Same-Sex Marriage A “No-Go”

The state Supreme Court voted down same-sex marriage in Washington today. They ruled that limiting marriage to one man and one woman does not violate the state constitution. Marriage between one man and one woman is what was intended from the beginning. Think about it, had marriage not been between a man and a woman from the time of the garden (of Eden), none of us would be here.

A single vote kept Washington from becoming the first state in which same-sex couples could come from anywhere in the U.S. to obtain a marriage license.

The state Supreme Court today decided 5-4 that Washington’s law limiting marriage to one man and one woman does not violate the state constitution.

The court dealt a “devastating setback to same-sex marriage proponents,” asserted Mathew D. Staver, founder and chairman of the public-interest legal group Liberty Counsel.

The decision is very significant, he said, because, unlike Massachusetts – which n 2003 became the only state to establish same-sex marriage – Washington does not have a residency requirement for marriage licenses.

“Same-sex couples would be able to obtain marriage licenses without having to be residents of Washington,” Staver said. “Also, same-sex marriage advocates thought they could win in the more liberal state of Washington.”

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4 Responses to “Same-Sex Marriage A “No-Go””

  1. Steve says:

    And as an insult to hetro people, homosexuals call them “breeders”. Just where do they think they came from? Helloooooo!!!

  2. beth says:

    Breeders? That is beyond stupid! Uh, the fact that they cannot breed should tell them something.

  3. Jason says:

    Actually, we can breed… just not with our partners…

    I still have sperm (as do other gay men), and lesbians still ovulate…

    And I agree, “breeders” is a stupid and silly thing to call straights…

    But I don’t personally know any who use the term as a derogatory, although I have heard it sometimes as an affectionate term between gay and straight friends…

  4. beth says:

    Uh, Thanks for the lesson in human anatomy, Jason. I am glad to hear that you think the term “breeders” is idiotic. At least there is one thing we agree on, and you thought we could never agree on anything! Have a great day:-)

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