U.S. Thumbs Its Nose at God – Again

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Last week, the government continued its attack on traditional marriage and, yet again, thumbed its nose at God.

Attorney General Eric Holder announced Saturday evening that the Justice Department will now follow a landmark Supreme Court ruling on same-sex spouses, which means they will no longer be compelled to testify against each other in civil and criminal cases.

Holder’s speech was criticized by the conservative National Organization for Marriage.

“This is just the latest in a series of moves by the Obama administration, and in particular the Department of Justice, to undermine the authority and sovereignty of the states to make their own determinations regulating the institution of marriage,” said Brian Brown, the group’s president. “The changes being proposed here to a process as universally relevant as the criminal justice system serve as a potent reminder of why it is simply a lie to say that redefining marriage doesn’t affect everyone in society.”

Hang on the ride, Folks. It’s going to get bumpy.

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