Judge: Same-Gender ‘Marriage’ Not a ‘Fundamental Right’

This is an interesting situation. Apparently two lesbians decided to get married in June of 2009. Since their state, Pennsylvania, does not offer marriage to gay people, they traveled to Massachusetts, where homosexual “marriage” is legal and got “married”.
Less than a year later, they decided it wasn’t working out for them (big surprise there) and wanted to get a divorce. Unfortunately, divorce is a much bigger deal than getting married. Since their state, Pennsylvania, does not recognize homosexual “marriage”, they tried to get their divorce in Massachusetts, but Massachusetts requires people seeking to get a divorce to be legal residents of that state, which these two lesbians are not; they live in Pennsylvania.
In order to get the divorce, they decided to try to get a court to rule that marriage is a fundamental right which would then allow them to get a divorce in Pennsylvania.
The court said “No”. Better luck next time, homosexual activist.

Carole Ann Kern and Robin Lynn Taney were married in June 2009 in Massachusetts, where homosexual “marriage” is legal. When they did not meet the residency requirements to file for divorce in that state, they returned to their home state and filed there. But Berks County Judge Scott Lash ruled as “unsupportable” the couple’s argument that same-sex marriage passes the test for being a “fundamental right.”

“This is a plea for social change,” the judge wrote. “If homosexuals had a fundamental right to be married to each other, this plea would be unnecessary.”

Diane Gramley of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania reacts to the judge’s ruling. “Well, I think we have at least one good judge in Pennsylvania,” she comments. “It was encouraging that he ruled that this lesbian couple could not get a divorce in Pennsylvania, because Pennsylvania does not recognize their marriage to begin with.”

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