“Racial Insanity” by Todd Strandberg

For a very long time, I’ve noticed something very strange happening on the racism front. The problem has become so acute that it’s obvious the devil has retooled and fully implemented a new plan of operation.

Racism has been a plague on humanity for thousands of years. Ever since man rebelled against God at the Tower of Babel and He divided people into separate groups, we have had racial strife. You can just look at the history of the Jews and see one of racism’s longest track records.

It took us several decades to arrive at this point, but we are now at the stage that racism is being used in a new way to destroy people. We are seeing total moral breakdown in various minority communities. The situation is so bad that if the same levels of drug abuse, crime, and depravity were seen in the general population, our nation would collapse.

Today, alcoholism is the number-one problem among Native Americans. The suicide rate for Alaskan tribes is four times more than the national average, and almost 80 percent of all deaths in that race are related to alcohol abuse or alcoholism. I once visited the Winnebago tribe in North Nebraska and found it to be one of the most depressing places I’ve ever visited. There were nothing but bars in one community, and everyone walked around like zombies there.

In the black community, there is a huge problem with crime, drugs, and single parenthood. The murder rate in some cities has exploded in recent years. Young black males are killing each other at a rate of 36.36 per hundred thousand–nearly seven times the national overall homicide rate of 5.30 per hundred thousand. Just this past week, a crime wave swept Chicago, with ten dead among fifty-four wounded.

The clearest indication of a demonic plot is how the media has covered up this issue. It’s like if the Ku Klux Klan decided it wasn’t making any progress and chose to take over the press. Various groups are destroying themselves, and the media is almost completely silent about the matter.

A growing mountain of evidence shows that the media is suppressing any negative behavior issues in the minority communities. Even in cases of armed robbery, in which the race of a suspect is helpful in identifying the perpetrator, the liberal media often withholds this information. Of course, if the criminal is a white male in his twenties, news organizations have no problem releasing that information.

In one case, a news station reported that a robbery suspect was a young male who was “either white or Hispanic.” Even though the reporter knew he was Hispanic, the story mentioned both races–seemingly for no logical reason.

The politically correct movement has had a genocidal impact on various racial groups. The welfare state has destroyed moral fabric of whole communities. The 90-percent alcoholism rate for Native Americans was once much lower than that. As recent as the 1950s, some tribes viewed booze as a curse exclusive to whites. Before the advent of the “Great Society,” blacks had strong family ties. Today, most blacks are raised in single-parent homes.

I was once listening to speech by Lloyd Marcus, a black leader of the Tea Party movement. He gives wonderful insight into the destructive nature of the new racism. He said that, as a child, he was brainwashed into believing white people were the source of the problem in the black community. But even as a youth, he could see that government dependency was the true source of the problem. He thanked his father for saving his life by moving his family out of the projects.

“Several of my cousins were not as fortunate,” he said. “They grew up in fatherless homes and [were] on government welfare most of their lives. [The] government provided just enough to keep them dependent. A hand up is a good thing. But, government controlling people via cradle-to-grave dependency is evil. My cousin’s lives sucked: drug and alcohol abuse, crime, serial out-of-wedlock births, etc. Many died young.”

All types of evil are now moving forward under sweet-sounding names like “multiculturism” and “tolerance.” Islam has made amazing inroads into the Western world despite its track record of being the source of numerous terrorist attacks. The green light has just been given for the construction of a “mega mosque” next to New York City’s Ground Zero. The Cordoba House will be a fifteen-story facility project leaders claim will promote tolerance and serve as a platform for people of all backgrounds to come together. It would insane enough to allow a mosque in the same area where we’re still finding bodies from the 9/11 attack, but the real craziness is the fact that there is no quid pro quo by allowing the construction of a church in the Muslim world. There would be rioting in the streets of Mecca if Christians were given the okay to construct a place of worship in that city.

The reason we have so much racial insanity is that people are afraid to stand for the truth. One of the worst things that could happen to us today is being called a “racist.” The day is coming when we will be labeled as racists for simply claiming to be Christians. If believers could look down the road and see what the devil has planned for us, they would be far more aggressive in fighting for truth.

— Todd

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