Another school censoring Christmas?

The Jackson County School System in Jefferson, Georgia has told their teachers and staff not to wear any religious pins and refrain from referring to a party as a “Christmas” party. They have also censored certain religious Christmas songs from its “winter” program, according to this article on

The district has reportedly prohibited teachers from wearing “any pins, angels, crosses, clothing” that contain any religious connotation or affiliation, referring to any party as a “Christmas” party, or displaying a Bible in their rooms. ADF says the district has also removed certain religious Christmas songs from a “winter” concert and censored the word “God” from another song.

Alliance Defense Fund senior legal counsel David Cortman said “Jackson County school officials are attempting to prohibit teachers from expressing any religious aspect of Christmas,” Cortman stated in the letter. “Classroom decorations may no longer include nativity scenes and angels. Jackson County has gone so far as to prohibit the common greeting ‘Merry Christmas,’ and also now refers to the Christmas break as ‘Winter Break.'”

Says the attorney: “Many school districts aren’t trying to be difficult; they simply don’t know the facts about the law. The fear, disinformation and intimidation that the ACLU and other groups like them have promoted over the years with regard to religious expression on public property at Christmastime have led to such misconceptions. ADF desires to educate schools, teachers, and students on the truth about what the law really says.”

WorldNetDaily is conducting a poll to see how people feel about this issue.

Just one more attack against the Christian and OUR holiday, Christmas!!

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