A Push for Parental Involvement Rights for Teens Seeking Abortions

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It still defies logic, that in some states, teens are allowed to circumvent getting their parents approval to get an abortion, a major medical procedure.
Teens are not allowed to have anything but life saving procedures without approval from parents. How on earth anyone can make the logical jump from that type of approval process to allowing a child to get an abortion without permission, is beyond me.
In Pennsylvania, there is a move to counteract a push by the abortion mills to allow abortions without parental permission.

Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is working with several of the state’s pro-life organizations and legislators and has submitted a friend-of-the-court brief arguing that parents should have an integral role in their child’s decisions, including when it comes to abortion.

Pennsylvania’s current law does contain a process that allows a pregnant girl to bypass parental notification and request abortion permission from a judge if the girl fears abuse or abandonment — but that, suggests the attorney, apparently is not enough for the abortion lobby.

The law “does have a judicial bypass procedure, but even that isn’t good enough for the abortion industry here,” Bowman laments. “They’re trying to make it so that minors can have secret abortions without any requirements legally.”

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