Why Does Killing An Unborn Child Define Women’s Rights

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:37 pm by Steve

I have often wondered why, aside from a nudge from the evil one, that in modern society, the only way to define woman’s rights is to be able to terminate a unborn child.

Why does this seem to be the “be all-end all” of defining womanhood?

Are modern women now defined by a never ending quest for actions without consequences?  Rather than protecting the innocent, must they prove womanhood by violently destroying the most innocent among us; one who depends on their mom for protection?

The unborn is truly wronged, never asking to be unintentionally created from careless, often “recreational” activity, they are destined to be murdered (for by strict definition, that’s what it truly is) violently in the womb.

I hope that modern women can reflect that doing away with an unexpected pregnancy is more empowering than facing the world and “conquering” it by choosing the higher road, not necessarily the easiest one.