Holiday Blizzard With Historic Snow and Ice

Thank goodness for man-made global warming. Think how bad this would be without it.
OK, I’m making a joke here. What isn’t a joke is how the global warming alarmist will try to spin this in order to try to convince people that it’s a sign of man-made global warming, since it seems that any type of weather can be used by them to “prove” man-made global warming. What isn’t a joke is the amount of money pledged by our government, who is already massively in debt, to fight a problem that doesn’t exist.
How does anyone, with even an ounce of logic, believe in man-made global warming after all of the evidence to the contrary? After leaked emails from so called “experts” urging cover-ups, destruction of data that didn’t support their position and ostracism of those who disagreed, who can possibly believe? Even Wikipedia was modified and opposing contributors shut out to make “man-made” global warming happen.
The truth is, it’s all about money. Legitimate research is out the door and greed is in, at any cost. When grant money is on the line, these people will make the data say anything necessary to keep the dollars rolling in.
Do you believe in man-made global warming? Maybe it’s time to rethink your position.

A dangerous and multifaceted winter storm will continue to rapidly intensify as it heads out of Texas today taking a position over the Missouri Valley by tonight.

This storm promises to bring widespread travel problems to a large chunk of the country just in time for the Christmas holiday.

Snow will fall to the north and west of the storm track with heavy snow likely throughout the Plains states along with the Upper Midwest.

Snow fall amounts by Friday afternoon in excess of one foot are likely from eastern Nebraska, western Iowa, the Dakotas, Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin.

Freezing rain will fall in eastern Iowa, central Wisconsin and western Lower Michigan today.

A wintry mix will be changing over to all snow from Tulsa to Kansas City to Des Moines with several inches of snow possible in these locations by Friday morning.

Winds will gust in excess of 50 miles per hour this afternoon into tonight across a large portion of the central United Sates.

By late tonight the strong winds will whip the snow around in a furry creating 5 to 10 foot drifts in an area that includes the Central and Northern Plains and the western parts of the Upper Midwest.

The heavy snow and extreme wind will create a recipe for blizzard conditions by Christmas morning making travel extremely hazardous if not impossible across the Central and Northern Plains.

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