Religious Haitians Say Earthquake Was God Asking for Change

OK, despite what Pat Robertson thinks, here is what causes earthquakes:

“Earthquakes occur only in the outer, brittle portions of these plates, where temperatures in the rock are relatively low. Deep in the Earth’s interior, convection of the rocks, caused by temperature variations in the Earth, induces stresses that result in movement of the overlying plates. The rates of plate movements range from about 2 to 12 centimeters per year and can now be measured by precise surveying techniques. The stresses from convection can also deform the brittle portions of overlying plates, thereby storing tremendous energy within the plates. If the accumulating stress exceeds the strength of the rocks comprising these brittle zones, the rocks can break suddenly, releasing the stored elastic energy as an earthquake.”
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I believe that God has total control of all things in His universe. But I also believe that natural disasters are not Him being wrathful with us. Not at this time anyway. Natural disasters are merely the product of an imperfect earth.
So, the aspect that the Haitian people “sinned” so much more than any of the rest of us and “deserved” this earthquake is, well quite honestly, ludicrous.
I do not support and have hardly ever supported anything Pat Robertson says and does. Particularly when he somehow draws these absurd parallels.

Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti and please contribute to help them if you can. There are many well known organizations currently taking donations to help these people.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Deeply religious Haitians see the hand of God in the destruction of Biblical proportions visited on their benighted country. The quake, religious leaders said Sunday, is evidence that He wants change.

Exactly what change He wants depends on the faith: Some Christians say it’s a sign that Haitians must deepen their faith, while some Voodoo followers see God’s judgment on corruption among the country’s mostly light-skinned elite.

And then there’s American evangelist Pat Robertson, who said Wednesday that Haiti had been cursed by a pact he said its slave founders made with the devil two centuries ago to overthrow their French rulers and become the world’s first black republic. The White House called his remarks “stupid.”

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