State of the Union Address 2010

The big news today is Obama’s State of the Union Address. There are a lot of commentators commenting about it, so take some time and read what your favorites are saying about it.
Quite honestly, I didn’t hear anything different. He knows he’s in trouble for his push on health care, so he hardly mentioned it, only briefly touching on it and using that to admonish those who oppose it.
He knows that jobs are first and foremost on people’s minds, but failed to mention that his stimulus bill, rushed through the process before anyone even had a chance to read it, passed last year, was supposed to make jobs and reduce unemployment, but did the opposite with unemployment now over 10% He plays with “fuzzy” numbers to try to convince us that he has “saved” jobs, when just measuring that is virtually impossible, let alone actually doing it, which he hasn’t, as shown by the over 10% unemployment rate.
He talked about tax cuts and cuts to spending, but everything he proposes won’t be enough; won’t help at all.
He touted out his “hope and change” message trying to recapture the high he was on when he was campaigning.
But it’s a different world. He has shown his true colors and many people are wise to him now.
All I saw was the same Obama, heavy on rhetoric, light on substance.

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