Some Words of Wisdom from an Unusual Source

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I ran across these lines in Dean Koontz’s “The Taking”, and they struck a chord with me.  Let me share them here:

“A supernatural event of world-shaking proportions, occurring in a faithless time when only science is believed to have the power to work miracles, might appear to be the work of an extraterrestrial species hundreds or even thousands of years more advanced than we are.”

We have become a faithless nation, calling bad things good, good things bad and turning our backs on God at almost every opportunity.

I believe Mr. Koontz’s statement will prove true to many people in the near future. When God sends His miracles, so many people will completely miss them. Satan, who is the father of lies and deception, will use these things to further deceive those who do not know God’s Word. The unwary will be deceived.  These unwary will not only be people who don’t believe in God, but also many religious people who have put their faith in people instead of the Bible.

Don’t be deceived, follow God’s Word, read the Bible.

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