Happy Memorial Day 2010

We would like to wish all of you a very happy Memorial Day. Take a moment to remember those who have gone on before us. Remember those who not only fought and died to maintain our freedom, but be thankful for the sacrifice they have made. Please be safe and have a wonderful day.

See our military tribute here.

2 Responses to “Happy Memorial Day 2010”

  1. Thank you for your website. I am a Christian wife and mom who is very concerned by the lack of response from our churches on political matters. We need their involvement and they cannot stay silent. In reading your blog, it further shows me that the culture is so rapidly changing and we need to get our churches back involved again like they used to be in the early days. If we don’t stand up, we will continually be pushed down. We will continue to see this Christian Nation, yes Christian Nation, taken apart until it no longer represents a place where our Lord would even want to set foot. Please continue to post articles on the rapid decline of the culture and how our Christian heritage is being threatened as I intend to share your blog with others to help me get the message around that we need to get on board with moving our churches to a place where they take a stand for God and Politics. God Bless!

  2. Steve says:

    Ms. Castagnolo,
    Thank you for the kind comment and support. Yes, our nation continues to move further and further away from God. We need revival now!!
    Please continue to pray!!
    God Bless.

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