Gulf Oil Spill Hits Shoreline, Jerusalem Building Ban and a Busy Hurricane Season; Connect the Dots

There are three seemingly unrelated reports, but I want to throw this out there for the record. I pray that my “connecting the dots” turns out to be horribly misdirected, but I fear that it is not.

The first report is that oil from the Deepwater Horizon, BP drilling platform, is starting to come ashore along the Louisiana coast. According to Fox News:

Oil from a massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico was starting to ooze ashore, threatening migrating birds, nesting pelicans and even river otters and mink along Louisiana’s fragile islands and barrier marshes.

Crews in boats were patrolling coastal marshes early Friday looking for areas where the oil has flowed in, the Coast Guard said.

The leak from a blown-out well a mile underwater is five times bigger than first believed. Faint fingers of oily sheen were reaching the Mississippi River delta late Thursday, lapping the Louisiana shoreline in long, thin lines. Thicker oil was about five miles offshore. Officials have said they would do everything to keep the Mississippi River open to traffic.

The oil slick could become the nation’s worst environmental disaster in decades, threatening to eclipse even the Exxon Valdez in scope. It imperils hundreds of species of fish, birds and other wildlife along the Gulf Coast, one of the world’s richest seafood grounds, teeming with shrimp, oysters and other marine life.

But further to the loss of animal life, which in itself is horrible, the Houston Chronicle reported yesterday:

The marshy areas along the Louisiana coast serve as nature’s speed bumps, slowing storms as they make landfall. Oil would further damage vegetation in the already vanishing wetlands. Without enough plants and grasses, the marshes could turn into open water unable to reduce a storm’s wallop.

OK, I’ll concede that the plants will grown back over time. But we have this report from Hurricane Center meteorologists:

Hurricane Center meteorologists, led by Chief Long-Range Meteorologist and Hurricane Forecaster Joe Bastardi, are calling for a much more active 2010 season with above-normal threats on the U.S. coastline.

“This year has the chance to be an extreme season,” said Bastardi. “It is certainly much more like 2008 than 2009 as far as the overall threat to the United States’ East and Gulf coasts.”

Bastardi is forecasting seven landfalls. Five will be hurricanes, and two or three of the hurricanes will be major landfalls for the U.S.

He is calling for 16 to 18 tropical storms in total, 15 of which would be in the western Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico, and therefore a threat to land.

So here is how this scenario may play out.

  • The oil slick moved faster than authorities anticipated and will create a major disaster for the Gulf Coast shoreline, damaging or destroying storm “buffer” areas.
  • The hurricane season starts in about a month and is expected to be very active with several Gulf hurricanes coming ashore.
  • Last Wednesday (April 28), Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “agreed to quietly halt all Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem as a “confidence-building gesture” toward the Palestinian Authority as demanded by the Obama administration.”
  • “Steve”, many of you will say, “you’re crazy!!”
    I hope so, for the sake of many good people. I pray that my possible scenario is total fiction and will not happen at all. Remember, I live on the Gulf Coast; this could all be happening in my back yard. This will affect my family and I.
    God is going to respond to the massive abuse our government has levied against Israel. The “apple of God’s eyes”; Israel, will not be abused without response.
    We have already seen weather that is totally out of line with the season and our past experience.
    I wonder if we are going to “connect the dots” before it is too late?

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    2 Responses to “Gulf Oil Spill Hits Shoreline, Jerusalem Building Ban and a Busy Hurricane Season; Connect the Dots”

    1. Dennis R. White says:

      Why would God punish only the people and the wildlife of the Gulf Coast for this nation’s policy toward Israel? I know He works in powerful and mysterious ways….but He does not work in convoluted and illogical ways. God is quite clear in how he wishes to guide us. We only need to listen intently.
      I sympathize with you, but it sounds almost selfish to worry about this oil spill because it is in your backyard. God isn’t about to smite you and your family for decisions that are ultimately controlled in Washington DC.
      Listen closely. He will tell you what He expects from you in an unambiguous way.

    2. Steve says:

      I think this is just one of many events we are going to see in the near future, as God removed his protection from us and turns His wrath toward us.
      The United States is finished if we continue to abuse Israel as we have been doing.

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