Senate Passes Health Insurance Overhaul

When you taxes go sky high, as they most certainly will, or your small business employer lays you off because he can’t afford to pay for your health insurance, please remember that it was the Democrats who did it to you. Please try to have better than the typical American 30 second attention span.
And for those whom this legislation is supposedly designed to help, please remember that it was the Democrats who cut Medicare. It was the Democrats who drove your doctor out of business. It was the Democrats who in one hand demanded that the legislation be passed overnight because of it’s importance, but wrote it so it won;t take affect until after the 2012 elections.
Remember that it was the Democrats who held midnight votes on weekends and holidays in order to make sure you were not aware of what they were doing.
Please remember this was all the Democrats, and vote accordingly.

WASHINGTON — The Senate passed a health insurance overhaul on Thursday morning, 60-39, as both Democrats and Republicans held unified in their positions on the massive bill that mandates coverage for about 9 percent of the U.S. population.

All 58 Democrats and two independents supported the $871 billion, 10-year package that aims to cover about 30 million Americans. Thirty-nine of 40 Republicans rejected the bill. Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning, who is retiring at the end of this Congress, did not vote.

Senate lawmakers moved quickly after the vote to one more bill — a hike in the debt ceiling needed to prevent a U.S. default on loans — passing it on a 60-39 vote before scattering across the nation ahead of their Christmas break.

Facing the certainty that Senate Democrats were lined up to pass the landmark legislation, Republican senators said they are resolved to fight to the bitter end to prevent the bill from being implemented.

“That’s the clear will of the American people and we’re going to fight on their behalf,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said just moments before the vote.

McConnell added that he hoped that voters would use the congressional break between Dec. 24 and Jan. 19, when the Senate returns, to appeal to lawmakers to stop the bill before the unpopular bill becomes law. The House returns on Jan. 12.

Now that both the House of Representatives and Senate have finished their votes — the House passed its version in November — the two chambers must reconcile their starkly different bills.

Some congressional offices have been floating the idea that the House accept the Senate version whole cloth in order to get it to President Obama’s desk in time for the State of the Union address, but it was unclear whether that would be acceptable to many House Democrats, and the negotiations could slip into February.

Vice President Joe Biden returned to his old haunt to preside over the historic vote as president of the Senate, and was greeted warmly by former colleagues from both sides of the aisle. But in his role atop the dais, Biden listened while McConnell excoriated the legislation.

“Many people on this side who are going to support this bill don’t like it. Otherwise Democratic leaders would not have had such a tough time rounding up votes,” McConnell said, noting that Democratic leaders held votes in the “middle of the night, at the crack of dawn, overnight, in the middle of a blizzard” and on Christmas eve.

Reid praised the bill as one that would stop “greedy insurance companies” from driving the sick into bankruptcy [this is a lie. see here for details. -ed.] and would “slice the deficit.”

The Senate measure, in addition to extending coverage to millions of people who lack it, would ban the insurance industry from denying benefits or charging higher premiums on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions. The Congressional Budget Office predicts the bill will reduce deficits by $130 billion over the next 10 years, an estimate that assumes lawmakers carry through on hundreds of billions of dollars in planned cuts to insurance companies and doctors, hospitals and others who treat Medicare patients.

For the first time the government would require nearly every American to carry insurance, and subsidies would be provided to help low-income people do so. Employers would be induced to cover their employees through a combination of tax credits and penalties.

Unlike the House, the Senate measure omits a government-run insurance option, which liberals favored to apply pressure on private insurers but Democratic moderates opposed as an unwarranted federal intrusion.

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  1. BibleMike says:

    When will American Christians stop confusing Christianity with social and/or national politics? Jesus did not call us to be republicans or democrats, socialists or fascists, nationalsts or communists. He called us to follow Him. As far as I know he never addressed national politics except to say “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and render unto God that which is God’s.”

    I am so tired of false prophets on radio and in church pupits preaching the gospel of the republican party instead of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What do any of these comments have to do with worshiping Jesus? As I search the web for for internet fellowship, I find far too many who may even think they are doing good for God, but who are falling off the way and into the hands of the devil’s distractions. Prosperity gospel or political gospel, it is all anathema in the eyes of God.

    Each day I pray that the American Christian Church will get back to the things of God and stop dealing in the fallacies of man. We have allowed ourselves to be decieved into thinking that the political way is God’s way for us. If that were true Jesus would have made senators instead of apostles, congressmen instead of disciples. It is so easy to lose sight of our first Love and replace Him with the things of man, but when we do we pay a terrible price for it and we cause terrible damage to the causes of Christ.

  2. Steve says:

    Oh how I wish your way was possible. I wish all I had to talk about was the Loving Grace and Glory of God.
    But we Christians have seen time and time again what happens when we sit on our hands and let the secular world take care of its self. We see prayer stripped from the school. We see abortion on demand. We see homosexual “marriage”.
    When we stop dealing with the “fallacies of man”, that is when we will loose the right to worship God.

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