Face of Jesus Christ on Shroud to Come to Life Through Graphic Computer Technology

Face in the Shroud

This is really cool.

The world will have an extraordinary opportunity to look upon what may be an undistorted, never-before-seen, moving 3-D portrait of a man who many think may be the crucified Jesus Christ.

In just one week, graphic experts will bring to life an imprint on the holy relic known as the Shroud of Turin, believed by millions to be the burial shroud of Christ.

The Shroud of Turin bears the full-body, back-and-front image of a crucified man that is said to closely resemble the New Testament description of the passion and death of Christ. The 14-foot cloth long has posed mysteries because of its age and its negative image of a bloodstained and battered man who had been crucified. Believers claim it to be the miraculous image of Jesus, formed as he rose from the dead.

The History Channel will air “The Real Face of Jesus?,” a special two-hour event that premieres March 30 at 9 p.m. EST. It aims to bring the world as close as it has ever come to seeing what Jesus may have actually looked like.

Computer graphics artist Ray Downing of Studio Macbeth used today’s most sophisticated electronic tools and software in a yearlong effort to recreate the face imprint on the Shroud of Turin.

“The presence of 3-D information encoded in a 2-D image is quite unexpected, as well as unique,” Downing said. “It is as if there is an instruction set inside a picture for building a sculpture.”

OK, this is important to understand. Put simply, almost all two dimensional drawings contain only two dimensional data. The shroud is a two dimensional drawing, but contains 3 dimensional data. Not such a big deal today, but quite a feat for the time period detractors claim the shroud was made in.

The shroud was either created by a genus, with the mind of a computer and the drawing ability of a graphics plotter, or it is the actual burial shroud of Jesus Christ. Those are about the only choices left.

As an engineer, I deal with drawings every day. I’m not an expert, such as a draftsperson or graphic artist would be, but I know that it’s only been within the last two decade that computers became powerful enough to render two dimensional data into three dimensional drawings.

Graphic of Face from the Shroud

Going back to my previous statement, an artist would not only have to be able to visualize, or render two dimensional data accurately into three dimensional data, something that takes massive computer power to do today, but he would also have to be able to draw it, just as perfectly as he envisioned it, something only high quality, precision plotters are capable of today. There would be no way to “erase” any errors in his work once he started rendering it on the linen cloth. If it was done in stages, as it would be impossible for a human to render an image this complex in one sitting, the shroud would most likely show imperfections where he left off on one day and resumed it the next. The odds of a person being able to do these things are, for all practical purposes, impossible.

I’m not Catholic, so as a “relic”, the shroud doesn’t mean as much to me as it would to practicing Catholics. With that said, I do find it a fascinating possibility that we might be looking at an image of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

He told WND some scientists debate whether 3-D information is provided in the shroud.

“It’s so unusual to find this kind of information – in ancient cloths, photographs, paintings, drawings and etchings – it’s so unusual that some think it’s a miracle and some doubt it’s even there,” he said. “The people who say it’s not there haven’t examined it for themselves. Disbelievers disbelieve it. Believers think it’s a miracle ”

Downing used similar computer graphics techniques in 2009 to create moving images of Abraham Lincoln in “Stealing Lincoln’s Body.” He said in “The Real Face of Jesus?,” viewers will learn how artists used the technology to build the figure.

“There comes a time in the show where there’s a climax where we actually reveal the face of Jesus,” he explained. “What you’ll see is a very, very close shot of Jesus in the tomb, and then he comes to life.”

Downing said there are two lessons within the story of the shroud.

“There is the story of the shroud which, artistically and scientifically, is the story of a transition from two dimensional to three dimensional. But there is as well the story of the man in the shroud, and a record of His transformation from death to life,” Downing observed. “The two stories are intertwined; they seem to be one and the same.”

In 2009, Downing and the History Channel traveled to see John Jackson, a physics lecturer at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs who runs the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado, to learn more about the science of the cloth from the man who has studied it first-hand.

In 1978, Jackson led a team of American scientists which was given exclusive access to the Shroud of Turin for five days of intensive scientific examination. Jackson has continued his analysis of that data until the present time.

“People are so fascinated by this because there’s a real possibility that this might be the historic burial cloth of Jesus,” Jackson told WND. “If it’s the burial cloth of Jesus, then it would also be the resurrection cloth. Suddenly, you have a physical object – here we are 2,000 years later – that conceivably could just bring us right into the Easter tomb.”

Jackson said the shroud shows all the blood wounds that are recorded in the gospels. Among Jackson’s findings he cited:

* Bloodstains on the shroud are real, and the blood has not been degraded by heat.

* Historians say the stains are consistent with crucifixion, including puncture wounds from thorns and scourge marks from a Roman whip.

* A puncture wound in the man’s side is consistent with a Roman spear. And the wound marks showing nail holes through the wrists and heels are consistent with Roman crucifixion.

* A textile restorer, Mechthild Flury-Lemberg, in 2002 announced the stitching found in the material had been seen in material from only one other source: the ruins of Masada, a Jewish settlement destroyed in A.D. 74. And the herringbone weave was common in the First Century but rare in Middle Ages.

“It would seem that it’s pretty unique,” Jackson explained. “Crucifixion was done quite a bit in the Roman Empire. It was their way of controlling the population that they wanted to subjugate. But the crown of thorns, according to the gospel accounts, was something that was invented for Jesus because of his claim of being King of the Jews. He was also scourged as well. There was no record that the other two men who were crucified along with Jesus had it happen to them.”

Jackson said generations upon generations of people have passed on the shroud, and much of the information about the origins of the burial cloth was not passed along with it.

“So you just have a degradation of what you know about this cloth,” he said. “So you have to rely upon scientific archeology of the cloth to bridge over some of that ignorance and tie things together.”

The shroud’s detractors seem to want an unbroken evidence chain in order to substantiate the claims of this being Jesus’ actual shroud, but unfortunately the apostles didn’t bag it in a clear plastic bag, sealed it with red tape and label it with a Sharpie marker “Jesus’ Burial Shroud”.

No amount of information is ever enough for those wishing to disprove God and His plan of Salvation for Mankind.

Body Under the Shroud

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    While I do believe the shroud to be authentic, it is not as important as knowing Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

    I am not Catholic, and at this point in time, no longer claim a denomination. I was raised as a Methodist, but first and foremost is my relationship with Christ. He is my reason for being–
    This is where our focus needs to be.

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