Obama’s Approval Rating at All-Time Low

Although the main stream media would love of us to believe otherwise, the country still continues to be middle of the road with conservative leanings.
With that in mind, Obama’s dismal approval rating is no surprise.

A conservative university professor and political scientist thinks no one should be surprised by the new poll results showing that Americans are less confident in President Obama’s leadership than at any point since he took office almost 18 months ago.

The Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll found that 62 percent of surveyed adults feel the country is on the wrong track, which is the highest level reported since before the 2008 election. The survey also showed that for the first time, more people disapprove of the president’s performance than those who approve. That includes 17 percent of disapproving Democrats, which is also the highest level for Obama’s presidency.

Another telling statistic reveals that just 44 percent of those who supported Obama in 2008 now express a high interest in the midterm elections — a 38-percent drop from two years ago. In contrast, 71 percent of voters who supported John McCain in 2008 express high interest in the midterms, which is slightly higher than their anticipation level at this stage of the 2008 campaign.

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