“Why We Need an Alternative Media” by Todd Strandberg

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There is little doubt that President Obama got his head handed to him in the first debate. The most fanatical Obama supporters have been forced to admit that October 3 was not the president’s night. Even Van Jones, President Obama’s former special adviser, was forced to say, “Romney was able to ‘out-Obama’ Obama.”

The most common excuse being given by the press for the debacle is that Obama had four years of yes men, so he was a bit rusty. I would point out that they are the reason Obama was so rusty. It’s a given that the president would be surrounded by a staff of sycophants. For centuries, it has been the job of the press to keep our highest political leaders honest. In the past few years, the liberal media has descended to the point that I’m unable to tell the difference between a White House reporter and a paid Democratic spin doctor.

Even when Obama treats the press with disdain, they still blindly do his bidding. When our embassies were attacked last month in the Middle East, the president came out and read a statement. He promptly left without taking any questions, which has become a common practice for him. The focus of the liberal media on that day was what Romney had to say. They huddled together and decided to attack the former governor for speaking out too soon on such a sensitive issue.

One of the lowest points for the mainstream press would have to be the Fast and Furious Scandal. We had the Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) facilitating the sale of guns to Mexican drug cartels, and the killing of border patrol agent Brian Terry with one of those weapons. Eventually, Attorney General Eric Holder became the first acting Cabinet member to be held in criminal contempt of Congress for refusing to hand over documents in response to a subpoena. The liberal media has portrayed this sad affair as a non issue.

The lack of accountability has tarnished the reliability of key data provided by the government. This past week, the Labor Department released a report that said the unemployed rate had plunged four ticks to 7.8 percent. The job market rose by 873,000, the biggest gain since June 1983. The liberal media had absolutely no problem with the data. In fact, they attacked anyone who dared to questioned the data. When former GE Jack Welch tweeted, “Unbelievable jobs numbers. these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers,” he was pounced on by the press. This convenient economic miracle was made all the more spectacle by the release of less reported data that showed food stamp usage has risen to a new record high.

The most galling statement by the liberal media would have to be them asking why Obama is so lucky to be ahead in the polls with the economy in the dumpster. They are the ones who made him lucky by presenting the narrative that “everything is going smoothly in the nation.” The media constantly parrots the Obama administration’s positive spin on employment. For example,they talked about all the hiring retailers were making in the lead-up to Christmas sales. They glossed over the fact that these were seasonal jobs. The real economic story should have been that America is experiencing its longest period of high unemployment since the Great Depression.

Whenever the press is granted a sit-down interview with Obama, all he gets are softball questions. Steve Kroft from 60 Minutes asked Obama this silly question: “As an outsider, can you still get things accomplished in Washington?” Obama answered with an even more ridiculous remark, “My biggest disappointment is that we haven’t changed the tone in Washington as much as I would have liked.”

A lot of conservative commentators realize what is going on with liberal media, but they don’t understand they are all of one mind. Rush Limbaugh has blamed liberal group think on the fact that members of the dominant media go to the same schools and hang out with each other. The expansion of liberalism is not the work of a social club. It is an invasive cancer that is actively spreading throughout our nation. Nearly every major Christian education institute has fallen under the spell of the liberal agenda.

The God of this world is the one who is pulling strings. The Bible warns that Satan is “the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience” (Ephesians 2:2).

The liberal media is a huge threat to our freedom. The day may come when someone in power decides to consolidate power under him, and if he shares that person’s political view, the press will proclaim the move as bold and decisive. Since we already have a national media that is ready to blindly serve a left-leaning dictator, all is needed is someone with the ambition to seize power.

The only way to combat the destructive influence of the liberal media is to create an alternative media that can compete. We do have right-wing talk radio and Fox News, but they are only a small part of a big pie. During any given month, the liberal media still provides the lion’s share of the news coverage to the American people.

I am very pessimistic about the future. I have to be very realistic about our proximity to the Tribulation hour and the likelihood of events continuing to thread in a negative direction. I also know that most people don’t care about what is happening to our nation. Even though the vast majority of the citizens of America classify themselves as conservatives, few of them care enough about the health of our nation to change their viewing habits. If only a small percent of the population voted with their feet, liberal fortresses like MSNBC, CNN, and the New York Times would collapse like a house of cards.


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