‘Moderate’ Muslims Should Prove They’re Trustworthy

I’ve been saying this for years.

President Barack Obama recently appealed for religious tolerance, reminding Americans that the “overwhelming majority” of Muslims around the world are peace-loving people. He noted the importance in being clear on who the enemy is — al-Qaida and extremists, not Islam or the majority of Muslims.

Obama’s comments were made in the wake of the controversy surrounding a Florida pastor’s threat to burn Qurans, the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, and the ongoing debate raging about a mosque planned near “Ground Zero.”

But Jan Markell, founder and director of Olive Tree Ministries, wants to see the proof from the moderate Muslims.

“We need to see tens of thousands of Muslims coming forth and saying, ‘You know, this mosque in New York — lets reconsider this; it probably isn’t the best idea. Let’s just respect the wishes of 80 percent of Americans who don’t want a mosque in lower Manhattan.’ These are the kinds of things Americans are looking for,” Markell suggests.

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