical version of elevator music with vapid sound alike songs. The singers express their love of music, the world and life in general. This year’s Portuguese entry is going to defy the pattern with a political protest song whose lyrics include lines such as “The struggle is joy,

And as the people advance, it’s in the street shouting”.

The song seems to owe its selection to the political and economic situation in Portugal where the government has just fallen and the stark no-choice is between a self-imposed austerity program of less government spending and higher taxes or an externally imposed austerity program with higher taxes and lower spending and benefits. This was enough not only to get people to vote for the song, but to get them, as the lyrics say, into the street shouting. Portugal’s mega-demonstration in Lisbon 2 weeks ago was followed on Saturday by one in London.

Britain’s Trade Union Congress called a protest against the government cuts, attracting between 250,000-500,000 people according to various estimates, making it the biggest demonstration since the anti-Iraq war rally. While the march was mostly peaceful, towards the end mayhem erupted when a radical minority headed to London’s West End and began attacking some of London’s most famous shops.

Fortnum & Mason, the gourmet food paradise, was occupied briefly by a radical group. Demonstrators threw sticks and bottles at the Ritz Hotel, banks were attacked and Trafalgar Square required a massive cleanup. 211 people were arrested and 66 injured, including 31 police officers. This is what occurred in civilized, moderate Britain.

In normally placid Brussels, the European Union summit was preceded by a trade union demonstration that gathered 20,000 people. The police had to put on extra security for the EU summit and close down subway stations near the headquarters of the EU. The unions were protesting the planned European competitiveness pact that would deprive unions of the right to collective bargaining by exercising supernational control over wage agreements. It would revoke the indexing of salaries to inflation and postpone the retirement age. The demonstrators carried banners reading : “Competitiveness Pact: No. Austerity Pact: No”

Although 12 policemen were injured in the demonstrations, Belgium actually got off easily ,because the trade unions wanted to shut down air traffic, stop the Eurostar cross-Channel train and jam the highways leading to Brussels, but relented at the end.

In Greece, where the bailouts started, major politicians, bothgovernment and opposition, dare not show their face in public. Problems persist for them even when they leave Greece, as Greek overseas students or expatriates have staged demonstrations against them.

There is little doubt that pressure is building up in Europe and it will require a combination of persuasion, political acumen and responsibility to prevent a degeneration of the system back to the worst periods of the 20th Century. The demonstrators and the unions feel that they are being betrayed to pacify the bankers and investors.

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Dangerous Breach Suspected at Japan Nuclear Plant

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The situation at the Japanese nuclear power plants continues to worsen. Continue to pray about this situation and all those effected by it.

TOKYO — A suspected breach in the core at one reactor at a stricken Fukushima nuclear plant could mean more serious radioactive contamination, Japanese officials revealed Friday — a situation the prime minister called “very grave and serious.”

A somber Prime Minister Naoto Kan sounded a pessimistic note at a briefing hours after nuclear safety officials said they suspected a breach at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant that would be a major setback in the urgent mission to stop the facility from leaking radiation.

“The situation today at the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant is still very grave and serious. We must remain vigilant,” Kan said. “We are not in a position where we can be optimistic. We must treat every development with the utmost care.”

The uncertain situation halted work at the nuclear complex, where dozens had been trying feverishly to stop the overheated plant from leaking dangerous radiation. The plant has leaked some low levels of radiation, but a breach could mean a much larger release of contaminants.

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Ethiopian Muslims Burn Christian Churches, Homes, Kill One, Over Supposed “Koran Desecration”

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Once again, those ever “peaceful” Muslims are out killing people, burning homes and churches. Over what, you may ask?
Yet another supposed “Koran Desecration”.
Remember that in the past, most of the “Koran desecration’s” have been untrue; merely an excuse to allow the Muslims to destroy everything Christian and Jewish in the name of their “god” and his “prophet”.
And the world sits on it’s hands and lets this happen with impunity.

Thousands of Christians have been forced to flee their homes in Western Ethiopia after Muslim extremists set fire to roughly 50 churches and dozens of Christian homes.

At least one Christian has been killed, many more have been injured and anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 have been displaced in the attacks that began March 2 after a Christian in the community of Asendabo was accused of desecrating the Koran.

The violence escalated to the point that federal police forces sent to the area two weeks ago were initially overwhelmed by the mobs. Government spokesman Shimelis Kemal told Voice of America police reinforcements had since restored order and 130 suspects had been arrested and charged with instigating religious hatred and violence.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said the Islamist group Kawarja is believed to have incited the violence.

“We believe there are elements of the Kawarja sect and other extremists who have been preaching religious intolerance in the area,” he said at a Saturday press conference. “In previous times, we have cracked down on Kawarja because they were involved in violence. Since then they have changed their tactics and they have been able to camouflage their activities through legal channels.”

The string of attacks comes on the heels of several reports of growing anti-Christian tension and violence around the country where Muslims make up roughly one-third of the total population but more than 90 percent of the population in certain areas, 2007 Census data shows.

One of those areas is Besheno where, on November 9, all the Christians in the city woke up to find notes on their doors warning them to convert to Islam, leave the city or face death, a Christian from Besheno told FoxNews.com on condition of anonymity.

“Under the Egyptian constitution we are supposed to have freedom of religion, but Muslim leaders in our town don’t allow us that right,” the source said.

Later that month three Christians in Besheno were assaulted in religiously-motivated attacks and three others were forced to flee the city after being told that Muslim leaders had commissioned hit men to kill them, one of the exiled Christians told FoxNews.com.

“We were told by some Muslims that live in the city that there was already a plan to kill us and that the people who were assigned to kill us had already come from another city to do it.”

A witness to the three attacks was then assaulted in January after testifying about them in court, International Christian Concern (ICC), an organization that aims to fight Christian persecution, reported.

In the southern town of Moyale, a Christian was sentenced to three years in prison in November for allegedly writing “Jesus is the Lord” in a copy of the Koran, Compass Direct News reported. Christians from the area told the website he had actually written the phrase on a piece of cloth.

Sources also told Compass authorities had offered to release the man, Tamirat Woldegorgis, if he would convert to Islam, but he refused.

Additionally, two of his friends were fined for visiting him in prison and taking him food, Compass Direct reported.

And in Oma Village on February 26 a Muslim mob with rocks and rods assaulted and wounded 17 Christian college students who were distributing Bibles during a mission trip, ICC reported.

The mob overwhelmed government security forces that attempted to protect the students, but the students eventually fled, the ICC website said.

“The violence against Christians in Ethiopia is alarming because Ethiopian Muslims and Christians used to live together peacefully. Besides, it’s extremely disconcerting that in Ethiopia, where Christians are the majority, they are also the victims of persecution,” Jonathan Racho, ICC’s Regional Manager of Africa and South Asia, told FoxNews.com.

Meles said that the government is doing everything it can to stop religious violence.

“We knew that they were peddling this ideology of intolerance, but it was not possible for us to stop them administratively because they are within their rights,” he said. “If we can find some association between what they are doing by way of preaching and what happened by way of violence, then of course we can take them to court.”

Racho, originally from Ethiopia, said the fact that the government waited a full week before sending troops to Asendabo shows that it’s not doing enough. Going forward, he said he hopes the government “will take measures to ensure that such attacks will not happen in the future,” including bringing all responsible parties to justice to show this will not be tolerated.

“The Ethiopian government has arrested around 130 of the perpetrators, and we hope they will be prosecuted according to the law.”

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Who’s in Hell? Michigan Pastor’s Book Sparks Debate About Eternal Torment

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Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”.
-John 14:6

I don’t know how much more cut and dried it can get. Regrettably, some people still don’t get it. It’s not surprising though. The apostles warned us about…the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

The pastor of a rural United Methodist church in North Carolina wrote a note on his Facebook page supporting a new book by Rob Bell, a prominent young evangelical pastor and critic of the traditional view of hell as a place of eternal torment for billions of damned souls.

Two days later, Holtz was told complaints from church members prompted his dismissal from Marrow’s Chapel in Henderson.

“I think justice comes and judgment will happen, but I don’t think that means an eternity of torment,” Holtz said. “But I can understand why people in my church aren’t ready to leave that behind. It’s something I’m still grappling with myself.”

The debate over Bell’s new book “Love Wins” has quickly spread across the evangelical precincts of the Internet, in part because of an eye-catching promotional video posted on YouTube.

Bell, the pastor of the 10,000-member Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., lays out the premise of his book while the video cuts away to an artist’s hand mixing oil paints and pastels and applying them to a blank canvas.

He describes going to a Christian art show where one of the pieces featured a quote by Mohandas Gandhi. Someone attached a note saying: “Reality check: He’s in hell.”

“Gandhi’s in hell? He is? And someone knows this for sure?” Bell asks in the video.

In the book, Bell criticizes the belief that a select number of Christians will spend eternity in the bliss of heaven while everyone else is tormented forever in hell.

“This is misguided and toxic and ultimately subverts the contagious spread of Jesus’ message of love, peace, forgiveness and joy that our world desperately needs to hear,” he writes in the book.

For many traditional Christians, though, Bell’s new book sounds a lot like the old theological position of universalism — a heresy for many churches, teaching that everyone, regardless of religious belief, will ultimately be saved by God. And that, they argue, dangerously misleads people about the reality of the Christian faith.

“I just felt like on every page he’s trying to say ‘It’s OK,'” said Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler at a forum last week on Bell’s book held at the Louisville institution. “And there’s a sense in which we desperately want to say that. But the question becomes, on what basis can we say that?”

Bell argues that hell has assumed an outsize importance in Christian teaching, considering the word itself only appears in the New Testament about 12 times, by his count.

“For a 1st-century Jewish rabbi, where you go when you die wasn’t the most pressing question,” Bell told The Associated Press. “The question was how can you enter into the shalom and peace of God right now, this day.”

Bell denies he’s a universalist, and his exact beliefs on what happens to people after death are hard to pin down, but he argues that such speculation distracts people from an urgent point. In his telling, hell is something freely chosen that already exists on earth, in everything from war to abusive relationships.

The near-relish with which some Christians stress the torments of hell, Bell argues, keep many believers needlessly afraid of a loving God, and repel potential Christians who might otherwise be curious about the faith’s teachings.

“The heart of the Christian story is that God is love,” he said. “But when you hear the word ‘Christian,’ you don’t necessarily think ‘Oh, sure, those are the people who don’t stop talking about God’s love.’ Some other things would come to mind.”

About the only thing everyone agrees on is that this is not a new debate in Christianity. It stretches to antiquity, when Christianity was a persecuted sect in the Roman Empire, and the third century theologian Origen developed a theory that contemporary critics charged would mean that everyone, even the devil himself, would ultimately be saved. Church leaders eventually condemned ideas they attributed to Origen, but he has had a lasting influence across the Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant traditions.

Those traditions often disagree, even internally, on what awaits souls after death. The Catholic Church, which has a formal process for identifying souls in heaven through canonization, pointedly refrains from saying that anyone is without a doubt in hell. Protestants reject the concept of purgatory, in which sins can be atoned for after death, but disagree on other questions. The lack of consensus is enabled partly by ambiguities in the Bible.

Evangelical opposition to Bell is exemplified in a succinct tweet from prominent evangelical pastor John Piper: “Farewell, Rob Bell.”

Page Brooks, a professor at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, thinks Bell errs in a conception of a loving God that leaves out the divine attributes of justice and holiness.

“It’s love, but it’s a just love,” Brooks said. “God is love, but you have to understand you’re a sinner and the only way to get around that is through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.”

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See our article, “Falling Away” of the Church

I had a debate with a gentleman about this very subject. His contention went something like this:
“I will use my late Grandfather as a good example of the type of people you won’t see in heaven.

My ‘pa (as I will call him) was born in the late 1930’s, a recovering time for America as we were just seeing the end of the Depression. He was raised a strict Catholic, but being the intelligent man that he was, later on came to understand that the Bible was very faulted and that God was an evil, human creation.

During his lifetime that spanned over six and a half decades he spent a lot of it working hard, just like most people born of the depression era. He was one of the kindest men alive, a very caring and loving ‘pa. He spent countless years helping people rebuild houses, cars, furniture, all without asking for a single penny.

August 23, 2006: My grandfather suffered a massive stroke while working on a house in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was rushed to the local hospital where he was treated for his stroke. After two long nights, my ‘pa was announced brain dead.

A wonderful man will forever be remembered in the hearts of many for all the things he did. I will never forget the legacy of my grandfather, and I hope you, as a reader, will remember this story and hold it close to your heart.

That man I just described to you is burning in hell for eternity, according to God. How will heaven be for you knowing that a human being; that helped restore the lives of many Americans whom he had never met, is burning in hell? While you, sit back and coast through life, maybe helping a few people out here and there not doing a damn thing to restore the hopeless life of a fellow human being; get access to heaven. You get eternal peace, and this loving man gets to rot in Hell. How do you feel about this?”

To which I made this point:
“I can appreciate your sense of indignation with the appearance of God’s supposed “injustice”. Your 21st century social mores have been violated and you can’t bring yourself to understand how “good” works don’t save us from hell.
Good works are an important part of being a Christian. They are the outward manifestation of a Christian’s commitment to God.
Do only Christians do good things? Of course not. Your Grandfather was a prime example of a man with a kind and caring heart.
The Bible talks about “good works” sixteen times in the New Testament. They are most certainly necessary in a Christian’s life. But good works will not get a person to heaven.
You need to understand that we are incapable of totally understanding the mind of the Creator of the Universe. As such, concepts such as “Holiness” and “Righteousness”, are often lost on us, especially in a society that lives for “moral equivalence”. You may need to ask yourself this question, “how many ‘good works’ are enough?” Who decides this? You feel that your grandfather “deserves” a place in heaven because of his works. But where is the “criterion” for “good works = heaven” written? Would a fair and righteous God use this benchmark for determining salvation, but not tells us what is “enough” to make it? Of course not.
So in your world or equivalence, the Bible would need to say something like “One must do good works to get to heaven. It will necessary to build 100 houses for the poor, or to provide 500 meals for poor people, or to take care of 300 sick people until they are well, or…”
Can you see how absurd this would be? A God of absolutes is going to tell us EXACTLY how to achieve salvation; a place in heaven. And He did.
Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Wow, now that’s simple and it’s something EVERYONE can do.
Let me flip the coin on you. Let’s say God did publish a list of “things” we can do to get to heaven. Suppose I’m born with a disability that makes it impossible for me to do anything listed on the “things to do to get into heaven” list. Under your way of thinking, I’m doomed from the start. I can’t do “good works”. I’m not physically able.
But wait…I am capable of understanding the message of Salvation espoused by Jesus. I can accept Him. Even though I can’t do “good work”, God says He wants me anyway!!
I’m glad you’re not God. You would have condemned me to hell from the start, just because I can’t do any “good works”. You’re mean.
This is pure logic, my friend, and yours is flawed.
So instead of trying to be saved by some extent of “good works”, wouldn’t it just be easier for everyone to Accept Jesus’ Free Gift?? Of course it would.”

You may read the entire exchange here:
The Bible: In the Raw: Who will burn in Hell?


Study Finds Religion May Be Heading for Extinction in Parts of World

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All according to Satan’s plan. What he doesn’t realize is that God has another plan. The people who follow Satan’s plan, willingly or unwittingly, are in for a very big surprise.

Parts of the world are literally losing their religion, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by the American Physical Society, finds that religion is dying out in nine countries.

The findings unveiled at an APS meeting in Dallas show that religion may become extinct in Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Canada, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The study, conducted by Richard Wiener of the University of Arizona, and Daniel Abrams and Haley Yaple of Northwestern University, took data stretching back 100 years for those nine countries.

“In a large number of modern secular democracies, there’s been a trend that folk are identifying themselves as non-affiliated with religion; in the Netherlands the number was 40 percent, and the highest number was in the Czech Republic, where the number was 60 percent.”

The study also found that “Americans without affiliation comprise the only religious group growing in all 50 states.”

“In 2008 those claiming no religion rose to 15 percent nationwide, with a maximum in Vermont at 34 percent,” the study says.

The study concludes that religion in these societies might one day disappear.

“The model predicts that for societies in which the perceived utility of not adhering is greater than the utility of adhering, religion will be driven toward extinction.”

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One Dead, Dozens Injured in Jerusalem Bus Explosion

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Things are really heating up in the Middle East. Keep watching.

JERUSALEM – A bomb struck a crowded bus stop in central Jerusalem Wednesday, killing one woman and wounding more than 20 other people in what authorities said was the first major Palestinian militant attack in the city in several years.

The bombing brought back memories of the second Palestinian uprising last decade, a period in which hundreds of Israelis were killed by suicide bombings in Jerusalem and other major cities, and thousands of Palestinians died in Israeli military operations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but authorities blamed Palestinian militants and threatened harsh retaliation. The attack came against the backdrop of a rising wave of violence that has threatened a lengthy period of relative calm, and made hopes for a negotiated peace ever more distant. The moderate Palestinian government in the West Bank condemned the violence.

The 3 p.m. bombing occurred near the main entrance to Jerusalem, next to the city’s central bus station and main convention center, an area that is crowded with travelers and passers-by. The bomb went off next to a food stand called, in a Hebrew play on words, “a blast of a kiosk.” The owner said the name was to remember an earlier attack at the same site.

The blast reverberated throughout Jerusalem and blew out the windows of two crowded buses. Rescuers removed bloodied people from the area on stretchers, as sirens from speeding ambulances wailed in the background.

Authorities said a 60-year-old woman was killed, while two dozen other people were hurt, several critically.

Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country will react “aggressively, responsibly and wisely” to the attack.

Netanyahu said he spent the evening huddled with top security officials to discuss the situation.

Jerusalem’s mayor, Nir Barkat, rushed to the scene and urged people to return to their routines. “We will show the terrorists we are not terrorized,” he said.

Tensions have been rising in recent weeks, particularly along Israel’s southern border with the Gaza Strip. Hamas, the militant group that controls Gaza, has been firing rockets and mortar shells across the border, and Israel retaliating with airstrikes and other attacks.

In fresh violence on Wednesday, two rockets landed in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba, moderately wounding one man, and mortar shells struck southern Israel.

Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak threatened retaliation against Hamas.

“We will not tolerate the harming of Israeli citizens, not in the south and not in Jerusalem,” Barak said. “Hamas is responsible for the firing of rockets toward Beersheba today and this responsibility has a price.”

Earlier this month, five members of a Jewish settler family were stabbed to death in their sleep at their West Bank home. And on Tuesday, an errant Israeli strike meant for Palestinian militants killed four members of a Palestinian family in Gaza.

Adding to the tensions, peace efforts between the Israelis and the Western-backed Palestinian government have been stalled since September.

The attack drew international condemnations as well. In Washington, President Barack Obama offered condolences and called on those responsible to end such attacks. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon called it “unacceptable.”

Egypt, however, warned Israel against any military operation in the Gaza Strip.

“Escalation of violence will not serve the interest of any party and will not serve peace or stability,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Menha Bakhoum said in a statement.

Jerusalem’s police chief, Aharon Franco, said the bomb was about four pounds (one to two kilograms) and was planted in a small bag on the sidewalk. He said security services were on alert for additional attacks.

He said authorities had no firm leads but were investigating a possible link to a small bombing earlier this month that wounded a garbage collector as he removed the device from a trash can.

“I saw kids crying on the street, lying in blood on the side of the road,” said one man who witnessed the blast. Crying on the telephone, he frantically tried to reach his daughter, calming down a bit when he found out she was safe. The man, trembling in shock, refused to give his name.

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A palpable excitement filled the air as over 1000 people gathered on Monday evening, March 21st at the Terrace On The Park catering hall in New York to attend the 9th annual gala dinner for the Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) movement. This year’s dinner was dedicated to the incredible life and enduring legacy of Herbert Zweibon, ZT”L, the beloved founder and chairman of Americans For A Safe Israel (AFSI) who passed away on Tu B’Shevat, January 19, 2011, as special tributes were paid him. Considered a shining paradigm of pro-Israel activism in America, Mr. Zweibon was remembered in the fondest of terms by the Manhigut Yehudit leadership.

“My first memory of Herb Zweibon was when a took a year off to volunteer my time to AFSI”, said Rob Muchnick, US Director of Manhigut Yehudit. “We are proud to say that we continue to work with AFSI and will continue our important work together in the future. Herb’s fighting spirit was infectious and his entire being resonated with an overwhelming love of Israel and the Jewish people”, he added.

Helen Freedman, executive director of AFSI said, “I was very touched and pleased by the fact that Manhigut Yehudit saw fit to honor our beloved Herb Zweibon, z”l at their annual dinner. Since the goals of Jewish leadership and the preservation of a whole Israel are shared by both AFSI and Manhigut Yehudit, it was very appropriate that AFSI’s Chairman should be honored at this occasion. The large turnout of AFSI members was a tribute both to Herb and to the ideology of Manhigut Yehudit.”

The recent barbaric murders of five members of the Fogel family in the settlement of Itamar on March 11th took center stage amongst dinner attendees and organizers. “Tonight we not only pay tribute to the extraordinary contributions to Jewish activism made by Herbert Zweibon but we recall with profound sorrow the horrific and tragic massacre of the Fogel family”, intoned Shmuel Sackett, international director of Manhigut Yehudit.

“There are revolutions underway in Egypt, Libya and the entire Arab world, but what about Israel?”, declared Mr. Sackett. Recalling that he and Manhigut Yehudit party chairman Moshe Feiglin led hundreds of thousands of Israelis in protests across the nation, he ruefully observed, “they did not help”. Adding that, “Israelis believe they live in a democracy in contrast to the people of Egypt who knew they didn’t live in a democracy. Israelis still believe in the democratic process and thus, we are here talking about positive change in the Israeli government. We are building a new leadership that will be committed to a complete and undivided land of Israel living to serve the one and only G-d of Israel,” he said.

“The conscience of Oslo is crumbling before our very eyes”, declared keynote speaker Moshe Feiglin, founder and co-president of Manhigut Yehudit. Regarded by many as the leading spokesman for the Land of Israel sector, Mr. Feiglin founded the Zo Artzeinu (This is Our Land) grassroots movement in 1994 which stood in vehement opposition to the Oslo Agreements, and later established the Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) organization, which has since joined the Likud with the goal of “influencing from within.” Manhigut Yehudit is credited with giving the Likud, and especially its list of knesset members, a more nationalist slant than it would have had otherwise.

“After attending the funeral of the Fogel family, I realized that a dramatic shift in Israeli society was taking place”, intoned Mr. Feiglin. “When Galei Tzahal (Israeli Army Radio) broadcast the entire funeral live, I took note of the fact that this station is the second largest radio station in the country, and definitely not a right wing one, felt the need to report this event that rocked the entire nation. That means something as does the left wing journalist from the Ma’ariv newspaper who said after the slayings of the Fogels that he is “scared and frustrated that there will be no peace and that he wants to “hide under the dress of Daniella Weiss” (a leading figure in the settlement movement).

Delivering an optimistic prognostication of his future on the Israeli political scene, Mr. Feiglin declared, “The Oslo Accords had in the past engulfed the nation and caused a disconnect from reality, but now we have witnessed the fact that people are coming to terms with the abysmal failure of Oslo. It was then that I understood, that with the help of G-d, I am going to be the next prime minister of Israel and it’s going to be sooner than ever before.”

Addressing the recent ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Mr. Feiglin said, “Arab dictators are moving aside. Israelis have now come to the stark realization that they never had peace with Egypt when they saw Egyptian government opposition forces holding picture of Mubarak with the Star of David scrawled over his face.” Mr. Feiglin promised a change in Jewish leadership in Israel by carving out a new direction for Israeli youth. “For these young people, Oslo is the only language that they know. They have no concept of a true Jewish state but we are going to offer them an alternative that includes an authentic Jewish identity.”

He concluded by vowing, “When I become prime minister of Israel, no Arab will ever take a knife and slaughter a Jewish child.”

“Moshe Feiglin is a man who understands that the eternal possession of the Jewish people is a united and not divided state of Israel”, declared Pastor James David Manning of the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem. A staunch pro-Israel advocate and ardent Christian Zionist, Pastor Manning recounted his biblical obligations to the Jewish people and the land of Israel by saying, “In the book of Genesis, chapter 12, G-d spoke to Abraham and said “whoever blesses the Jewish people shall be blessed and whoever curses the Jewish people shall be cursed”.

Recalling his youthful introduction to the “love of Zion” and the Jewish nation, Pastor Manning declared, “As a young man, I vividly remember the very clear, very resolute and very powerful words of Rabbi Meir Kahane. I was truly encouraged by his honesty and wisdom and the work that he accomplished in his life. I was so greatly impressed by his great love for G-d’s word .”


Fern Sidman holds a B.A, in political science from Brooklyn College. She was the educational coordinator for the Betar Youth Movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was national director of the Jewish Defense League from 1983-1985. She was a researcher for several books written by Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZTK”L. She was the managing editor of the publication entitled, The Voice of Judea, and is a regular contributor to its web site. She is currently a writer and journalist living in New York City. Her articles have appeared in The Jewish Press, The Jewish Advocate, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and numerous Jewish and general web sites including, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Pipes and Michael Freund.
We are delighted to have Ms. Sidman as a regular contributor to the Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog.


“Islam is a Religion of Sin-Sick People” by Todd Strandberg

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The earthquake in Japan has been such a massive news event that it has absolutely dominated the headlines. But one story out of Israel deserves our attention.

In the Israeli settlement of Itamar, five members of the Fogel family were murdered in their home. This included three children, ages one month, three years, and eleven years. The eleven-year-old was killed as he lay reading in bed. All three children had their throats slit. The mother was stabbed as she came out of the bathroom, with evidence showing that she struggled with her attacker.

The massacre was most likely carried out by Palestinian terrorists. Despite the heinous nature of the crime, two Palestinian groups have been competing with each other to claim responsibility for the killings.

There is clearly a form of insanity at work in the minds of these people. In response to the murders, Gaza residents from the southern city of Rafah hit the streets Saturday to celebrate the terror attack. On Monday, Hamas showed their glee by handing out candy and pastry treats. One Gaza resident said the joy “is a natural response to the harm settlers inflict on the Palestinian residents in the West Bank.”

The worship of people who commit evil acts is embedded into Palestinian culture. A child can walk to school today along a street named after terrorist Abu Jihad, who planned a bus hijacking that killed 37, spend the day in a school named after Hamas founder Ahmad Yassin, play soccer in the afternoon in a tournament honoring terrorist Abd Al-Basset Odeh, who killed 31, and end the day at a youth center named after Abu Iyad, who was responsible for killing 11 Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich.

The record-holder for killers who have the most things named after them would have to be Dalal Mughrabi. He murdered more Israelis than any other Palestinian terrorist, and for this reason his name graces two elementary schools, a kindergarten, a computer center, summer camps, football tournaments, a community center, a sports team, a public square, a street, an election course, an adult education course, a university club, a dance troupe, a military unit, a dormitory in a youth center, a TV series, a TV quiz team and a graduation ceremony (http://www.palwatch.org/site/modules/print/preview.aspx?fi=157&doc_id=2128).

There is rarely any mention of this disgusting practice by the liberal media. Imagine what would happen if a veterans’ group that still held a grudge from World War II expressed joy over the calamity taking place in Japan. The negative backlash would be so great that the group would be forced to disband. Comedian Gilbert Gottfried made jokes about the earthquake and tsunami on his Twitter page and was promptly fired as the voice of the Aflac duck.

One of the greatest mistakes of our generation is the inability to realize the demonic nature of Islam. If it weren’t for the teachings of the Koran, there would be no need for airport security. Muslims have a near monopoly on acts of violence. On Rapture Ready’s “Terrorism Timeline,” you would have to go back to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing to find an attack that wasn’t carried out by a follower of Mohammed.

In the past couple of months, the Middle East has been swept by a reform movement. Despite all the hope, there is little chance that true democracy will gain a foothold in that region. Most polls show that radical Islamic groups would have the upper hand in any free election. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has brutalized his people, and he deserves to be overthrown. Unfortunately, the odds are very high that someone of equal cruelty will take his place. As long as the Arab people continue to adhere to Islam, they are doomed to live in bondage.

It’s frustrating to see Islam playing the role of “Teflon religion.” I realize that Satan is going to do everything he can to prevent discredit coming to one of his best tools for the damnation of souls. Judgment will eventually come to the Islamic world. Someday, it will side with Israel ‘s enemies and suffer a series of defeats.

“It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God” (Heb. 10:31).

“Just so, when you see the events I’ve described beginning to happen, you can know his return is very near, right at the door” (NLT Matthew 24:33).

— Todd

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“Ahmadinejad: Remember What Happened to Haman” was one of the many signs held aloft on Sunday afternoon, March 20th, as close to 500 Jews gathered on Purim day for a public reading of Megillat Esther (the Book of Esther) that was held outside the Iranian mission to the United Nations on Manhattan’s east side. Organized by Americans For A Safe Israel (AFSI), Amcha – the Coalition for Jewish Concerns, Z Street and the Jewish Political Education Council, the reading was held as a symbolic representation of the indefatigable nature of the Jewish people and G-d’s intervention in their survival throughout the millenium.

UN March 20, 2011

“Purim is a day that we celebrate the survival of the Jewish people against evil rulers who sought our complete annihilation in the city of Shushan in Persia. In every generation the names of our oppressors and their countries of origin may change, but they are driven by one common denominator and that is visceral hatred of the Jew”, intoned Larry Domnitch, a freelance writer and designated reader of the megillah.

“Today we will read about the plans for mass extermination of the Jewish people designed by the prototypes of evil, namely Achashveirosh and Haman. We are gathered here today to remind the modern day Haman who resides in Iran named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that we will not be silent while he creates his plans to “wipe Israel off the map”. As in the days of Queen Esther, we will raise our voices to G-d, seeking His divine intervention and we will boldly speak out against a regime that is not only a nemesis to Israel but to the entire free world,” he added.

UN March 20, 2011

Glenn Richter, long time Jewish activist and former leader of the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry, introduced the leaders of the sponsoring organizations as the crowd held specially made Purim groggers with the face of Ahmadinejad and a red line cancelling it out, along with other signs and Israeli flags. “The Obama administration is willfully deluding itself by touting the line that the source of all the problems in the Middle East is due to Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria”, he declared. “It is clear that the source of anti-Western and anti-Israel terrorism today emanates from Iran; the very same government that sought to destroy us centuries ago”, he added.

During the megillah reading the sounds of acrimony could be heard from a small contingent of Neturei Karta counter-protestors who chanted, “Down, Down, the State of Israel” and held signs that said Zionism is against Judaism. One each occasion that the name of Haman was read aloud, the noise generated by the plethora of groggers and loud boos by those gathered to hear the megillah drowned out the hateful rhetoric of the protestors.

Subsequent to the megillah reading, Helen Freedman of the Americans For A Safe Israel said, “We are putting the government of Iran on notice and we are here today to tell Ahmadinejad and other sponsors of terrorism against Israel and the Western world, that your fate is sealed. Learn from history. When you lift your hand against the Jewish nation, you will succumb to defeat, just as Haman did in Persia and all the others after him.”

Sending a strong message to President Obama, Rabbi Avi Weiss of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale declared, “When you weaken Israel, you weaken the United States. When the United States ambassador to the United Nations states that Jewish settlements are illegal you create an atmosphere in which the gruesome murders of five members of the Fogel family in Itamar can take place”, he intoned.

Tears filled the eyes of those gathered as Rabbi Weiss delivered an impassioned and emotionally charged address when he listed the names of each member of the Fogel family and asked, “What kind of beasts could have carried out this heinous act of murder?”

Speaking of the innocence and love of 11-year-old Yoav Fogel, ZTK”L, Rabbi Weiss read the words that hung over Yoav’s bed: “May it be Your will, Lord God and God of our forefathers, that I love every one of Israel as myself, and to graciously perform the positive commandment of loving your neighbor as yourself. May it also be Your will, Lord God and God of my forefathers, that you cause the hearts of my friends and neighbors to love me fervently, and that I be accepted and desirable to everyone, and that I be loving and pleasant, and that I be gracious and merciful in the eyes of all who see me.”

“Our message to the remaining members of the Fogel family and to all our brothers and sisters living in Israel is the same message declared by Queen Esther who said, “gather all of the Jews’, all decent people and cry out, “We stand with you!” He reiterated the words of devotion uttered by 12-year-old Tamar Fogel who said after the funerals of her parents and siblings; “Now, I will be the mother” and called upon all of the entire Jewish nation to become active participants in raising this family and all others who are suffering.

“Just as we read in Megillat Esther, we have the power to turn this tragedy in Itamar around”, said Rabbi Weiss. He spoke of a millionaire who told the Fogel family, “get used to having me around” as he made a committment to stock their pantry every Shabbat until the youngest child turns 18; and of those who organized the delivery of 108 shalach manos (food packages) to the families of Itamar and of his daughter’s wishes to hold his granddaugher’s Bat Mitzvah in Itamar as a sign of love and solidarity.

“The message of the “brit”, the covenant between the Jewish people and G-d is a simple one and that is, don’t give up”, said Rabbi Weiss as he led those gathered in rousing chants of “Am Yisroel Chai” (the people of Israel lives).


Fern Sidman holds a B.A, in political science from Brooklyn College. She was the educational coordinator for the Betar Youth Movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was national director of the Jewish Defense League from 1983-1985. She was a researcher for several books written by Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZTK”L. She was the managing editor of the publication entitled, The Voice of Judea, and is a regular contributor to its web site. She is currently a writer and journalist living in New York City. Her articles have appeared in The Jewish Press, The Jewish Advocate, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and numerous Jewish and general web sites including, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Pipes and Michael Freund.
We are delighted to have Ms. Sidman as a regular contributor to the Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog.


“Israel’s Standing is America’s Hope” by Terry James

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With America slipping precipitously in morality, economy, and most every other category one can think of, it does the patriotic heart good to find an area where the nation seems to be holding firm in the positive sense. At least a majority of its citizens, if not its current presidential administration, is holding firm.

The category is a most important one. As a matter of fact, in terms of God’s opinion, it is all-important to the health of individuals or national entities.

If one listens to the mainstream news these days–or over the past several decades, for that matter—one continues to hear that Israel is the chief cause of unrest in the Middle East, that the Jewish state is one of the main causes of hatred for America around the world. The impression is conveyed that the people of the U.S. thus have turned their collective sympathy away from Israel and toward the people supposedly represented by the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The diatribes by mainstream media against Israel have been relentless under the guise of news reporting. Each succeeding hit piece adds to the picture designed to convince Americans to view the Jewish nation as an illegitimate and cruel occupier of lands belonging to the “Palestinians.” That’s why it is so heartening to get truth, for a change, that paints a different picture. That picture shows that the people of this country aren’t buying the lies. Americans overwhelmingly see Israel as the good guy, not the bad guy, of the Middle East.

By a margin of 63 percent to 17 percent, the annual Gallup Poll indicates that support for Israel over the land-protest causes of the Palestinian Authority (PA) is overwhelming. This percentage is nearly as high as it has ever been. It is currently only 1 percentage point less than its highest point, reached in 1991. The poll was first taken in 1988, and at that time 37 percent favored Israel while 15 percent favored the PA. The percentages changed drastically (to 64 percent in Israel’s favor) during the Persian Gulf War of 1991, and have remained strongly in Israel’s favor since that time.

The picture is much different, however, on a worldwide basis. The BBC reports that Israel loses by 49 percent to 28 percent in a global poll of Israel vs. the PA. Israel finished twenty-fourth out of twenty-seven in a worldwide, online poll against nations whose popularity was measured. The Jewish state came in barely ahead of Pakistan, North Korea, and Iran. The poll shows that Israel’s standing globally continues to decline.

There are two primary reasons Israel’s standing in the U.S. continues to remain high despite mainstream media efforts to turn opinion against that nation. One of the primary reasons is the loss of virtual monopoly suffered by the networks ABC, CBS, and NBC and those one-time broadcast giants’ declining ability to collude with the major newspapers of the country and their dissipating readership.

The rise of the individual citizen’s ready access to numerous news sources that are independent of the networks, newspapers, and wire services have allowed truth about the real troublemakers in the Middle East to shine brightly. Cable, Internet, and the blogosphere now give instant enlightenment to events as they unfold around the world. Digital cameras in cell phones now record video of breaking news events. Such news events in 1988 had to be filtered through network news cameras.

The old media was a dictatorship of sorts–a type of tyranny about which the once and future Israeli prime minister once spoke. Benjamin Netanyahu, in a speech at an event honoring Ronald Reagan on February 17, 2001, made the following astute observations:

The greatest service that dictatorships have received in the 20th century was this thing, the microphone. And the microphone would give a single dictator the ability to control the minds and hearts of millions of people, to tell them who is the enemy, who are the well poisoners of the earth, who are the cancer that has to be excised. That’s how Israel was referred to in the Middle East. That’s how the Jewish people were referred to in the heart of Europe by the Nazis. It is the power of the microphone, the power of mass communications, controlled from above, that was the greatest threat to freedom in the 20th century…

We are witnessing the breakup of that monolithic control. Because you now have, or very soon will have, millions of people, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of people, ultimately billions of people, who can access networks of information and communication from below, who can become their own broadcasters, or narrowcasters and that is fundamentally eroding the power of dictatorships. (My thanks to Jonathan Stettin for help with information.)

The second reason for Israel’s continued high standing in American public opinion can be attributed to a considerable extent to Christians who recognize God’s plan for that people. Actually, it is the most important reason Israel is receiving high approval ratings in America. It is also the reason America has been so blessed for so many years. The biblical prescription for an individual or a nation having favor in God’s view of things involving His chosen people is made crystal clear by the Almighty’s own words to Abraham, father of the patriarchs of Israel: “And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed” (Gen 12: 2-3).


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On Sunday afternoon, March 13th, an organization called JCC Watch held a news conference outside the Jewish Community Center of the upper west side in Manhattan to spotlight the nefarious partnership that the board of directors of the center have established with groups that support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. The JCC in Manhattan is a beneficiary agency of the UJA-Federation.

JCCWatch.org is a volunteer organization that came into being when it was discovered that the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, through its “Other Israel Film Festival” (OIFF) website, actively partners with or links to groups that, in addition to their stated missions, support, fund, or closely work with organizations that advocate the BDS movement against Israel.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) is an economic campaign that was launched in 2005 by various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which seeks to demonize, delegitimize, and ultimately destroy Israel by the spread of misinformation, by incitement, and by promoting every conceivable boycott imaginable including cultural, economic, union, religious, political, athletic and academicl. Among the pro-BDS organizations that the JCC is partnering with or linking to are:

* The New Israel Fund, which in 2008 distributed over $20 million to over 300 non-governmental organizations in Israel. Approximately 20% goes to NGOs that engage in political activities related to the Arab-Israeli conflict, including some that reject the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish democratic state, and are active in boycott and similar campaigns.

* B’Tselem, whose website includes links to BDS-promoting organizations like Adalah, Association for Civil Rights in Israel, and the Arab Association for Human Rights. Most recently, according to the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), a B’Tselem photographer was involved in “staging” a scene in a videotape that purportedly documented misconduct by Israeli soldiers.

* Human Rights Watch, whose original founder Robert Bernstein, in a New York Times op-ed, strongly criticized the organization for its current anti-Israel bias.

* J Street, whose conferences have been used to host and promote groups affiliated with the BDS movement. (In addition to listing J Street as one of its “partners” on one of its websites, the JCC has made its facilities available for political activities on behalf of J Street.)

JCCWatch.org has requested that the JCC’s board of directors establish public and transparent guidelines regarding BDS, but to no avail. JCCWatch.org founder Richard Allen doesn’t see the difficulty: “It’s time that the board of directors of the JCC in Manhattan take action. It’s simple: all they have to do is stop supporting groups that partner with, fund, or support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against Israel.”

At the news conference, each speaker expressed their horror and deep sadness at the gruesome masscare of the Fogel family, at the hands of Palestinian terrorists in the Samarian settlements of Itamar. Irwin Hochberg, former Chairman of the Board of the UJA-Federation of New York; and former National Campaign Chairman of Israel Bonds spoke of “the golden days” of the United Jewish Appeal, prior to the hijacking of the organization by liberal elements of the Jewish community. Jeff Wiesenfeld, a former executive assistant to New York City appointed by former New York State Governor George Pataki told the media that during his tenure in this position, he had worked diligently to obtain the state funding necessary for the construction of the JCC and called upon administrators there to fulfill their obligation as a true representative of the Jewish community and the State of Israel, as they originally had set out to do.

Expressing indignance at the apathy and indifference to Jewish suffering that is displayed by the JCC of Manhattan, Helen Freedman, executive director of Americans For A Safe Israel said, “The JCC should have its members out in the street protesting this massacre at Itamar. Instead, they go on with business as usual, ignoring the brutality waged against Israel and blaming Israel for the ills of the Arab world.” She added that “by partnering with organizations like J Street, B’Tzelem, the New Israel Fund and Human Rights Watch, the JCC is exhibiting a state of moral confusion. One boycotts totalitarian regimes, like the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran, the sponsor of these terrorist groups. One does not boycott the only democracy in the Middle East.”


Fern Sidman holds a B.A, in political science from Brooklyn College. She was the educational coordinator for the Betar Youth Movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was national director of the Jewish Defense League from 1983-1985. She was a researcher for several books written by Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZTK”L. She was the managing editor of the publication entitled, The Voice of Judea, and is a regular contributor to its web site. She is currently a writer and journalist living in New York City. Her articles have appeared in The Jewish Press, The Jewish Advocate, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and numerous Jewish and general web sites including, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Pipes and Michael Freund.
We are delighted to have Ms. Sidman as a regular contributor to the Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog.


“Yet Another Massive Earthquake” by Todd Strandberg

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Much of northern Japan has been totally devastated by an 9.0 earthquake, the most powerful earthquake in the nation’s recorded history. The worst previous quake was in 1923 in Kanto, with only an 8.3 magnitude. The earthquake is currently ranked as the fifth-most powerful seismic event to hit the world in the past century.

Because the trembler struck a modern industrial nation at 2:46 p.m., it will probably be history’s most-documented earthquake. One geologist noted that there has never been aerial footage of a tsunami rushing over land. I was stunned to see a live feed of a 23-foot wall of water and debris washing away homes. Some of the waves traveled over 6 miles inland before dissipating.

I’ve written about earthquakes for years, and I know it will take months to figure out the full scale of the disaster. When last year’s Haiti quake was first reported, the death count was only 3,000. It later grew to over a quarter million. In Japan, several coastal cities have been nearly wiped off the map. Minami Sanriku had a population of 17,000, and 60 percent of its residents are now reported as missing.

Japan also may be facing a nuclear disaster on the scale of Chernobyl. A partial meltdown appears to have occurred at two nuclear reactors, and four other reactors are said to be unstable. If the core material escapes into the atmosphere, it will take decades to clean up the mess.

This year has already been a nightmare for the insurance industry. Insurers have lost billions from the Australian flood and the New Zealand earthquake. The Japan quake will only put further strain on the balance sheets.

The earthquake will be a huge blow to the global financial system. Japan has the third-largest economy, and it also has the world’s biggest public debt load. Since it was already at the doorstep of national insolvency, the quake may have made a financial Armageddon an eventual certainty.

The Japanese have nearly a trillion dollars in the U.S. Treasury. A large portion of these bonds will have to be sold to pay for reconstruction. The draw down could push our economy over the edge.

I’ve had several people ask me what this earthquake means for Bible prophecy. I think the quake has a strong link to prophecy because of how it fits with birth-pang warnings. Jesus predicted that the closer we get to the time of His return, the more frequent and intense the end-time signs will become. There will be more earthquakes, and more intense ones. Likewise, things like famine, pestilence, and war will increase in frequency and intensity.

“For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; there will be earthquakes in various places, there will be famines; this is but the beginning of the birth-pangs” (Mark 13:8 RVS).

It was just last week that I made mention of how deadly quakes are running off the scale. Normally, we could say by the frequency of earthquakes in the past that it will be many years before we suffer another super quake. The Rapture Ready Earthquakes Timeline shows that between 1949 and 1962, there was no major loss of life from seismic activity. Two other gaps that stand out are 1962 to 1970 and 1978 to 1985.

Some reports try to argue that large earthquakes are a natural occurrence. We do have large earthquakes each year, but they typically strike unpopulated areas. In recent years, these quakes have targeted populated areas. The Haiti quake was a perfect bull’s eye, with a 7.0 magnitude, a depth of only three miles, and a location only nine miles from the Haitian capital.

We now have had five years in a row with massive seismic events. It seems to me that God is slowly trying to get man’s attention. The Lord is very patient, but He is no fool. Eventually, earth is going to reach the point at which the ultimate judgment will be poured out.

In the past few days, there has been an enormous surge in traffic to the RR site. This happens every time a big disaster strikes. I can tell from years of experience that many people are interested in prophecy only when things are active. Because the Rapture will come with no warning, we need to be watchful at all hours.

“Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come” (Matthew 24:42).

“Just so, when you see the events I’ve described beginning to happen, you can know his return is very near, right at the door” (NLT Matthew 24:33).

— Todd

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Continue to Pray of the Victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami that Struck Japan on March 11

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Please continue to pray for the victims of the terrible disasters in Japan. They need our support now more than ever. Here is the latest as of this morning.

SOMA, Japan — The second hydrogen explosion in three days rocked a stricken Japanese nuclear plant Monday, sending a massive cloud of smoke into the air and injuring 11 workers. Hours later, the U.S. said it had shifted its offshore forces away from the plant after detecting low levels of radiation.

The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan was about 100 miles offshore when it detected the radiation, which U.S. officials said was about the same as one month’s normal exposure to natural background radiation in the environment.

It was not clear if the leak happened during Monday’s explosion. That blast was felt 25 miles away, but the plant’s operator said radiation levels at the reactor were still within legal limits.

The explosion at the plant’s Unit 3, which authorities have been trying to cool with sea water after a system failure in the wake of Friday’s massive earthquake and tsunami, triggered an order for hundreds of people to stay indoors, said Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano. The two disasters left at least 10,000 people dead.

Operators knew the sea water flooding would cause a pressure buildup in the reactor containment vessel — and potentially lead to an explosion — but felt they had no choice if they wanted to avoid a complete meltdown. In the end, the hydrogen in the released steam mixed with oxygen in the atmosphere and set off the blast.

The inner containment shell surrounding the Unit 3 reactor was intact, Edano said, allaying some fears of the risk to the environment and public. But the outer building around the reactor appeared to have been devastated, with only a skeletal frame remaining.

More than 180,000 people have evacuated the area in recent days, and up to 160 may have been exposed to radiation — pouring misery onto those already devastated by the twin disasters.

While Japan has aggressively prepared for years for major earthquakes, reinforcing buildings and running drills, the impact of the tsunami — which came so quickly that not many people managed to flee to higher ground — was immense.

By Monday, officials were clearly overwhelmed by the scale of the crisis, with millions of people having spent three nights without electricity, water, food or heat in near-freezing temperatures.

Officials in one devastated town said they were running out of body bags.

Officials have declared states of emergency at six Fukushima reactors, where Friday’s twin disasters knocked out the main cooling systems and backup generators. Three are at Dai-ichi and three at the nearby Fukushima Daini complex.

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David Horowitz

Over 150 people gathered at the college library auditorium to listen to Mr. Horowitz’s speech entitled the “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Myths and Facts” and was sponsored and organized by Brooklyn College student Yosef Sobel and Mitchell Langbert, an associate professor in the department of business and economics. “Because the Hillel organization on campus was too afraid to sponsor me, I must thank those who had the courage to do so.” said Mr. Horowitz. Despite numerous warnings prohibiting verbal disruptions, bellicose Muslim student hecklers abounded and Mr. Horowitz’s remarks were often punctuated by the sounds of acrimonious, ad hominem attacks.

A native New Yorker and a graduate of Columbia University, David Horowitz has led a polemical existence as a one-time self proclaimed Marxist and a former left-wing academic whose political beliefs have now shifted to the right. As one of the founders of the New Left in the 1960s, he was also the editor of its most influential magazine, Ramparts. Along with Peter Collier, he is the author of a number of best-selling dynastic biographies on the Rockefellers, the Kennedys, the Fords, and the Roosevelts. With Collier he also wrote “Destructive Generation: Second Thoughts About the 60s” (1989), a chronicle of their break with the 1960s Left, that has been compared to Whittaker Chambers’ “Witness” and other classic works documenting a break from totalitarianism.

Through the work of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, he champions an array of causes including the defense of the principles of individual freedom as well as the preservation of free societies in the war against the values inherent to Western civilization and the reestablishment of academic freedom in American schools. His recent books include, “Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left” (2004), “Indoctrination U: The Left’s War Against Academic Freedom” (2007) and “Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party” (2007).

Making oblique references to the security of Israel, Mr. Horowitz began by ruefully observing, “When I went to college you didn’t need all of this security on campus, but things have changed and that’s the reason we now need checkpoints on campuses. Checkpoints are essential to defend against terrorists and Jew haters.”

Adding that he has been verbally and physically assaulted on campuses around the country for his forthright views, he said, “Our campuses are controlled by liberal fascists and it is a movement to suppress the free speech rights of conservatives. He said that the International Socialist Organization, a Marxist organization, is culpable for creating an academic climate of intimidation and hate. “It is they who spread lies about me and work with their Muslim allies towards the mobilization of radical jihad against the West. The Muslim community needs to stand up and defend democracy in this country and that’s what we’re all waiting for.”

Providing a historical backdrop to the Middle East conflict, Mr. Horowitz said, “There was no Palestine since the days of the Roman conquest of the land of Israel and there certainly was no Palestine in 1946. The war against the Jews started in the form of Pan Arab nationalism and the PLO was created by the KBG. They advised Arafat that the best way to succeed is to play the victim role and say that all they want is their own state and that Israel is occupying Palestine.” Saying that the entire region around the Jordan River was created by imperialist powers such as the Ottoman Empire, he intoned that, “Israel was not built on Arab land.”

Declaring that he is a “political Zionist”, Mr. Horowitz said he believes that the Jewish people have a right to exist and have a right to their own state. Equating such terrorist organizations as Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Islamic Republic of Iran as “Nazis in the Middle East”, he said that their objective is “not to create a Palestinian state but rather, to push the Jews into the sea” because they can’t live alongside a people of another faith. “In 1922, 80 percent of the land of Israel was ceded to become the state of Transjordan that is now ruled by the Hashemite kingdom and there are more Palestinians in Jordan than in Israel”, he said, adding that their calls for a Palestinian homeland are eclipsed by their desire to eradicate Israel.

“Democracy is a threat to political Islam and they believe that everyone who is not a Muslim is an infidel and is deserving of death. The Christian population of Bethlehem once stood at 80 percent and is now 12 percent because of Islamic influence,” he said.

Addressing the subject of Israeli Apartheid Week on over 55 campuses across North America, Mr. Horowitz said, “Muslims have more rights in Israel than they have in any Arab country in the world” and called the notion of Israel as a state that practices apartheid as “disgusting”. Pointing to the sheer hypocrisy of such egregious and fraudulent accusations, Mr. Horowitz said, “If you want to know what real religious and gender apartheid is just look at the entire Muslim Middle East, and not Israel.”

Speaking of the political realities in the aftermath of World War II, he said, “12 million ethnic Germans were purged from Poland, but after the state of Israel was established, no one expelled the Arabs, hoping that one day rationality would take hold, but it never did.” He said that such organizations as the Muslim Students Association and the Islamic Society of North America who are the chief sponsors of Israeli Apartheid Week are “fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood” and are “hate organizations” that make campuses unwelcome for Jewish students. On campuses around the country, he said, the organizers of Israeli Apartheid Week erect an “apartheid wall” and proffered the idea that “a wall of lies” be built to counter their pervasive myths and distortions of the truth. Speaking of the well known Saudi Arabian funding of Middle East Studies departments at Western universities, Mr. Horowitz suggested that this is the impetus for the inextricable links between Muslim organizations and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Calling the expulsion of close to 10,000 Jews from Gaza in the summer of 2005 as part of the disengagement a “mistake”, Mr. Horowitz said, “a normal people in a normal state would never have done so, but would have driven out the 1.2 million Arabs because they are possessed by hate as manifested in their violent destruction of the thriving horticultural industry that the Jewish population had created there and their incessant rocket assaults on such towns as Sderot.”

Taking aim at the ubiquitous political zeitgeist that views the Palestinians as a nation of oppressed refugees, Mr. Horowitz intoned, “No people have shown themselves as so morally sick as the Palestinians”, adding that, “In the history of all mankind, there was never a people who strapped bombs on their bodies and killed innocent people. No other people have sunk so low as the Palestinians and everyone is afraid to say it.” Describing Islam as a religion possessed by “hate, violence and racism”, he said that a resolution to the protracted Israeli-Palestinian imbroglio could is not beyond reach. “If you disarm the Palestinians in the Middle East there will be peace, but if you disarm the Jews there will be further death and destruction.”

“How is it that Jews do not get the narrative?” he queried. “The Palestinians are suffering, but it is not by the hand of the Jew, but rather their true oppressors are Hamas and Hezbollah” he said. Calling the Palestinian Authority a “terrorist government”, Mr. Horowitz said, “when we see hate we must call it so, we must label the enemy as who they are”. “The Palestinians don’t want peace. How can you negotiate with those who won’t recognize Israel’s right to exist? Look what happened to those Arab leaders that have tried to establish peace with Israel. They were assassinated by radical Islamist elements.”

Extolling the idea that “jihadist murderers” are tantamount to “Nazis and blatant Jew haters”, he said although they may appear to be perfectly decent, nice people, a great many of them support Osama Bin Ladin and like minded genocidal murderers. “Hitler did not publicly announce his ‘final solution’ in the fear that the German people were too civilized to accept it, but Ahmadinejad proudly and publicly announces his version of the ‘final solution’ and no Islamists condemn him. To the contrary, they cheer him on and embrace his vision.”

Challenging the belief that America is an Islamophobic country, Mr. Horowitz said, “Muslims are treated with kid gloves in America and are a protected species.” He said that 8 to 10 times more hate crimes are committed against Jews than there are against Muslim in America. Pointing to the case of the Holyland Foundation, a purported Islamic charity that was found guilty of funding terrorism on the West Bank by their direct contributions to Hamas, Mr. Horowitz said that the unindicted co-conspirators in this case were the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and that there has been “no significant condemnation of this group or others of this ilk”. He unabashedly condemned Hamas as a “fanatically religious, Jew hating, America hating, Nazi organization.”

During the question and answer period, a male Muslim student implied that a witch-hunt cabal was taking place and drew a parallel between Mr. Horowitz and the late Senator Joseph McCarthy, adding that Horowitz was a racist. When asked by Mr. Horowitz if the student would condemn Hamas, the student refused to do so, but proceeded to engage in further equivocation. Referring to Mr. Horowitz as an “ignorant racist” a female Muslim student who identified herself only as Magdalene said, “he has no proof of anything that he’s said here tonight”, adding that women in Muslim countries are “not persecuted by the rules of Sharia law but by draconian dictators who serve American political puppets.”

According to Lauren Kunis, a pro-Israel supporter who sought entry into the auditorium but was denied, “I had wanted to bring my Israeli flag in with me and was told by the Brooklyn College security that I couldn’t. I told them that I’d wear the flag around my neck as the Arab members of the audience were wearing keffiyahs around their necks. I was then strong armed out by an African American security guard, who I’ve learned is the Brooklyn College deputy director of security. She accused me of making a ruckus and then called other police officers to escort me to the gate and out of the college. Seems like anyone who takes a proud pro-Israel position is considered a troublemaker and an enemy on campuses today.”


Fern Sidman holds a B.A, in political science from Brooklyn College. She was the educational coordinator for the Betar Youth Movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was national director of the Jewish Defense League from 1983-1985. She was a researcher for several books written by Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZTK”L. She was the managing editor of the publication entitled, The Voice of Judea, and is a regular contributor to its web site. She is currently a writer and journalist living in New York City. Her articles have appeared in The Jewish Press, The Jewish Advocate, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and numerous Jewish and general web sites including, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Pipes and Michael Freund.
We are delighted to have Ms. Sidman as a regular contributor to the Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog.

Government Exploits Disasters to Chip Away at Liberties

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“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste — and what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you didn’t think you could do before.”
-Former Obama White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel

Two headlines caught my eyes this morning, showing once again, the intention of this liberal administration and those liberal members of congress and the senate, to chip away at our liberties and to control every facet of our lives.

Senator calls for moratorium on US nuclear plants

The United States should “put the brakes” on the development of nuclear power plants as the disaster in Japan unfolds, key US senator Joe Lieberman said Sunday.

“I’ve been a big supporter of nuclear power because it’s domestic — it’s ours and it’s clean,” Lieberman told the CBS News television program “Face The Nation.”

“We’ve had a good safety (record) with nuclear power plants here in the United States,” he said.

Still, “I think we’ve got to kind of quietly and quickly put the brakes on until we can absorb what has happened in Japan as a result of the earthquake and the tsunami and then see what more, if anything, we can demand of the new power plants that are coming online,” said Lieberman, who is chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Friday’s devastating 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami sparked an emergency at two of Japan’s nuclear power plants, leading to the risk of catastrophic meltdowns.

In the first incident, part of a reactor at Japan’s aging Fukushima No. 1 atomic plant blew up Saturday, a day after the biggest quake ever recorded in Japan unleashed a 10-meter (33-foot) tsunami.

On Sunday, excessive levels of radiation were recorded at a second Japanese nuclear facility, Onagawa, although authorities insisted the facility’s three reactor units were “under control.”

Obama calls for stricter enforcement of gun laws

WASHINGTON (AP) – Two months after the shooting of a U.S. congresswoman, President Barack Obama called Sunday for more stringent enforcement of existing gun laws, citing the “awful consequences” of gun violence in American society.

In an op-ed essay in The Arizona Daily Star, Obama says legislation to bolster criminal background checks for gun buyers hasn’t been properly implemented, with too many states providing “incomplete and inadequate” information.

He suggested rewarding states that provide the most comprehensive information to the criminal background database.

“We should make the system faster and nimbler,” the president added. “We should provide an instant, accurate, comprehensive and consistent system for background checks to sellers who want to do the right thing, and make sure that criminals can’t escape it.”

The Arizona Daily Star is based in Tucson, where Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot during a January rampage in which six were killed and 12 others wounded. The accused assailant, Jared Loughner, was considered mentally unstable, yet because he was never deemed mentally ill by a judge or committed to an institution, he was able to legally buy the gun police said he used.

Obama acknowledged that it isn’t easy to find common ground between gun owners and gun-control advocates.

However, he said, “none of us should be willing to remain passive in the face of violence or resigned to watching helplessly as another rampage unfolds on television.”


Quake, Tsunami Hit Japan; Waves Moving Toward West Coast

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Please join me in praying for the victims of this terrible disaster.

Japanese police say 200 to 300 bodies have been found in a northeastern coastal area where a massive earthquake spawned a ferocious tsunami Friday that swept away boats, cars and homes.

The magnitude 8.9 offshore quake — the largest in Japan’s history — unleashed a 23-foot (7-meter) tsunami and was followed by more than 50 aftershocks for hours, many of them of more than magnitude 6.0.

The bodies found were in Sendai city, the closest major city to the epicenter, Japanese police said. Earlier, police confirmed at least 60 people had been killed and 56 were missing. The death toll was likely to continue climbing given the scale of Friday’s disaster.

Tsunami waves generated by the massive quake hit Hawaii early Friday morning. The first waves crashed into the island of Kauai at 3:13 a.m. local time. Officials predicted they would experience waves up to 6 feet (2 meters).

Alaska Emergency Management also reported a 5.1-foot wave at Shemya, 1.5-foot at Adak, and 1.6-foot at Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands. Shemya is 1,200 miles southwest of Anchorage.

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Witness at King Hearing to Warn ‘Political Fear’ Stifling Debate Over Radical Islam

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“Political Fear” along with death threats from Muslims (been on the receiving end of that one a couple of times) are pretty big deterrents when debating Islam. It will be interesting to see what comes out of these hearings.

Relatives of two young men who were lured away by Islamic radicals plan to tell a House committee Thursday that Muslim leaders in America “brainwashed” and “manipulated” their family members, and that “political fear” is preventing people from talking about Islamic extremism.

The witnesses are part of the panel Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., plans to call at a controversial hearing on the threat posed by radical Islam in the United States.

King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has faced persistent and vocal criticism from groups and lawmakers who claim he is unfairly targeting one ethnic group. One Muslim activist on Wednesday said King is “unfit” to lead the committee.

But King has defended his plans and, according to remarks prepared for the hearing, will accuse his detractors of spreading “rage and hysteria.” He plans to claim that backing down now “would be a craven surrender to political correctness.”

Two witnesses are expected to provide a first-hand account on how their relatives were exploited by Islamic radicals.

Melvin Bledsoe, whose son allegedly attacked an Army recruiting center in Arkansas, said in written testimony — which Fox News has seen — that Americans are ignoring the issue.

“There is a big elephant in the room, but our society continues not to see it. This wrong is caused by political correctness. You can even call it political fear,” he said.

Bledsoe plans to describe how his son, Carlos, was radicalized when he went off to college in Nashville, Tenn. In his testimony, he explained how his son’s personality changed and how, when he returned home for the holidays in 2005, he told his family he converted to Islam. From that point, he changed his name and eventually traveled to Yemen.

“Some Muslim leaders had taken advantage of my son. But he’s not the only one being taken advantage of. This is going on in Nashville and in many other cities in America,” Bledsoe plans to say. “In Nashville, Carlos was captured by people best described as hunters. He was manipulated and lied to. That’s how he made his way to Yemen.”

Bledsoe claims his son’s link-up with Yemeni extremists was “facilitated by their American counterparts in Nashville. … Something is wrong with the Muslim leadership in Nashville.”

Abdirizak Bihi, whose nephew died in Somalia in 2009 after being recruited out of Minnesota by a Somalian terror group, offers similar criticism.

Bihi, in prepared testimony, said young men in their community were “brainwashed” and recruited to fight for Al Shabab while in the United States. He said the local mosque would not help the families get answers when the young men went missing. Instead, he said, the Muslim leaders turned on the families, accusing them of lying and being used as tools of the “infidels” to damage the mosque.

“Suddenly, in a matter of days, the mosque leadership transformed us from victims of radicalization into pariahs of the community,” he said, adding that the leaders urged the families of the missing to stay quiet.

King has attracted some support from other lawmakers, including House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., for his decision to hold the hearing. The White House on Sunday also dispatched Denis McDonough, deputy national security adviser, to deliver a speech on Islamic radicalization Sunday at a Virginia mosque. McDonough stressed that the United States does not practice “guilt by association” but also said afterward that the administration welcomes “congressional involvement.”

However, other lawmakers and groups have been highly critical.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., slammed King in a statement Wednesday, warning the hearing could divide Americans based on religion.

“I take the threat of terrorism very seriously, and no one is more committed to hunting down terrorists and bringing them to justice, wherever they live, than I am,” Reid said. “But I am deeply concerned about these hearings, which demonize law-abiding American Muslims who make important contributions to our society, as I would be about congressional hearings to investigate Catholics, Jews or people of any other faith based solely on their religion.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations joined other groups for a press conference Wednesday denouncing the hearing. CAIR Director Nihad Awad said that King’s “bias” and “fear-mongering” make him “unfit” to lead the House committee. Awad condemned violent extremism but said King was spreading “false” allegations and “irresponsible rhetoric” about American Muslims.

CAIR was among the groups that backed a protest in New York City over the weekend.

Dozens of organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union, also sent out a letter Tuesday comparing King’s plans to “McCarthyism and Japanese internment.”

But King in his statement plans to urge “responsible” Muslim leaders to reject CAIR and plans to defend his hearing as the “logical response to the repeated and urgent warnings” coming out of the Obama administration.

“There is no equivalency of threat between Al Qaeda and neo-Nazis, environmental extremists or other isolated madmen. Only Al Qaeda and its Islamist affiliates in this country are part of an international threat to our nation,” King plans to say.

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