Plano Congregation to Leave Episcopal Church

A Plano congregation has decided to secede from the Episcopal church. It is a strong statement regarding the recent events surrounding the church, but it is a statement that must be made. It is my prayer that this congregation will be one of many who decide to side with God instead of satan. The Episcopal church (and I use the term “church” loosely) can approve of homosexuality and all other forms of sin if they so choose, but ultimately God will not be mocked no matter what the bishops decide.

PLANO — Christ Church Episcopal has announced that it will leave the denomination because it can no longer abide by the national church’s decisions.

Leaders of the conservative Plano congregation announced their plan Monday, a week after the Episcopal Church elected Nevada Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori as its first female presiding bishop.

Jefferts Schori supported the 2003 consecration of V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop. She also supported the creation of locally authorized blessings for gay unions.

“The mission of Christ Church is to make disciples and teach them to obey the commands of Christ,” said a statement approved by Christ Church’s leaders this weekend. “The direction of the leadership of the Episcopal Church is different and we regret their departure from biblical truth and the historic faith of the Anglican Communion. … We declare our intention to disassociate from ECUSA as soon as possible.”

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  1. Steve says:

    My friend, Mike Mickey over at the Rapture Alert web site has a letter from an Episcopal lady that is a must read. I’ll go ahead and do a post with a link this morning.

  2. beth says:

    I read the letter by Mrs. Thompson. She is right on the money. I wonder if enough Episcopals voiced their dissaproval, would it make a difference? I am concerned that once someone with such an agenda is put into the main leadership position, it would be impossible to boot them out.

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