Obama Admin and Mainstream Media: ‘Teen Sex is OK’; Study Proves Otherwise

Fact: abstinence from sex is the only 100% proven method of avoiding sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy.

The facts surrounding the effectiveness of abstinence cannot be disputed. With this in mind, abstinence detractors fall back on a mantra of “well, everyone’s going to do it anyway”. You see, in their minds, you are nothing more than an over-glorified chimp who has no ability to make rational decisions when faced with a sexual dilemma. According to them, you will disconnect all rational thought and throw yourself into the situation. At least that is their hope.
Many of us feel that we do have control of our emotions. That sex before marriage is wrong.
Interestingly enough, the studies back up our position better than the positions of our detractors. Good luck on hearing that from the Obama’s cronies and the mainstream media. They want to normalize sex with anyone, any age, any place, anytime.

The headline from an Associated Press story on Sunday reads “Teen sex not always bad for school performance.” The article quotes research presented at a meeting of the American Sociological Association, stating that teens in committed relationships do no better or worse in school than those who do not have sex.

However, Concerned Women for America’s (CWA) Dr. Janice Crouse believes the major point of the study is that there are predictable outcomes when comparing teens who engage in casual sex with virgins. Janice Crouse 2Those include “lower GPAs, more problems in school [or] less attendance at school.” Crouse also adds that “they have very predictable kinds of problems, so to say that those who are in a serious relationship don’t have those problems…really doesn’t pass the common-sense test.”

She notes that another focal point of the study is that 14 percent of teens who are having sex have had four or more partners.

“That to me is the headline, and we know from looking at the data that those kids have very predictable problems,” Crouse points out. “They are at high, high risk for STDs; they are at high, high risk for all sorts of extra problems when it comes to risky behaviors.”

The abstinence advocate concludes that the story about the new research is designed to debunk positive abstinence studies.

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Further to the point that abstinence only works, there is almost a cover-up involved, by Obama and company, in keeping this information repressed. Keep in mind that Obama stated up front that he wanted to see all funding for abstinence only programs stopped.

The full results of a national study that favors abstinence education is being withheld from researchers and the public.

The taxpayer-supported survey found that around 70 percent of parents and their teenagers believed that teens should wait until marriage to have sex. Despite release of the study’s summary and its highlight at two major public health conferences last year, the Department of Health and Human Services is withholding the full results according to Valerie Huber, executive director of the National Abstinence Education Foundation.

“When a researcher [Dr. Lisa Rue] asked the HHS for the full results, she [was told it] is not public information and it has not been released to the public and so you don’t have access to it,” relates Huber. “[I find that] a little incredulous since it was shared publicly at two different venues.”

Huber questions the motivation of the Obama administration, noting that “as of this past fiscal year, President Obama specifically put in his budget a desire to end all funding for abstinence education.”

She hopes a change will be made soon. “We think that an administration that wants things to be open and clear should certainly do something different than the decision that is currently being exercised,” Huber remarks.

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  1. The bible tells us to abstain from fornication and the lusts of the flesh. People are so worried about sex and other pleasures of life. We need to be concerned first with the word of God. We all need to know what the bible sas and what it means, it holds the words of eternal life. Here is a great Bible Study Website that opens up the hidden, spiritual wisdom of God.

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