NYT Defends: Terrorists Should Have Known About Money Tracking

What people have not yet figured out is that a war on terror is unlike any other war we have waged. The terrorist do not a standing army that we can defeat. They blend in with civilians, often times using them as “human shields” in order to avoid exposure.
As the quote from the article says:
“…the newspaper can’t have it both ways: ‘On the one hand, they’re saying, ‘We had to go public because it was so secret.’ But now they’re saying there’s no harm in going public because everybody knew about it.’”
In their liberal minds, there’s no problem with assisting terrorist in order to make President Bush look bad. I do believe this is treason, and I would like to see it prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

(CNSNews.com) – Amid the uproar over the New York Times publishing reports about a secret — but legal — anti-terrorism program intended to track the global movement of terrorist funds, the newspaper’s editorial board on Wednesday defended the newpaper’s decision to publish the story.
In a nutshell, the editorial argued:
— that the New York Times is accustomed to being criticized for doing its job. (As the editorial put it, “Over the last year, The New York Times has twice published reports about secret antiterrorism programs being run by the Bush administration. Both times, critics have claimed that the paper was being unpatriotic or even aiding the terrorists.”)
— that publication of the story did not put any specific person in danger. (Editorial: “The…story bears no resemblance to security breaches, like disclosure of troop locations, that would clearly compromise the immediate safety of specific individuals.”)
— that terror groups should have known all along that their money transfers were being watched. (“Terrorist groups would have had to be fairly credulous not to suspect that they would be subject to scrutiny if they moved money around through international wire transfers,” the editorial said.)

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