The Election is Over and America Spoke, But What Did We Really Say?

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On Tuesday, November 6, election day 2012, American voters decided our path for at least the next four years, most likely longer.

ObamaCare is a certainty now and has already begun to affect employees and employers. Not only has it affected companies like Papa John’s Pizza, among many others, but we have personally felt it. In our benefits information for 2013 there was a notice that in 2014, our current plan would no longer be available. It is being dropped because of the government mandated “excise tax” being levied against it. In 2014, our deductible and maximum out of pocket will double.

Now many of might say “well at least you have insurance”. True. We are employed and work very hard to remain that way. I do understand that many people aren’t insured and/or aren’t employed. I have sympathy for them and believe that they should be helped as they are looking a job.

What many people still can’t get their minds around is who is going to pay for all of this?

Obama claims to have a plan; tax the rich. This sounds good on the surface, but it quickly falls apart once the government attempts to define “rich”. It seems that every time we look up from our “millstones”, we discover the government has lowered the amount necessary to classify someone as “rich”. No longer encompassing “old money” and “new money”, they now include the small business owner; the sixty hour per week person who’s pinned his/her entire life and well being on making their small business a success.

Businesses, both large and small, will do whatever is necessary to remain solvent and in business. As the burdens, placed on them by an ever expanding and intrusive government increases companies will reduce headcount, reduced expansion, reduced work hours, and reduced product offerings, just to name a few. All of these things impact the average working person in the form of lost jobs, lower wages, higher taxes, fewer items on the shelves in stores and higher prices. The increased burden on the average individual and family is just beginning.

What else did we say with this election?

By voting for Obama and the Democrats, we have said that we want to encourage class warfare, a sense of entitlement, and amnesty for illegal aliens.

An exit poll cited by the Associated Press stated, “ask white voters about the proper role of government, for another, and 60 percent think it should do less. Ask Hispanics the same question, and 58 percent think the government should do more, as do 73 percent of blacks…” Entitlement and amnesty in full force.

What else did we say with this election?

From a CNNMoney article “voters in Washington and Colorado passed ballot initiatives Tuesday to legalize marijuana for recreational use…”

Although far from finalized (marijuana is still illegal at the federal level), it’s a great concern that on one hand we teach our children to live “drug free” and on the other, legalize drugs. What kind of message does that send to our children?

So what did we, the voters, say?

Would it be fair to say that we voted for evil? Too strong of a term perhaps?

Remember, we voted for class warfare and redistribution of wealth, entitlement, government intrusion and legalized drugs. Are these things not considered to “bad” or negatives? Has our moral relativism reached that point that we can no longer distinguish between good and bad?

Apparently for almost half the of the voters in this nation, a resounding “yes” is in order.

A last word to Christians. You need to remember that a vote for evil of any kind is a vote for Satan and vote against God. That’s the way God sees it anyway.