Syria’s new ‘Hezbollah’ group training for attacks

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Baath party official: Lebanon war proves ‘resistance’ against Israel works

Well, as most of us thought, it’s going to sooner rather than later that Israel’s enemys attack. Why on earth Israel restrained the IDF and listened to the international community, I’ll never know.

JERUSALEM – Following what it views as a Hezbollah victory against the Jewish state, Syria is forming its own Hezbollah-like guerrilla organization to fight Israel in hopes of “liberating” the Golan Heights, according to a report aired yesterday on state-run Iranian television.
Last week, WorldNetDaily broke the story Syria is in the process of forming what an official from Syrian President Bashar Assad’s Baath Party called the Front for the Liberation of the Golan Heights, a new “resistance” group that models itself after Hezbollah.
The official told WND the Front will attempt attacks to force Israel from the Golan Heights, strategic mountainous territory captured by the Jewish state after Syria used the terrain to attack Israel in 1967 and again in 1973. The Heights borders Israel, Syria and Lebanon and is claimed by Damascus.
Al-Alam Iranian television yesterday featured an interview with a man who identified himself as the leader of the new Front for the Liberation of the Golan Heights. The man, whose features were blocked out, said his new group consists of “hundreds” of fighters who are currently training for guerilla-like raids against Israeli positions in and near the Golan. He claimed the Front has opened several training camps inside Syria.
Last week, the Baath party official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told WND Syria learned from Hezbollah’s military campaign against Israel the past month that “fighting” is more effective than peace negotiations with regard to gaining territory. He said Syria’s new guerilla force would be trained by Hezbollah leaders.
“Syria is very serious about establishing this new guerilla force,” the official said.

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