‘Enshrinement’ of Sharia (Islamic) Law a Major Threat

Just two words: lan astaslem, Arabic for “I will not submit” or “I will not surrender.” No Sharia law. If it comes, I will resist it.

The Institute on Religion & Democracy is concerned that Christian groups are not fully realizing the threat posed by an expansion of sharia (Islamic law) in the West, and so it is calling upon churches to stand against global attempts to enshrine it.

“Islam’s goal is to Islamize the entire country — to take the territory and to claim it for Islam,” [Faith McDonnell, director of the religious liberty program at the IRD] explains. “So any of these things that we see happening where Islamists are complaining about offense, like with Franklin Graham coming to the Day of Prayer — it’s just a little bit more territory that they’re taking.”

McDonnell says Christians must speak out for those whose rights could be jeopardized by the imposition of Islamic law. “Living in tolerance of other faith groups does not require Christians to give in to every demand for the sake of political correctness,” she says in a press release.

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