Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Claims 14 Lives, Death Toll Likely to Rise

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Continue to pray for the people affected by this situation.

The Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed Friday afternoon that 14 people have died after a fertilizer plant explosion Wednesday night in West.

Sen. John Cornyn said in a Friday afternoon press conference that 60 people remain unaccounted for, but that number was later disputed by a local official who said the number is likely much lower, MyFoxDFW.com reported.

Four firefighters died in the blast and at least 200 injured.

A fire began Wednesday evening at the West Fertilizer plant. Fifty minutes later, an explosion was reported in a frantic radio call from the scene. Authorities said there is no indication that the blast was anything but an accident.

The search and rescue operation has largely wound down, with only a handful of buildings left to check.

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Second Marathon Suspect in Custody After Tense Standoff

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Continue to pray about this situation. May justice be served and may the Lord bring comfort to all the people involved in any capacity.
Out thoughts and prayers are with the victim and our gratitude is with the law enforcement officials.

A day-long dragnet for the second of two brothers believed to be behind Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing ended Friday night, with police capturing the suspect covered in blood and hiding in a boat in the backyard of a man who called 911 after becoming suspicious of activity on his property.

“We got him,” Boston Mayor Tom Menino tweeted moments later, as neighbors gathered to form a gauntlet of cheers while a phalanx of police cars departed the scene.

Police moved in on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Friday evening after a tip led them to the home on Franklin Street, where he apparently had been hiding in the back yard. Neighbors said they heard more than 30 shots one likened to “a roll of firecrackers shooting off.” Police swarmed the scene, and several explosions, possibly police concussion grenades, were heard after a robot moved in on the boat. Less than two hours later, at about 9 p.m., the suspect, believed to have been injured in a wild shootout that spanned Thursday night to Friday morning, was being taken to Beth Israel Hospital.

No police were injured when shots were fired by the boat.

“We are so grateful to bring justice and to bring closure to this case,” Massachsetts State Police Col. Tim Alben said moments later, at a staging area set up down the block from the crime scene. “We have a suspect in custody.”

Sources told Fox News the shed and the boat had been searched earlier, but a local man noticed a door to it had been opened, saw blood on the tarp and called police.

“It was a call from a resident of Watertown,” Watertown Police Chief Edward Deveau said. “We got that call, and we got the guy.”

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said Tsarnaev was in serious condition and was found “covered with blood.” He did not come out from inside the boat willingly, despite the efforts of negotiators, Davis said.

“We assume that those injuries came from the gunfire the night before,” Davis said. He also said Tsarnaev did not have any explosives with him when he was taken into custody.

The hiding place was found just moments after police said their hunt for Tsarnaev, one of two radical Muslim brothers suspected in Monday’s attack, had gone cold and urged people to “go about your business.”

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