Facing Budget Shortfall, Texas Spends $250M on Illegal Immigrant Care

These are just some of the problems that border states face. The local hospital system has lost millions of dollars to illegal immigrants.
How long are we going to allow this problem to continue unchecked?
If left to Obama and company, the only resolution they will choose is amnesty, which practically guarantees them the unlimited, unchecked power of a single party system, after all the illegal immigrants reward him by voting Democrat.
This is not the country we want.

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas spent at least $250 million in the past year for medical care and imprisonment of illegal immigrants and other non-citizens.

The House State Affairs Committee heard testimony in Austin. Lawmakers who convene in January could face a projected $18 billion budget shortfall.

Jerry McGinty, with the Texas Department of Corrections, says prisons last month had 11,766 inmates who are foreign citizens and housing them costs $171 million annually. The federal government reimburses 10 percent.

Rick Allgeyer, with the Health and Human Services Commission, said Wednesday that health care to illegal immigrants cost Texas nearly $100 million.

Rep. Pete Gallego of Alpine says there could be significant effects if public agencies were asked to reallocate resources to check citizenship.

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