BP’s ‘Top Kill’ Effort to Plug Oil Spill in Gulf Reportedly Working

It looks like the latest attempt to kill the well in gulf is working.

BP’s “top kill” operation halted the flow of oil and gas from the stricken Deepwater Horizon rig Thursday, according to U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, cited in the Los Angeles Times.

Allen, who is coordinating the government response to the oil spill, said Thursday that engineers had succeeded in stopping the flow of oil and gas into the Gulf of Mexico from the BP well.

Allen said the engineers had pumped enough drilling fluid to block all oil and gas from the well. The pressure from the well was very low, but persists, he added.

If the risky procedure stops the flow, BP will then inject cement into the well to seal it. The top kill has worked above ground but has never before been tried 5,000 feet beneath the sea. BP pegged its chance of success at 60 to 70 percent.

“We’re doing everything we can to bring it to closure, and actually we’re executing this top kill job as efficiently and effectively as we can,” BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles said.

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