Report: Iran planning nuclear ‘surprise’

Most likely, the World (read that U.N. and member countries) will have moved too slowly and Iran will get nuclear weapons, which I don’t doubt, they will fire toward Israel as soon as possible.

A senior official in Teheran said Wednesday that in the next few days, a “surprise” was expected regarding Iran’s nuclear program, Al-Jazeera reported.
Teheran’s apparent refusal to suspend uranium enrichment set the stage for a showdown at the UN Security Council later this month.
The United States said Wednesday that a proposal by Iran for nuclear negotiations falls short of UN demands for a halt to enrichment, and began plotting “next moves” with other governments.
Diplomats from Europe, the US, Russia and China pored over details of Iran’s counterproposal
Wednesday, a day after Teheran presented it.
Initial comments from Russia and China, however, made clear that the US is likely to face difficulty getting at least those nations to agree to any tough sanctions against Iran.

Ohhh yes, those sanctions will scare them into compliance…NOT!!

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