Justice in America, Good vs. Evil

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Unless you’ve been living in a bubble, last month’s senate confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh were a spectacle to behold.  Never in the history of the senate have we seen behavior like this.

What am I referring to?

Never in my lifetime did I believe that I would see lawmakers,  in our highest chamber, calling for the suspension of one of our country’s most fundamental concepts, “innocent until proven guilty.”

We saw the Democrats in the senate using such concepts as “we must believe her truth (when hearing the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford), not calling for the truth.  We heard that evidence was no longer required in order to destroy a man’s stellar reputation and livelihood.  We heard that it didn’t matter, since it was only a “job interview.”  We heard the main witness, unable to name the place, the time, who was there, how she got there and how she got home.  We heard legal experts state repeatedly that based on such slim evidence, this accusation wouldn’t have been allowed in court.  Of course we were constantly we reminded by those against Judge Kavanaugh , “this isn’t a court, it’s a job interview,” as if the presumption of innocence is only allowed in the judicial system and not in all walks of life.

We saw the Democrats in the senate criticize how Judge Kavanaugh, reacted to questioning, as the man was literately accused of hideous crimes in front of the entire world.  He heard “he doesn’t have the temperament to be a Justice” because of how strongly how long he defended himself.  Of course, those most vehemently pointing the finger at him, completely ignored the hypocrisy of their actions; who wouldn’t defend themselves when faced by such horrific accusations backed up by absolutely no collaborating evidence or testimony?

We saw the Democrats in the senate look for hidden meanings in Judge Kavanaugh’s yearbooks.  We saw them discuss flatulence as they parsed comments written by a teenager years ago.  Somewhere was proof of the evil they had invented to keep Judge Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court, even if they had to invent it from whole cloth.

Meanwhile outside, “demonstrators,” many of whom were paid by far leftest organizations, acted in ways that were completely deplorable, accosting senators, screaming at them within inches of their faces.

So why did Democrats act this way?

I believe it’s for many reasons, among them a lack of a palatable political platform, devoid of working ideas and moral relativism leading to what can be considered a lack of morals.

Democrats are so fully outside of mainstream America that they only way they can advance their agenda is through judicial activism.  Literally, judges legislating from the bench.  Their ideas are so devoid of substance that they can only be advanced by imposing them through liberal activist courts.

So now, we has a country, must decide.  Are these the type of we want to run our country?  Are we so devoid of morals and values?

I hope the answer is a resounding “no.”

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