Public Losing Trust in Obama

The public is finally waking up to what Obama really is…a socialist, egomaniac who will destroy our nation, as we know it, if he is not stopped in November.

Even though unemployment rates are at double digits, the president is crisscrossing the country, telling voters not to abandon the Democrats for the GOP. He claims Republicans caused the current economic crisis and that it will take time for Democrats to reverse the financial downturn.

Dr. Charles W. Dunn, dean of Regent University’s School of Government, thinks the Obama administration needs to take responsibility for its own policy decisions and stop blaming former President George W. Bush. He also notes that voters are becoming weary of his rhetoric.

“He promised a lot; he’s delivered little — and that’s created a credibility gap,” Dunn explains. “The public increasingly [does] not trust his leadership because of a high level of promise with a low level of performance.”

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