California Welfare Code: Homosexuality Inborn

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Another step in silencing Conservative Christians who believe that homosexuality is a choice and is wrong.

Beginning this New Year, California will implement AB 2199 and ultimately strike down the requirement on the State Department of Mental Health to conduct research on the “causes and cures of homosexuality.” According to Veronica Esqueda, a renal social worker in Los Angeles, the measure will portray alternate lifestyles as acceptable and normal.

AB 2199, sponsored by Equality California, gained the support of homosexual activists who claim it is discriminatory to search for cures for their sexual orientation. Advocates argue that those in the LGBT (lesbian, “gay,” bisexual transgender) community were born to favor alternate lifestyles, so they contend the section of the Welfare and Institutions code is archaic and portrays them as sexual deviants. Esqueda, however, thinks the new law will suppress the Christian voice.

“I believe it is going to impact the conservatives, the Christians, and I think it’s going to basically have a discrimination [effect] against the conservative Christian believer,” she laments. “It’s going to be just another way to silence [their message].”

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  1. robert donaldson said,

    January 7, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    i write about this belief that homosexuality is with the person because they borne with it..
    sometime ago i became aware that homosexuality is demonic.
    of course the demons will tell you anything but the truth,
    Has anybody ever considered deliverance for these problems?..
    as to the belief they are borne with this afliction…we are a sinned filled creature from birth..however it is most unlikely to be a genetic one unless theres been a scientist messing with the egg or sperm..God will enlighten us all oneday about the mess man has created

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