Supreme Court Hears Youth Abortion Case

OK, now look…
An underage child or a person other than the parents or legal guardian of a child cannot even get non-life threatening aid for a child at a hospital or doctor, so how on earth can the pro-death crowd justify giving a child an abortion without getting the parents permission for the procedure let alone not telling them??? This is just about as two faced as the liberals have ever been. It makes me mad.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Wednesday deciphered highly technical legal arguments over an abortion law in the most highly-watched case to come before the justices this term.
New Hampshire Attorney General
Kelly Ayotte told the nine high court justices that a lower court was wrong to strike down the entire parental notification statute based on its finding that three pieces of the act were unconstitutional. The provisions in question, two of which deal with pregnant underage girls seeking abortion in emergency situations, would only apply to a tiny fraction of them, Ayotte said.
The most contentious part of the act was its lack of an exception for an abortion without parental notification for a girl who finds herself in a medical crisis that is not immediately life-threatening.

Read the rest from Fox News here.

OT (off topic):
The pro-abortion crowd has been giving states, who offer “Choose Life” license tags, fits. They say they have not been given equal time. OK then, I don’t have a problem with them having their “Choose Death” license tags. I’d say that would be a nice touch to their cars.

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