California’s Hastings College Policy Labeled ‘Crazy’ by Supreme Court Justice

There may actually be some common sense emanating from the Supreme Court.

The high court last week heard arguments from the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law and a campus chapter of the Christian Legal Society. CLS claims Hastings’ policy forces them to accept as voting members and potential leaders, classmates who do not share their core religious beliefs.

Hastings says official campus groups may not exclude people due to religious beliefs or sexual orientation. But during arguments, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was reported as saying: “To require the Christian Society to allow atheists not just to join, but to conduct Bible classes — that’s crazy.”

[Casey Mattox, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund], tells OneNewsNow that the policy contradicts everything the school is supposed to stand for. “When you start saying that student groups can’t organize around beliefs, and instead they have to allow people who reject the beliefs of the organization in order to lead them — whether they’re student Christian groups or otherwise — it doesn’t make any sense at all,” he opines.

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