“Persia, Prophecy, Pulpits and Pews” by Terry James of Rapture Ready

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Reposted with permission from Terry James of Rapture Ready.

President Barack Obama’s nuclear nightmare negotiations with Iran is almost assuredly a done deal. It is highly unlikely Congress can over-ride his wishes, or that they even have the belly for it.

He has that powerful veto pen, you know—and that terrible telephone, about which he has informed us. These are weapons in his hand that apparently are—according to any who might oppose him—as fearsome as …well, as the possible nukes in the hands of the Persian mullahs he has just assured us we don’t have to fear.

With even the nation’s top general—the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff—saying just before the nuclear agreement was announced that under no circumstance can Iran be allowed to have ICBMs with nuclear warheads aboard them, we learn that ICBMs were not mentioned in the agreement as prohibited in any way.

But, never fear. Inspections will make sure the experts can verify that compliance with the agreement that nukes won’t be developed will be followed. But, wait—there are no guarantees in the agreement stipulating that Iran must allow inspectors in at a moment’s notice if cheating is suspected.

It is true that there are dissenting voices. These opinions, for the most part, however, are muted to a large degree by mainstream media, and always presented in a slanted way that takes the watcher of news right back to the fact that the president and Secretary of State John Kerry have really held the Persians feet to the fire. Mr. Obama, it is said by those who cheer him no matter what, is finally showing why he received the Nobel Peace Prizealmost at the same time he became president of the United States. Everyone who was truly enlightened knew that the young, articulate, black man (as Joe Biden called him, saying that finally there was such a man to offer as candidate) would quickly earn the prestigious award, so why not just give it to him up front?

The voice truly crying in the wilderness is marginalized to the point of his being considered irrational even by some of the supposed fair and balanced voices on Fox News. I, for example, heard Shepard Smith agreeing with a pundit—an Obama sycophant—that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in calling Obama’s agreement with Iran a terrible thing was just repeating the mantra he has always ranted because he sees most everyone as Israel’s detractors. The man added, and Smith didn’t disagree, that those who really know the details of the Obama deal with Iran in the Israeli secretive Mossad, think Netanyahu is ignorant of the facts and simply is a contrarian. All of this against Mr. Netanyahu, without a follow up interview with the supposed Israeli clandestine operatives in question. I.e., there was no proof of such criticism within today’s Israeli Mossad.

Israel, like the Arab nations of the region, has not been allowed to have any say in the deal Obama has made with their most deadly adversary, the mullahs of Iran. The Israeli ambassador to the United States said it this way: “In such matters, if you aren’t at the table, you are on the menu.”

Some within Congress are making noise that if the details of the agreement just announced doesn’t contain guarantees that Iran won’t continue working toward a bomb, they will do all within their power to see that it doesn’t get final approval. Wanna bet?

Fact is, most of those in Congress have remained for the most part on the sidelines during all of the negotiations that were basically veiled—as are most things in which this presidential administration engages. They have had their heads in the proverbial sand.

Even more troubling than our representatives in government being willfully in the dark, however, is Christian leadership being even more so. This is the truly egregious malfeasance that gets to the heart of why such a president can make such a deal with such a diabolist state.

This is why study of Bible prophecy is not just important, but absolutely critical. The majority of pastors and teachers in churches—and I’m referring to those churches that preach the Gospel and are led by those who are born again believers—deliberately avoid even a cursory mention of prophecy found in God’s word. They are willfully ignorant. They keep their parishioners in the pews dumbed down by their neglect.

Things going on at present involving Israel, Iran and America have prophetic implications—with consequences to follow. One of the most focal regions of the world in Bible prophecy is at the heart of what we have witnessed the past week. Iran, of course, is at the center of ancient Persia. Persia is prophetically scheduled to be in cahoots with Russia during the Gog-Magog attack of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39.

Israel is to be the target of that attack. All of this is shaping in a way that cannot be missed except for those with no spiritual understanding and/or interest in God’s foretelling details of the end of human history.

Pastors and Bible teachers who avoid these things have performed and are performing a disservice that is incalculable in the amount of damage done. The spiritually dark powers are hard at work. They have blinded the eyes of those who are charged with handling America’s foreign policy matters. There is a real Prince of Persia, and he is alive and well, and aiding the Persian chess-masters as they completely hornswoggle U.S. negotiators at every move on the nuclear chessboard.

Pastors and teachers who should know better through a thorough study of their Bibles are like dispensable pawns on that chessboard, as they are useless to warn either our politicians or the people in the pews of their ever more extravagant theaters of worship-entertainment. They refuse to help prepare their flocks for defense against Satan’s assaults against Christians and Christianity in these last days.

While key prophecies for the end of the age—such as the rise of Iran/Persia—are obvious on the horizon, the shepherds in their pulpits turn the minds and spiritual hearts of those in the pews more and more inward, choosing to insulate the flocks, and themselves from the reality that is on the verge of devouring them.

The Apostle Paul’s inspired exhortation should resonate in the spiritual ears of all of God’s people as we see that day approaching.

“But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.” (1 Thes 5: 4-6)


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