Pope Condemns Islamic Attacks on Christians, Egypt Islamic Authority Calls Comments Insulting, Halts Dialogue with Vatican

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What is a call for ending violence from Muslims against Christians, refereed to in Muslim run Egypt? “Insults towards Islam” of course.
Recently my detractors have taken me to task for not acknowledging the massive “peaceful” and “tolerant” ways of Islam. But as much as I keep looking for them, I’m still having difficulties seeing these “peaceful” and “tolerant” ways. Maybe, because in truth, they don’t really exist in the numbers my detractors would like all of to believe.

Egypt’s highest Islamic authority, al-Azhar, said on Thursday it was freezing all dialogue with the Roman Catholic Church over what it called Pope Benedict’s repeated insults towards Islam.

Benedict this month condemned attacks on churches that killed dozens of people in Egypt, Iraq and Nigeria, saying they showed the need to adopt effective measures to protect religious minorities. (Reuters)

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