Kindergartners Will Get Condoms if They Ask

This is just sick.

Provincetown [Massachusetts] school officials have approved providing condoms to children as young as kindergarten age. Fox News Channel quoted the school superintendent, who justified the new policy with the argument that “children engage in sexuality with or without counseling, with or without condom availability.”

But Concerned Women for America CEO Penny Nance believes it is nonsensical — and when told that a child requesting a condom would receive counseling in how to use it, she responded:

“You know, this is just the worst kind of example of schools jumping over the parent-child relationship and getting in between the parent-child relationship,” Nance laments, “and it absolutely makes no sense.”

Penny Nance (CWA)According to the CWFA spokeswoman it also opens the door for a child who is being sexually abused to be sent to request a condom, told by a nurse or counselor how to use it, and sent on their way to be abused again. She believes school officials ought to know that if a five-year-old child asks for a condom, there could be abuse going on.

“And it really just explains how out of step the political correctness of our country has gone,” adds Nance.

Parents cannot opt their children out of the program, which will go into effect at the beginning of the new school year; and if a child asks for a condom, their parents will not be notified. The case has created quite a storm — even the governor of Massachusetts is now asking that a second look be taken at the policy.

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