Gays To March at Focus On The Family Headquarters

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Okay, anyone who believes that there is no such thing as the “gay agenda”, here is why you are wrong. This story is proof positive that satan is at work and he is using the homosexual crowd to further his plans. There is apparently a group of gays who plan to march on the Focus On The Family Headquarters and “pray” (I use that term loosely) for Dr. James Dobson, who is one of the most Godly men in the entire world. Are you kidding me?? There are so many things wrong with this story, I believe it must be “opposite day” and no one told me.
First of all, this is just another ploy by the gay community to make people believe (1) that they are spiritual (2) that they are justified by God in their sexual orientation and (3) that Christians are wrong to denounce homosexuality. I could type for days about this, but just let me say this: There is no way you can justify homosexuality according to the Bible. I have much more respect for someone who is gay and does not profess to follow the Bible’s teachings than for these people who take the Bible and twist it to fit their own sinful lifestyle.
Chad Allen, a mostly D-list actor who, for an unknown reason, was picked to play a leading role in The End of the Spear, is leading this march. The makers of the movie opened up a can of worms when they chose a gay person to portray Jim Elliot.
I cannot think of anything more ironic and moronic than these people marching to “pray” for Dr. Dobson – it is truly laughable.

(AgapePress) – The homosexual activist group Soulforce plans to march on the headquarters of a prominent Colorado-based pro-family ministry this weekend. Organizers, who have dubbed the July 22 event “The 1000-Watt March,” expect at least a thousand homosexuals and lesbians to converge on the Focus on the Family campus and pray for its founder, Dr. James Dobson.

Soulforce members claim Focus on the Family, along with other Christian groups, engage in so-called “spiritual violence” against homosexuals and deny them justice. The homosexual group accuses Focus of being “one of the world’s primary sources of defamation against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people and same-gender families” and of disseminating misinformation that encourages bias, discrimination, and violence against homosexuals.

But Gary Schneeberger, a spokesman for the Colorado Springs-based pro-family ministry, says it has never condoned any type of violence against homosexuals and, on the contrary, has reached out to them in love. Despite what some people may say or think, he asserts, Focus is not the type of organization “that says, ‘Okay, if your son or daughter comes out of the closet and says that he or she is gay, disown them, throw them out of the house, don’t talk to them again.'”

The emphasis of Focus’ ministry to homosexuals, Schneeberger explains, “is on equipping parents, friends and loved ones to love the child, the friend, the co-worker [who is ‘gay’ or lesbian], the way that Jesus would; but also, at the same time, not compromising their own faith principles.”

Actor Chad Allen, an outspoken homosexual activist who recently starred in the Christian-themed movie The End of the Spear, will be leading the march to the Focus on the Family headquarters. The march will also feature Broadway celebrity Billy Porter and Judy Shepard, executive director of the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Soulforce is describing the two-mile protest march to the Focus on the Family campus as a “justice march.” The group hopes the event will bring attention to what it calls the “anti-gay dishonesty” of that Christian organization. But Schneeberger contends that it is the homosexual group’s leaders, not the pro-family ministry, that has shunned honest and open dialogue.

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  1. Jason said,

    July 23, 2006 at 2:56 pm

    So which part is the laughable part? That a “upstanding man of god” like Dobson might need prayer? Or that gays would pray to god?

    Either way, neither is something you could judge for yourself…

    As a supposed tool of Satan, being a card-carrying member of the Gay Agenda(tm), I actually could care less about what you believe to be true for your spiritual walk… what I do care about is when the conservative christian movement tries to codify their set of beliefs into law which takes away the individuals right to life, liberty amnd pursuit of hapiness which in no way reflects or infringes upon your rights…

    So if a bunch of folks want to protest and march and pray for Dobson, why does it matter? Best case scenario for you is that god doesn’t hear their prayers anyway because you find it laughable that he would listen… worst case scenario for you s that god does listen to the tools of satan and dobson has a change of heart which would send you back to your book to become a stronger solder of the christain faith…

    It seems win-win for you to let them march…

    You said: There is no way you can justify homosexuality according to the Bible. There are, and I have posted about it in three parts so far, but you reject those arguments… A more true and factual statement for you to make would be: “There is nothing anyone could say to make me believe what I believe the bible says about homosexuality…”

    At least that way, you are taking personal responsibility for your beliefs and alowing me to take personal responsibility for mine and Jo Schmoe to take responsibility for his, and no one is trying to put word sin god’s mouth…

    I think I’m at $1.95 now, but I could be wrong… 😀

    Can anyone break a $5? There are tolls on the way home… 🙂

  2. beth said,

    July 23, 2006 at 9:01 pm

    The laughable part is definitely NOT that Dr. Dobson needs prayer – we all need prayer (contrary to what you might think). The laughable part is that this group is using prayer as a way to bring attention to themselves. These people are not gathering to say grace over a man of God – they are gathering to try to make a mockery of him and his stand against homosexuality.

    Regardless of what your website says, you are dead wrong. That’s right – you are wrong when you say that homosexuality is justified in the Bible. It is called an abomination, in fact. No justification there. You may try to twist the words of the Bible to make your choice seem okay in the eyes of God, in whom I thought you did not believe anyway. For someone who does not believe in God, you sure spend alot of time trying to disprove Him. If you truly believe He doesnt exist, why are you so intent on studying His word and trying to justify your lifestyle according to His word?

    I have a problem with people who claim there is no God, but use Him and His word to bash believers. If you believe there is no God, then the Bible is useless to you. You cant have it both ways. Kind of hypocritical, dont you think?

    By the way, how can one put words in God’s mouth. God has given us His word. I didnt say homosexuality is an abomination – He did. You dont understand my position, because you refuse to believe the TRUTH. Christians are called to oppose what is not right. As a matter of fact, I question the salvation of someone who calls themself a Christian and is not upset by evil. Lack of opposition to evil actually promotes evil.
    We are polar opposites on most all issues (except money 🙂 You know my position – it will not change. I am actively praying for you by name daily.

    Have you checked out the RaptureAlert.com site? Lots of prophetic signs of Jesus return there – you should just take a look. You can deny the Bible and God for a time, but the time is soon coming when there will be no more denying – only bowing and then it will be too late.

    Here’s three dollars – keep the change.

  3. Jason said,

    July 23, 2006 at 9:34 pm

    They are not moking him if they truly believe in their heart of hearts they are praying for him anymor than you are mocking catholics or (insert denomination with which you whole-heartedly disagree) when you pray to the god you all subscribe to.

    I am not “dead wrong”–I simply have a different take on the passage than you… To be that certain and that sure of yourself if (and please don’t take offense) but it sounds egotistical and prideful…

    I am not using god’s or his supposed writers words to bash you–simply pointing out the differences in our interpretation of the words whch have had such profoundly differing affects upon our lives…

    It is not hypocritical of me to study a book which countless persons have used to bash homosexuals–think of it as getting to know your opposition 🙂 It also played a huge role in the formative years of my life, issues and such which is an ongoing process of not only working through, but understanding where my parents and others were coming from and how it has shaped my life–just because I no longer believe in it is no reason to turn my back on my past, as well as where most of my family is coming from… I may not be a rocket scientist, but if something informative about Pluto is on the Discovery Channel, I’ll be watching it. It’ll have noi effect on my life, but it’s nice to know, you know?

    I understand your position–I lived it, I breathed it, my whole life surrounded it form the second I was born until I walked away 8 years ago… My whole life. Just because you don’t think I possibly could understand since I did turn my back on it doesn’t make it so–it’s scary how much I understand where you are coming from and what you believe–I used to be in that same trap…

    When someone claims they know exactly what god meant and how he meant it, especiialy when there are people who have a different take on it–that is putting words in god’s mouth… ou are saying you personally know the mind and thought of god based on how you have read the book and there can be no other thoughts or interpretations on the subject…

    Yes, we are indeed polar opposites–but it makes the world a better place–diversity is the spice of life…

    And I have to say–the whole rapture thing you fervently believe is coming–I almost wish it were true because I know it would make you happy…

    But I just can’t… Hindsight is always 20/20, and people have always taken prophecy as well as supposed prophecy from the bible to fashion it to where they wanted to see it at.

    Three dollars, eh? That’ll be enough to buy me lunch at work tomorrow…

    Catch ya later!

  4. beth said,

    July 23, 2006 at 10:27 pm

    Jason, I am just not feelin’ the love from you tonight………….hahaha

    Can you really eat on just three dollars? And I thought VARIETY was the spice of life. Oh well…….

    You say tomato and I say tomato (well that really only works when it is spoken verbally, huh?)

    You really should go to DC and work, because you would be a great spin doctor. I am sure that there is so much about your background that I dont understand. For whatever reason (maybe millions of reasons), you have chosen to reject the Chrisitan message that your parents tried to reach you with. I know that your life has probably been difficult in many ways – who’s hasnt? But blaming God and denying His exisitence is not the answer.

    “What is the answer?”, you say. I could give you a lecture on repentance and forgiveness and salvation, but that would be wasted energy. I could tell you all the things you expect to hear from someone like me, but it would no more change your mind than anything else I have said before. So, here is your answer. “I dont know”. You dont believe in God anymore (if you ever really did), you are unwilling to consider the possibility that your theories and ideas are wrong. So, I suppose you are destined to continue down the path that you are on. Which, I suspect is a very unhappy, unfulfilled path. I cannot believe that you have found true happiness with all the anger I sense in your writing.


    You COULD try this. You could sincerely ask God to reveal Himself to you. You could really pray with expectation that there actually is a God who loves you and wants whats best for you. What could it hurt?

    When you get down to the “nitty-gritty” and stop using God to make your point–when you forget your preconceieved notions of Him and really seek the truth about Him, not the easy way out – the way that makes you feel better about yourself, thats when you will see that He is real, He made you – you are no accident – you did not come from a bunch of apes or some blob of slime.

    As for being egotistical and prideful, it seems you are engaging in what we in the South call “The pot calling the kettle black.” Dont you think its egotistical and prideful to hold to the assumption that there is no higher power than yourself? When you look around the world, when you see how human beings are created, how can you believe that it was all an accident or a freak of nature? That is real pride and arrogance. Maybe I am boastful, but it is only where the Lord is concerned. If you knew what a sinner I was and how He changed my life, gave me hope and a future, you would understand why I boast in the Lord. I am nothing without Him. I have nothing without Him. You dont either.

    Now, back to that $3 lunch – is that at Taco Bell? 🙂


  5. Jason said,

    July 25, 2006 at 11:29 am

    “I am nothing without him.”

    You need a course in self-esteem…

    I consider every day that I could be wrong, which is the main differnece between us, Beth. You don’t even entertain the possibility, esp with your refusal to look at the “Panda’s Thumb” web site…

    I don’t thin kit “egotisitcal or prideful” to think there may not be a higher power, esp when there’s no proof of one except when one really tries really hard to read into silly things that mean nothing and ascribe them meaning…

    I also see nothing wrong with being prideful and boastful about my accomplishments to extricate myself from the damaging religions of the world…

    I’m not making god my point–I’m making your assumptions and “black-and-white” view of the world my point… I can’t be angry or blame a god I don’t think is there most of the time now can I? But I can get angry at people and their actions and their words which cause more harm in this world than anything you could ascribe to a higher power…

    I need to go vent…

    Catch y’all later…

  6. Steve said,

    July 25, 2006 at 1:14 pm

    I think we made him mad. Actually not much doubt about that.
    Jason, if you’re going to quote us though, I need a link. Copyright and such.

    (see this from the bottom of the page)
    copyright © 2006 Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian Family, All Rights Reserved

  7. Steve said,

    July 25, 2006 at 1:42 pm

    Jason, by the way…
    Quit trying to use the Bible to disprove the Bible. That’s called “circular reasoning”.
    Give me independent, verifiable documents from the same time period, as the Bible, refuting it and I’ll be willing to entertain your arguments.

  8. beth said,

    July 25, 2006 at 6:43 pm

    Jason, Jason, Jason………………………….you are so wrong if you think I have never questioned whether there is actually a God or not. I have questioned it more times that I care to reflect upon. But, that issue is settled with me and I have no reason to question it again – ever. I know there is a God and without being redundant, I can tell you that without a doubt He is alive and well and on the throne. Sure, I have times when He seems so far away that He is unreachable, but it isnt Him that moved -its me. Just this morning, I was feeling so far away from God and I didnt understand why I felt that way. I prayed for Him to show me Himself and I had the sweetest time with God this morning. I know you think I’m crazy, misguided, decieved, etc., but all I can say is……He’s real, He’s living in me, – it’s a God thing, you wouldnt understand….that is until you are willing to admit He exists.
    As far as self-esteem, my self-esteem is probably too high. I tend to think I can handle things on my own without God’s help and I get ahead of Him so many times. There is a difference between self-esteem and dying to self so that Jesus is first…………yet again, it’s a God thing. I cant make you understand, but the Holy Spirit can and I pray that you will not be able to rest until He does.

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